Quantum Particles (A Way to Uncertainty)

What if there is no mechanics regarding to realm of particles and what if microscopic world exists in macroscopic slits? Yes, a puzzling question, nevertheless a way to uncertainty (Especially when we talk about Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle that described one of the most factual concept regarding particles (in case of microscopic particles / world), where one cannot measure velocity and position of a particles simultaneously. May be, at least for some confined definition of microscopic particles but really a big challenge “how particles behave in quantum world?”.Such an excerpt lie in quantum world where particles are vibrating and patent their uncertainty. But, as usually these particles themsleves are certain as our perception about our measurement to determine their velocity and position is uncertain (According to Uncertainty Principle).

However, for some well defined concept regarding to these particles are still awaiting and we are still one step behind the exact definition about “Uncertainty”. For us, we are able to measure the velocity and position of an object in our day to day life, such properties exhibit “macroscopic” definition. But, in quantum / microscopic world we are unable to do this because some reasons shatter our path, perhaps it would be our false vision or our false medium to measure this nail-biting event. We have endeavour to study the exact measurement about these microscopic particles but found these are uncertain as we are still looking their uncertainty. But, question is “what makes particles so uncertain that will compel us to think about their weirdness?”

First, we know space (itself) is uncertain where some particles are unstable and somewhere they are “invisible”. From this concept, uncertainty is special for us, but not for these particles (Note: I am considering individual particles). Particles exhibit the property of uncertainty and we we see is uncertain because we have not such advanced technology to read this mega-event. Here, measurement is candid but we also reduce ourselves in a quantum form so as to understand this event, which is not possible at least for today’s technology. But, in future could we do this? Answer is yes, but needs some verificational subjects like “quantum entanglement”, “quantum probability”, “quantum tunneling” and all these methods will apply on us then we would be able to crack the mystery of uncertainty, that is just a perception for our mind (some real cases in quantum world).

Altough, quantum uncertainty / uncertainty principle is very common in today’s world and what we are observing is just a sledge from where we only know what is uncertainty but still to “Why does uncertainty exist? “.

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