Philosophy of Space

What if philosophy of thoughts is only creating a self-created philosophy? Is there any kind of parallel thoughts that compels philosophical thoughts to be in a world of uncertainty? There are various chapters where one finds the solution of geometry of space. There are various myths that supported the space-time as different entities.In Aristotelian Physics where Aristotle (384-324 BC) first introduced his philosophy on natural science and gave the concept of Aristotle Philosophy that describes the laws that govern all natural forces.That force governs universal laws and the symmetry of space. He also gave the concept of ether that fills the region of the universe where gravity and light travels into it through a particular medium and that medium where light travels into vacuum.

Even Plato’s theory (427B.C-327B.C) is not different from other philosophical terms where he mentioned the theory related to universally God, man and also opinions of knowledge where spirituality was the major factor in universal knowledge.


There were various philosophers who gave their ideas to establish better philosophical thoughts. When everyone discusses about what space is? Is there any stuff inside into it or outside? This seems to be general thoughts about concept of space. The concept of time also played an important role in space where everything starts with a different kind of environment. That is too important for creation and also for events occurs in every corner of space. Is time a medium and nothing else? Where one cannot find the actual place for singularities (discuss later).

Time is generally a medium that kind of medium that is present everywhere as this medium behaves like a particular type of medium where one cannot determine that kind of medium. And this kind of medium is different from space structure.

Universe itself contains question that is hidden not only from humans but all living those beings those are living into the entire universe. Universe is similar like unknown branches of tree whose (branches) presence in it sometimes difficult. Yes, in this whole space which is full of darkness and nothing is predicted with accuracy and sometimes it behave in an uncertain manner. The reason is space is nothing but a sheet of some kind of unknown particles.


We think that our universe is not alone; yes this is true as we are not alone. But why it is in that symmetry which is not parochial, is this or not? Is our universe is last one or still has a beginning? In other words is our universe born from other universe, is it possible that universe had a beginning?It seems as our universe was born into another one and so on. So, this means our universe will be the last one if there exists infinite universes. In fact there is a big crunch when all matters present in our universe is once again go in a big bang that means after their occurs a big bang.


Expansion of a universe is also a major factor. The expansion of the universe is going factor faster than its critical who ordered its servant to work. This is not a bucket filled with water with the help of tap as someone open this tap and water is continuously flown into this tap forever. Universe has its own laws and regularities but why and for what, not know? There are also rules and regularities for every person on this planet Earth same as the case of universe.


Another factor which is troubling all of us and that is Gravity; we all know what gravity is but from this, it is sufficient to say “WE DOES NOT KNOW WHY GOD EXISTS”? Gravity is that quantity that is not exactly understands yet.  If we know how gravity works then “WE PLAY WITH TIME”. However, we all know what gravity is and how it works in the present time. Time is like a tail of space that moves with the space acceleration but is both these quantities are same or not? Is space and time are unique and represent a “Unique Universal Time”?

 When we are starting from the creation of  the universe there were nothing as there is no meaning, yes it is but we humans should keep one thing in mind there is a “Cause” for everything which is from the creation of universe. There is someone who governs it and left it for us. There is something that is hidden from every being into this entire universe in this universe and that thing is invisible from us and which governs all universes.

 Suppose all universes have their singularities and these universes have the better option to remain in this singularity whether singularities exist or not these universes find something incredible than expected by these universes. That is and it is gravity that lies into the singularity. But one question is again stressing the mind’s neurons that how this singularity works? Are singularities exist or not? Is there any relation between time and space? The solution of singularity is how gravity reacts everywhere; it is fact that gravity holds everything which also bends whole space time. It is difficult to say that gravity is only that property of this universe. Gravity attracts or repels, how and why this happens as it reacts in this universe as it looks a simple concept. Let’s find out and put some pressure on our mind.


We all humans are racing to a unique target and our achievements in today’s life as humans are busy in daily life and want to achieve their goals, but no one ask question about the past and future of our universe. In those days people are exciting to know the modern technology. If we do not think past universe and future universe then this will be better to spend our time on universe laws and principles to understand the absurd universe. We can change our thinking as “THE POSITION OF AN INFINITE UNIVERSE WHICH IS SET UP IN OUR MINDS”.



TIME:     The history of time is too old as it cannot be observed by anyone proper knowledge and it cannot be measured with accurate instruments. Time is a part of every event and also a part of an observable universe and space whether space has its existence or not.

  1. Time is another quantity of space where space and universe both are constant and no one can move without permission of “Space Particles”.
  2. Time is a property of “Space Particles” where particles are moving like an “uncertain waves”.
  3. Time is independent of “space” i.e. Space without conscious particles and also independent of medium in case of events where both (medium and time) performs their activities simultaneously. This does not mean one think that time is not medium but another quantity. It (time) is medium but follows the “uncertainty principle”.
  4. Time itself is a past, present and future as it does not make any sense of being created with flow of any kind of medium. It (time) already exist where everything presents.

Events and time only represents the way space behaves whether it (space) is uncreated or not.When space came into existence then what we say where space came into existence, is it only remains in existence of self existence or behaves in an “external and internal levels of space”. Time is not only a concept of “progressing and continuity of space time. It (time) is a path of itself created “medium” where definition of “progressing” is greater.  Is time that is medium is observable into smaller scales where uncertainties are much greater than expected? Is time (medium) existed in “Planks Constant” where one can find the probability of being living into smaller scale? Can one find the possibility of smaller scales of uncertain world? “Quantum medium” is a kind of medium that enables every particle to conserve their energies even into the space where everything is unable locates their actual geometry because geometry of space is still a major concern. These geometries are not only show the behavior of space but align the space into different positional vectors. “PositionalVectors” are not only initializing the geometry of space but align it (space) in a very accurate manner. Space is geometrically created with small type of particles i.e. created with the help of that kind of particles that are vibrating like a “void sequence of uncertain particles”. These sequences are not only led to quantum space to infinity but help to understand the discrete energy levels.

Energy and space both are interrelated but which one dominates on other that is a big question which is not only a philosophical thought but a mathematical question. Mathematical question in the sense space is an empty but what kind of emptiness it shows “hollowness” or just a “Uncreated Medium” where realization to touch space is just a fun for everyone.Space is not that kind of entity where one can associate particles to space as one cannot touch its boundaries as space is just like a piece of foam where one see this as it is darkness but cannot realizes its boundaries. As one cannot say that space is darkness as it looks black. This is the kind of “space which we see without any atmosphere of our space i.e. universe. It is similar like an earth atmosphere where one can see a part of fabric onto the sky. Space is illusion whether this illusion only persists for conscious beings or for unconscious beings where one cannot put his hands and realize himself as in “Chaos Space”.  Time represents how space behaves already into its position where it is may be in “Liquid” form or in “Empty particles”. Is universe is just a creation of “Liquid and electrical particles” where one can only observe a waves of uncertainties?But why uncertainties exist without any cause is this can affects time’s mechanism?

However, philosophy is that kind of conversation where one can understand the possibilities of nature; yes this may be different and sometimes irrelevant to their reference but gives a unique combination of nature and creator. Is creator also needs a space and time so as to combine space-time a one quantity? Yes, Creator concentrate on what no one ever reach that place where He mediates for eternal space. Space is another kind of entity where laws are not only philosophical but also a mathematical one.

SCIENCE  OF PHILOSOPHY :Philosophy of science is another kind of philosophical thought where science has to remain  in reference for another kind of science where laws and principles are hidden from the actual reality as this is not that kind of reality where one feels himself into an imaginary world but in a different worlds where everything is a reality whether this is physical laws or a spiritual laws nothing matters. The fact is that matter that has mass does not only rely on “heaviness” but there is another kind of materials that can be used for matter to be “heaviness”. Is this another kind of philosophical science? Philosophy of science is just an excerpt of universal created matters where everything is not relative with each other. This is not only a thought-provoking idea but an indispensable for nature’s thoughts not only our thoughts.

In scientific manner, matter and light both are considered to be the basic part of everything including space. When we talk about the “Empty Space” we are not sure what actual “empty space” is but tried our best to confine its position into what kind of state?  This state is not only for considering space into some kind of compilation but questions where space location is whether this is theoretically or geometrically?

Science and philosophy are the two paths where both revere each other and have working like a similar thoughts. What happened to the future is a concern of philosophy but what is the main cause of being happened something in future concern to science. In fact science is abutting with the philosophy where thoughts provoke the mentality of every being and compel them to think what science needs and what philosophy accede with respect to science.

However, science and philosophy is the two thoughts of one mind and that is so imaginative where velocity of light even cannot break the rules of “Imagination”. Where imagination is not only a part of “fictional world” but that kind of world where imagination’s volitional is so strong that this can change the path of light, yes it seems like a words beyond infinity but everything is not only abashing one another as there exists a lot of bliss and shimmering of elegant life that is beyond ‘’Concept of Laws and principles of nature”.

Science is an illusion or philosophy is an absurdity, what our mind wants to abide one of these two entities? Science not only considered a “Fictitious  Quantity” where one can only think that universe and space is just an illusion and nothing  else but in “Reality” this is the best way  to understand the path of real science where one can rely only on “fictitious science”.  What if philosophy of science relates with the philosophy of God, where one cannot say God came out from some kind of uncertainties as He is infinite. God exists in the form of matter and radiations and is everywhere but His creation is necessary too that will be discussed in later topic.

Just like an expansion of a universe our expectations are also expanded with uncertain thoughts and we never rely on what we think that is “Imagination” because imagination makes our thoughts only cherished into a deep trouble and nothing else. There is a lot of imagination that is filled with uncertainties. Sometimes they remain tamed and sometimes they cherish the path of uncertainty.

Space is nothing but mathematical thoughts where one can find the loops as space produces and nothing is bizarre for anyone.  One can dependent on philosophical thoughts and one can generate the thoughts from his creative mind.

In fact space is not tamed as it vibrates every time where one cannot find the actual meaning of “what space is?” Because space is not that entity where one stands and realizes why I stand here in front of shimmering space? Is there any reason for space to stand like a vetting examination? One has to traverse through force like shape, where forces of space are not only inflate into deeper valiant particles but are spreading like an invisible force.

“Vibrates in other” means that space travels in a form of continuity of imperfect state of destiny.Even space can form the waves of energy that is found in “Empty space”. What kind of space one need, in other means that is waiting for uncertain kind of space? But who wants that kind of space where one cannot find the actual meaning of space, what exactly space is? When one considers a space where nothing happens even events do not plunge into that kind of space then we think what exists beyond space is there any state of level where there is no concept of space or our (all conscious beings) thinking cannot predict what exists beyond as one cannot expounds his thoughts.

When we think on that topic our thoughts are not so energetic that alter our mind’s thoughts. Thoughts are not easily understand when philosophy precepts the condition of self-creation or self-thoughts. Self-thoughts are just like a self-creation where one cannot abide the other entity.One cannot consider space is only empty and it has no surface. Yes, one cannot predict its surfaces and boundaries but experimentally understands how much it covers its place (as one cannot consider space into another space until he observe or experiments on it).

Whether there are many worlds or many spaces it is difficult to understand and then apply all our mathematical equations into uncertain space so they will find a better output as this cannot overwhelm one’s mentality. Is there anything that survives without look into the unpredictable space? Is there any kind of thought where one accost space just like an untamed philosopher? Yes, this is true as we do not know the space exactly, only understanding the geometry of space is not sufficient. Geometry of space is somewhat like a one-dimensional fabric (sheet) where one can imagines its straight line when view from in front of this. Space itself struggles with his uncertainty as there are no proper evidence how space particles behave into which kind of state? Is there another kind of state where space has its spontaneous method of being come existence into “Particles that regenerate itself”?

Entire space needs particles that is indispensable and are basic part of building everything, as every particles have their different behavior, isn’t so hoax? This is not a jape for space stability whose consistency makes everything in compiled and does not discords.

Yes, nature is affable to everyone without any kind of interference and nature is what it gives a riddle that is not easy but to solve this riddle whatever there is some kind of freak. In next chapter we will discuss about the “Empty space particles”.




Empty space particles are correlated to that kind of space where possibility of “emptiness” associates with the “heaviness”.  Particles are not in constant medium where one can associate every single particle to locate inside every empty space.  Everything into this entire space and even universe have its mass and what kind of mass is that which manifolds the uncertain geometry of space similar like a programming using in video games. These programming’s are not only define the acknowledgement of the manifolds of space where space able to stiff with its own inertia. Is there any other kind of inertia we have that may be accelerated due to its force of microscopic particles? We know only what inertia is? But is inertia enables space particles to fill “empty space”. As empty space does not mean everything into entire “Giant space” is void but is fill with “empty particles”. These empty particles are responsible for space creation that is looking black, is this just a hoax or an illusion of conscious minds?Our minds are only limited to the confined state of nature where every corners represent the uncertainty and everyone are into these uncertainties. When we find our minds into deep and mysterious space probe where one has not understand properly where his actual position whether one is in past, present or in future. One cannot say he/she stiff the entire space as it seems like a fiction work. But one can understand the work behind the space as there are various Physicist describes in past. But what kind of geometrical behaviour everyone confined in it? Minkowski two-dimensional light cones also show a fourth dimensional space into two dimensional spaces.  Where he represents the horizontal axes a space and vertical axes a time shown in given figure:

Yet to be pasted here. 

 Where “elsewhere” is beyond of our minds as one cannot travel at the same rate as velocity of light travels. Red line shows the world lines inside this cone. As into this picture of light cone one can observe nothing will happening but it already remains there. In other words, events are already present there instead of being creating.

But I consider space an uncertain kind of mechanics where events and their probabilities are not same.  When events happen one cannot be sure what happened next until one may face an “ultimate consciousness” where some minds already reads the particular events discussed later. For other events space seems to be confined and events are responsible for medium that exists like a riddle of incomplete picture where events played a major and indispensable role not a probability. The reason is probabilities always give a chance of being happening, once one has to dive into the mere of uncertainties probability seems to be impairing at every moment of dive as one will have to do this. Every time one has to face a different kind of probabilitieswhere events are not properly behaving. Sometimes one faces his own image as he/she is in past, sometimes in present and sometimes in future also.  This depends on how one’s medium is passing through past, present or in future. One has to come back from future and hoax with past and there will be no present as that kind of present which that person is living in past or in future is his individual line of space medium where space itself like a fabric of elegant scriptures. Just like a picture I am showing as below:

  Yet to be pasted here

 In this diagram I can show how medium of space alters with continuity of space images that are just like a riddle where one cannot confirm which state (piece) comes first and where it places but after some time one understands how to solve these riddles without any interruption as his continuity related to his consciousness and with his consciousness he/she able to solve this riddle because it already solved (riddle) and what we call future, present and past is also comprehensively exegesis on the basis of in which behavior riddle takes its place whether in past (present), future (present), present (past), present (future), future (past). These syntheses assist us how to understand the medium of space where events occur and also probability is independent on events.

These events are not only representing how this synthesis that I have mentioned above. This number of series that mentioned above is dependent on every synthesis. Every combination shows the individuality of representing the uncertain events where one cannot find the exact events that happening into entire space like a mirrors reflecting the image and not been fragile until these are impair due to their stability (depends on stability). How these mirrors work as I mentioned in my next chapter (How these mirrors behave?)




In this topic we will discuss how these mirrors behave with respect to their stability and how these mirrors behave when creating a different time period i.e. past, present or future. I represent these mirrors according to their symmetry. As shown in below diagram:

 Yet to be pasted here

 Every mirror represents the positioning of the space geometry where events are relying on how these mirrors behave according with the space structure? Aside from this concept of space geometry our consciousness also relate with space geometry and this geometry behave like a reflection particles that are bouncing back when striking on mirror as these particles follow the exact trajectories without knowing anything how they propel themselves, is there any kind of crystal space that is accurate with its geometry and inside this crystal one’s image apart from several times? Even acceleration of events into this crystal space is not consider to be absolute one but events occurring inside this crystal space following the reverse of time i.e. medium that assists crystal space to be more accurate with its structure and exact trajectory. Every matter into the space just behave like a geometrical behaviour of space lines as every lines are bind with vast fabric that is connected with the every lines geometrically connected with certain mathematical codes. And these mathematical codes are nothing but just a representation of fabric lines. I mentioned these lines to be in geometrical form. This geometry is different than the other kind of geometry as every singlegeometry creates different kind of geometry that is responsible for creating mirrors (as representing the arrows of medium) whether it is in past, present or in future. I split the entire space with lowest possible and stable dimension and recreate its form from absurdity. Dimensions are existing in a lower dimension’s stability and lower stability changes the dimension’s path due to “dimension’s force”. But what kind of force is this?This force is not only vibrating in a single string but vibrates in a circular excerpt “Ring”. One has developed the all forces into single force as nothing is emphasis on how force behaves in space without any proper acknowledgment? We cannot say philosophically that space is a “ring” and where matter is rotating around this ring. Every ringcontains the higher stability particles and these particles create sudden changes in the entire ring. But one problem still persists why these rings behave in that kind of space where “Empty Particles” exist?“Empty particles create smaller holes but where into space as we see that is illusion or holes create empty particles?


The concepts of holes are not only creating a smaller regions of empty particles, but are every empty particle creating really a smaller hole into space as this is looking like a si-fi concept but somewhere this concept is real and working. Every si-fi things are not only imaginary as it does not tell everyone an ode. Why every particle need certain types of holes and why the mechanics of particles are as complex as this seems everything confined in a small particle including space-time?  In this entire topic, I tell how space behave with assist of “empty particles” but  in my next chapter I tell how space is confined in single bubbles of particle even intense these particles are?




In this chapter I will show how bubbles behave even when these bubbles create smaller dimensions of space as space is nothing but just a riddle of space.These riddles are not only form the smaller dimensions but also form an uncertain particles and every particles represent how much intensity “space particles” have? As every particles represent how “space particles” manage or say covered the entire part. But when we say why one needs entire part where particles work space and associated with the maximum particles associate with space particles? Is there another kind of state of space?Is there any other kind of state outside the dark space as this is just like a fabric as one wants to reveal this fabric there exists nothing as other kind of state. As it seems this state impetuous the fabric of that space we all observe.  Fabric of space is not only represents a sheet of space but an illusion of space where observer find the darkness of space. As darkness is philosophical illusion, is this? Is space that everyone observes, is a state of another kind of space? Is this only a philosophical point of view? We consider illusion for mystified space only as there is nothing assists the theory of philosophical space.

Philosophically it seems everything is possible but there are some restrictions while discussing the “Space Bubbles”. Now I discuss what actual “space bubbles” are and how these behave in “absurd state”?  There exists lot of particles into the “Space Bubbles” as every bubbles have certain type of particles whether their formation depends on their flux and their stability. Stability depends on how much intensity every particles have and how it behaves in bubbles space.Bubble spaces exist everywhere as there is nothing extraordinary. These bubbles are confined into “Space Particles” and create a different kind of space that is a state of another type; it may be electrical, liquid, solid, and gaseous and may be something beyond these quantities. Is there anything absurd than these quantities? That kind of state is accelerating odd spaces.  However, space is similar like a bunch of keys where on these bunches we have certain numbers and these numbers assist one to find the selected key easily and time factor is also important. Let consider these keys numbers to “state levels” where one has to recognize every key.

I mention here “State Levels” as this does not mean these levels are only creating a different kind of state levels that are responsible for “space particles”. In fact these space particles behave like glue as entire stuff is binding into the small bubbles of particles as I mentioned above.I consider space as one dimensional and just like a plate where there are many plates existed into bubbles particles.  Particles are however not ordinary as we consider in physics, mathematics, chemistry, philosophy and other fields these particles are different as our mind’s perception.






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