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Incredible Doom!

A definition about envisaging mystic probability without knowing, from where existence came from?


What is Life?

Hello, everyone. Again, I have come with some fascinating things on life. But this post is for everything and not constraint to some limited laws and principles. May be this one is a beguiling concept but this is not. Life is something that bounds our mind, where we have to find different paths, so as to understand it (life) clearly. Even Legendary. Physicist Erwin Schrodinger’s book “What is Life?” is most influential book whether in cosmic form of nature or biologically.

However, “What is Life?” We think we are sure about life’s mysterious medium and know how to adhere this medium whatever it is. But we are wrong. We even do not know “why we are?” and “why we are here on planet earth?” Is this an uncertainty or just a weird chaos? Suppose, you are on planet earth (of course you are) and before your existence , “where is consciousness?” and is this (consciousness) floats like a raveling wave? If, so then why we are “individual thinkers or conscious beings?”

Even in “Rig Veda”, “There is no creator because, creator’s existence came after creation” then where is consciousness and what about life? But here, I don’t say what we see is just an illusion especially in case of creator but, yes this is better to say there is inferiority of creator’s work. Every statement creates “Individual Creator” and if there are infinite creators then where is creation? Because according to us, we believe creator is infinite and resides in higher dimensions, so where is the “Individual Creation” as we say beginning of everything? And what about purpose of life? Is there any cause for life to survive after beginning or destruction of everything?

Why Life is so indispensable for everything even “Space” existence. In case of space existence, there are infinite possibilities but still “Life” is there, But why? Is space, time, universe, galaxies, geometrical patterns, consciousness, illusion, reality, force, particles, energy, electricity and everything packed in a single dense region of space and expand according to it’s “I don’t what “it’s” is here” but definitely is a intricate “Concept”. In Philosophy also, we are constraints with some limitations and that is “What is the cause of nature and being synthesis to create a life and who is responsible for their synthesis?” Yet, is a difficult task for us to understand this uncertainty but as we are traveler, our future depends on our “Uncertain Destination”.

In my next post, I will discuss about “Existence of Life”. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

Space time


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Beyond Space

We all know space is not that entity which can be treated as physical as well as non-physical entity as I said in my previous post “Space”, but still it is a mysterious concept because we are not give an essence on “brief description on space”

A brief description on space is not relative to its verges because if we are talking about “String Theory” then we have multiple universes and where there are multiple universes, there are infinite strings and hence where is the end of space? If we say, space came first and then matter expands with its certain limits then question arises from our uncertain mind from where matter came first? Who came first matter or space?

If we say matter then from where space came from because the reason behind the concept of space is not depend on existence of matter because if matter creates space then what for smaller dimensions i.e. String theory seems to be in dark night. If we say, space is not finite but infinite then why we consider only certain energies and consider space a limited form of energy then where is that energy which is considered to be a “Universal”. We still are in chaos and never understand our existence in this entire universe and for space perspective we are always in uncertain world.

However, what we consider we think because we left with no option regarding space and its existence and one thinks ‘It is nothing but a merge of matter itself.

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