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Mind: A Time Traveler

Mind. after death.


Mind Or Self?


A more to be come and more to be lost, an incredible journey that resides inside little thought, may be hard to imagine but still a way to define the prescribed journey and what we call “Mind”. A thoughtful but weird imagination where dreams dance, a lavish reality and inside it, what remains is void like space.

Here, in this article there is some unique questions regarding to the  existence of mind as this is not a mind’s concept, but rather a concept of individuality. In our life, we are facing a mind related problem and we are not sure whether mind exists or is a dreadful dream. Still, a lot of confusion here, “self” a concept about thinking and self-existence which needs a correct perception about mind. Generally, we see this absurdity in mind-body problem where mind and body is a subject and they both perform different tasks. For mind, it performs such actions like feeling, pain, emotions, thoughts and for body perspective, atoms, neurons, matter are responsible for the body’s performance.

The mind-body problem is further divided into two sections one is materialism and second one is dualism. In materialism, we are physical object and in dualism we are a part of soul. or it is better to say a soul object, and a part body). But when we go further, we ask ourselves, “Who we are?”, if individually then “What am I?” sometimes call this “personal identity”. But what is personal identity and how we understand it explicitly?

Personal Identity, is way to endeavor the study of beings i.e. persons as most philosophers called this. In personal identity, we have questions like “What am I?”, “What will happen when I die?” “When did I begin?” and much more. These questions raise a big problem while facing a problem of personal identity which then define as “Self” (sometimes, it is related to person or being). Again, self creates a chaos and we are not sure what exactly self is. Is this a void or something that never have it’s own existence? For instance, suppose we have two persons let it be A and B. Somewhere, unfortunately person A dies, then what will be the reaction of person B. For person B, person A dies and there is nothing left. But, what for person A? Is person A feels that reaction as person B feels? Yes, may be but not sure whether this will happen or not.

For person A, he / she dies but when we talk about it’s existence in terms of thoughts then where his / her thoughts become self as there is nothing behind self and there is no “self”, if avoid the existence of “void”. Person B, here experience a death of person B, here experience matters whether pragmatically or have a understanding. But for person A, there is nothing that cherished his elegant way to space and feel he / she dies, but still thoughts exists that are the real cause of the existence of mind and then mind will become one with “self” that mind always is unique and one so as to alive even after death as research claims thoughts never dies just like soul. Well, chaos here at least we are at the verge of technological world where body matters if there is no body then how one would be able to perform such tasks that seems enigma for mind as well as for understanding the concept of dualism that stuck the monism as well (Monism, will discuss in next chapter). So, mind is indispensable whether in a form of soul or in a form of body but we need both the concepts without relying on weird existence as “self is a understanding that never dies with death”.

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Article on Mind Or Soul?

A relation between mind or soul? An essence on mind-body and self problem.


What is life?

Why existence is indispensable and why it is? In this post, I will discuss on “Existence of Nature”. We know nature is everywhere. This is like a giant mountain whose summit increases with increase the base of mountain.

However, existence of nature is indispensable for us because we are conscious and all those who have consciousness. But why does nature exist? And why it creates everything including complex paths? Really, this is big task to explore some of these questions. In case of nature’s hidden mystery we become more curious to know it’s hidden existence because we cannot consider nature a bounded path but it is that way that expands with our little steps. Consciousness and nature are one but who came first, don’t know? But this is really a big factor that manifests nature and consciousness are working at the same time but considered a different entities.

Even creator describes in terms of nature and nature becomes “self” with creator. This is really looking like a weird abstract but this patents the real part of nature and hence describes how creator creates weird existence of “Himself”. Nature is a medium for creator and so why we called creator a ruler of everything because He knows His existence and becomes “self” with nature. But , what exactly nature is? Nature is everything and everywhere. This is not a concept of only abstraction but an experiment of flowing water which means nature is an art of shimmering like an elegant flower in a chaos environment.

We cannot differentiate nature and science because they both are one. But existence of nature is a different concept. Because, “One cannot say, if there is not an existence of nature then there is nothing beyond it”. This statement is valid if we have infinite nature’s which is not. We have a giant nature and it’s existence even assist it to balance it’s work. If there is something beyond nature, then we become scientifically right, if not then we are in a “self” created nature who always work not remains silent whether in a chaos form or in a dynamic form.

In my next chapter, I will discuss the “cause of nature for everything”. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

Space time


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What is Reality?

What is reality and why does it exist? Is there something that creates a hoax for consciousness? I know, I am getting too bored with this weird concept but still trying to know where is reality and how it reflects in the conscious mind?

We all know, we are curious to know about universe mystery and want to know what is beyond space and is there someone who operates all this (in entire universe)? I know, some are getting bored with this concept and are getting trouble with this concept. But this concept is not only creating puzzle for uncertain beings but still confused how and why reality dwells in eternal world (if there is no existence of eternity)?

I am sure, we humans are not sure about what is reality? We say we perceive it through our senses and our mind can definitely solve this uncertainty, where we find reality beyond dark space. Reality is not a real sense of perception. In other words, if you perceive reality beyond this universe or space, then what you expect from it. Would you find a destiny that gives us a proper cognition about space and hence describes how to understand reality? If one finds reality beyond ultimate space then is this sufficient for us to perceive uncertain reality beyond universe or space?

Reality is not what it exists within or beyond space but it is everywhere and what we have to do to create a better environment where we find how to understand reality and how to perceive cognition (may be false or not) but we have to understand where life goes on a single vibrating string and also understand why we are? Are we trying to accept a wrong cognition or false cognition? All this about a matter of “self” where our thoughts come from within but our thoughts resides outside this universe so as to find reality and never create a hoax.

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