Mind. after death.


  A more to be come and more to be lost, an incredible journey that resides inside little thought, may be hard to imagine but still a way to define the prescribed journey and what we call “Mind”. A thoughtful but weird imagination where dreams dance, a lavish reality and inside it, what remains is…

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Why existence is indispensable and why it is? In this post, I will discuss on “Existence of Nature”. We know nature is everywhere. This is like a giant mountain whose summit increases with increase the base of mountain. However, existence of nature is indispensable for us because we are conscious and all those who have…

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A short poem on “Darkness” Once you lost your dream, You forget your light, Once you imagine your identity, You forget your self It’ all about your perception, That never ends your journey, It’s all about your world, That never enlighten itself

What is reality and why does it exist? Is there something that creates a hoax for consciousness? I know, I am getting too bored with this weird concept but still trying to know where is reality and how it reflects in the conscious mind? We all know, we are curious to know about universe mystery and…

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