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Self Or Not?

# Is space a singular entity?

# Is space itself considers to be unique and nothing else beyond it?

# Is space a creation of “Self” or it is a birth of “eternal” world?

# What if one consider space to be a tiny particle instead of saying infinite entity?

# Is space a regular entity where nothing annihilate and everything in it accelerates without disturbing its “continuous structure”?

# Is we consider space a unique entity then compare to other space (assume) then what will happen? We have other space then other, then other and so on?

# Is this possible to have a parallel space just like a parallel universe?

# Is space just a entity where events occur and nothing exists beyond it?

# Whatever our perception is. But one thing is clear there is no other option that describes space into different realities without questioning to your mind.


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# First we know space is a three dimensional extent where objects perform their activities that we generally called a “Events”.

# Events popularly known as coordinates in three dimensional space where one can measures position and hence velocity.

# Geometrically space is a three dimensional extent but when we think about matter (i.e. energy) so, is space properly filled the state of matter?

# As both are dependent on each other. Space, Matter, Time these quantities are same but hence creates some chaos in between their relations which one came first. Obviously, we say space because something needs space to expand and also accelerate but space itself needs matter to inflates its verges. As there is no restriction of space to be bounded but if space is boundless then this also creates a chaos situation for matter.

# This means space creates everything but which space, that space where nothing is attainable?

# If space creates matter then matter needs expansion and hence it accelerates then if we consider space to be bounded and have verges so there are lots of probabilities where space exhaust itself and creates some other geometrical entity for matter’s existence?

# Fact is that space has its verges and hence there are some limitations of objects to inflates and those matters (i.e. are particles) annihilate become a part of space to inflate with minimum inflation without violating the laws of conservation.

# But why only space and why objects needs space and space needs objects is a undefined governed laws which can never be crack as it is just like a “Curiosity”.

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Beginning Within Infinity

Sometimes posts are unable us to picture the exact meaning of sentences that we mention into it because sometimes we rely on inference and sometimes we are based on  cognition, experience and some other general facts. When we discuss about history we are literally able to give our views on it and when we talk about technology we become more and more aware to look what will come next may be the fabulous kind of technology we will see in coming years.

# But when we talk about space “Dark Space” our dreams, cognition, experiences, inferences, our true doctrine about space become shattered. We even do not want to think what exactly space is and why it exists? Somewhere we shattered our dreams without left our incredible technology.

# Reasons are many but solution is one. We are still facing lots of problems related to space. When we think what exactly it is we become more philosophical and say that it never exist because it cannot be achieved with some glorious stars onto our beautiful shoulders. Aristotle once called space a “Tabular Rasa” where nothing is attain and “Jaina concept” also said about ether and hence cannot be attainable, if so then where is the beginning point of space and space itself looks like a geometry but without having any exact geometry neither be a flat, curve, rectangular, square, circular and many others.

# Is space really a formless entity or this is better to say “entity” as it (space) itself creates chaos composition of comprehensive geometries?

# Space is what it only defines itself and when we want to go for its verges, it treats like that it has a beginning and one never attain its real side of darkness.

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Within Or Forever?

This post only based on one of the biggest question in history of universe and space which is “Why Space Exists?”. In this post, I will only ask few questions about space and its indispensable existence.

1. Why there is any need of space?

2. Is this indispensable for space itself for its existence? If so, then why conscious beings are unable to observe its verges and even cannot understand its reality?

3. Is space needs another space for its existence or we have the existence of  multi-spaces?

4. Are conscious beings biologically cannot see or realize the proper cognition of space or space itself never existed/ existing?

5. Is space infinite or it exist forever and hence there is no boundaries for understanding what exists beyond space?

6. Can we consider space to be a tiny particle where each universes are its sub atomic part?

# These questionings are not the profoundly give us the real understanding about space but will assist us to know clearly what exactly space is?

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# Werner Karl Heisenberg was born on 5 December 1901 and was a German Theoretical Physicist.

# He was one of the key pioneers of the “Quantum Mechanics”. ]

# In 1927, he published a paper which was later known as “Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle”.

# He also worked on “Zeeman Effect”, developed “Matrix Mechanics” and he also solved the mystery of “Ferromagnetism” which he solved with the help of “Pauli Exclusion Principle”.

# But he was best known for his work “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle” where he describe “it is impossible to measure the momentum and position of a particle simultaneously”.

# This “Uncertainty Principle” consider one of the biggest ideas in Physics and hence make a man who discover this.

# 1 February 1976, he died. But he never died for quantum world where he consider to be an uncertain man.

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# Max Born was a German Physicist and Mathematician who has a vital role in developing “Quantum Mechanics and born on 11 December 1882, Germany.

# His contribution was also in “Solid State Physics” and “Optics” and won a Nobel Prize in 1954 for his contribution in Physics.

# He is best known for his work for “Statistical Interpretation of the Wave Function”.

# In 1925, he and Werner Heisenberg formulates a “Matrix Mechanics” a representation of “Quantum Mechanics”. In the following year, he formulated standard interpretation of “Probability Density Function” and “Schrodinger Equation” for which he received a Nobel Prize in 1954.

# He became a Fellow of Royal Society London in 1973.

# He died on 5 January 1970 but consider a evergreen physicist of all time who contributed his work for nature.

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#Quantum World that is “Quantum Mechanics” also known as “Quantum Physics” or “Quantum Theory”.

# In Classical Physics, quantum mechanics only validated to macroscopic levels.

# But quantum mechanics differs from classical physics, according to quantum mechanics energy, momentum and restricted to other discrete values.

# Quantum mechanics rose with the rose of a Max Plancks solution for “Black Body Radiation” and Albert Einstein’s “Photoelectric Effect”. Werner Heisenberg, Max Born and Erwin Schrodinger also profoundly conceived the notable contribution in quantum mechanics.
{\displaystyle {\hat {H}}|\psi _{n}(t)\rangle =i\hbar {\frac {\partial }{\partial t}}|\psi _{n}(t)\rangle }
{\displaystyle {\frac {1}{{c}^{2}}}{\frac {{\partial }^{2}{\phi }_{n}}{{\partial t}^{2}}}-{{\nabla }^{2}{\phi }_{n}}+{\left({\frac {mc}{\hbar }}\right)}^{2}{\phi }_{n}=0}

The first equation is a Schrodinger’s equation and second one is Klein-Gordon equations.

# According to Planck’s equation each energy element is proportional to the frequency.

i.e.                                            E=h\nu \

where h is Planck’s constant and E is the energy, f is frequency.

# There are various methods and process those define quantum mechanics and it also give rise to an many world interpretation (that is our universe is not alone and have one of the few in many universes).