Self Space

A question that still perplexing our mind ans what our mind imagines is a process that demolish quantum parts of our mind. In other words, we have lots of questions regarding to space and it’s existence but even “creator needs space to think / imagine”. Space itself is an imagination that bewilder our mind since we have a evolution period.

Although, space is nothing but a medium for events and other things but still there is something that create chaos and that is it’s (space) existence. We are not sure “why existence of space is indispensable and why time is important for it’s existence?”. Some question remain in solitude world and some are still striking in our mind.

We have numerous options such as existence, time, reality, perpcetion, space, self and some others also but these prescribed terms are not a candid task for us to imagine “what exists beyond space?”. It is something that creates ” VOID” but where, no one knows.

Self space is a pragmatic concept is not easily to digest because we have not such kind of technology that manifest the representation of space. But, if we move like a light then this would definitely assist us to solve some quantum information’s regarding space.

Image Source: Pinterest

For Further Information read “Self-Existence”.


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