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Beyond Space, Reality or False Perception?

We want to know, if space is static (at least a mind’s perception) then what exists beyond space and is there new beginning of another world or space? As we are not a time traveler and are not in that position to say that we find the mystery of space and other matters / particles. We are still behind some mysterious questions that left us in a world of new era where beginning is still a major factor. Such questions are (see below):

  • Why nature is indispensable for consciousness?

  • What, if there is another beginning for another space that is new and different beginning?

  • Is there new era for particles beyond space?

  • Is space resides in some other kind of entity that is fully entangled?

Above questions only survive when we reach there, otherwise left us in desperation.

It’s not complicated to solve the mystery beyond space, but only need is to grasp our hidden observation and relate it with other well defined mathematics.

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Space, An illusion Or Imagination?

Some questions remain in uncertainty and some wants to explore their weird / absurd realm. Here, I am not post any article but ask few questions regarding to space. Few questions on space, I mention below:

  • Why does space exist?

  • Why space is dark?

  • Is there anything beyond space?

  • Are we reside in a multi-spaces?

  • Is there infinite universes in space?

  • Is space an infinite entity?

  • If space really exists, then who is the real creator of space?

  • Is space an illusion or a geometrical pattern medium?

  • Why space is everything that can be twist, bend and more?

These above questions are not only perplexing the mind of ours, but realize us to think “Why does space need space?”. May be, you are laughing on me as this kind of questions requires more clarification to say. But, this question requires our general opinion not any mathematical, cosmological, philosophical, biological, anthropological concept.

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Is Universe A Quantum Information?

  • First, Not an article or anything else, but a candid question for you (readers).
  • Second, are we becoming hapless to understand the existence of nature?
  • Third, is there anything beyond universe?
  • Fourth, why space exists and why it contains infinite universes?

These questions are not only creating any chaos but manifest how we become curious about universe and our understanding regarding consciousness become absurd even we do not know how it works.

Answer this question and may be, not any kind of reward from this question, but definitely explore your mind and transcend it (mind) through the entire universe. 

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Quantum Suicide

In this post, I am going to discuss on nature’s biggest mystery and this one is not going to be easy because some definitions breaks down there. What we discuss in our previous posts as one die he / she is in an other universe and hence universe create identical images of his / her that would be infinite in numbers. But, are we question to ourselves, why this is indispensable? Why “Quantum Suicide” is indispensable for nature / space? May be, never but we are sure that we will definitely solve the problem of “quantum suicide” at least in some aspects but never thinks “why”?

However, when one die he / she is in a different world and that world is also identical to another (discussed in my previous posts) but what happen to these infinite universes when they all squeeze in a single continuum? Are these universes present simultaneously? Like an infinite strings, those are connected with infinite loops of higher and lower dimensional fields? This is something like a bunch of thread from where we are unable to open it’s every single thread and yes, it takes time to do this.

We know our base, but we are not sure what is that base? Is this base patents space into an infinite branches of strings or present simultaneously without any gravitational field?Here, we are perplex our mind because we become philosophically right but pragmatically still not. When one dies he / she never finds where his / her consciousness go and does consciousness dwells already there where his / her consciousness wants to go or there is an interaction between geometry and consciousness. For me, I think this is because consciousness is not beyond any eternal concept but moves forward with the help of some geometrical behavior.

However, since in ancient times we are adhering space and nature with high zeal and enthusiasm but still journey is incomplete because “there is nothing that defines you but there is something that makes you”.

I hope you all enjoy this series. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide

Quantum Infinity, may be this term bewilders your mind but you are right this concept will definitely perplex your mind. “Quantum Infinity” increases the probabilities and hence opens those ways that are still in a chaos world.  “Quantum Infinity” associates with the “Quantum Suicide” and also perform it’s task like a “Quantum Suicide Thought Experiment”. Rather than rely on “Quantum Suicide”, we have to be more curious about “Quantum Infinity”. Here, concepts are same but tasks are different. Let’s see how?

“Quantum Infinity” is a process of “Self Infinite Identical Images” and further it moves towards “Quantum Space” (here quantum space is a transformation of quantized particles that are associated with their particular fields, will discuss in next post).  “Quantum Infinity” is a transformation of quantized particles and then it associates with “Identical Images of Space” just like a photographs, when we take a photo of someone in a discrete manner and click the button of camera several times (here person remains same) then he / she have numerous images when collected by the person from photographer. Here, we notice person remains same but clicks on the camera is not just a once, but for a several times to take his / her photo. Suppose, if photographer clicks on the camera infinite times then we will have an infinite images of a person and there is no doubt this is an onus of photographer but for a person this is his / her “self-identity” that remains same even photographer stops to click on the button of camera then there would not a different images, but it remains the same. 

However, here my intention is explicitly to define a concept of “Quantum Infinity” because, “Quantum Infinity” adhere the same “Self Identical Image” and there is no doubt, if we will adhering along with the same “Self Image”. No matter, whether you die or not universe is everywhere and hence our thoughts become our reality (yet depends on dimensions) but now, we are sure this kind of thought really exist even with non-physical worlds.

In my next chapter, I will discuss on “Different kind of quantum universes where consciousness remains the same but how? definitely in my next post. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide

This post is not only bewildering your mind, but also compels you to think on nature’s biggest and deepest mystery that still is perplexing our minds.

The title of this post is “Quantum Suicide” but don’t worry this is not going to be “real suicide” but hold your brain with your shimmering vibes.

First, we have to understand what is “Quantum Suicide?” Quantum Suicide was first given by “Hans Moravec”. and also Bruno Marchal in 1988. The “Quantum Suicide” is an thought experiment concept. It is further independently developed by “Max Tegmark” in 1998. This concept is also distinguish between “Everett Many Worlds Interpretation” and also with Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. 

Quantum Suicide thought experiment is much similar like Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment and also manifests the “many world interpretation”. In “Quantum Suicide”, the experiment apparatus is same as in Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment where we take a box and cat is inside the box then there is 50-50 chances / probability of cat to be alive or dead. Here, Quantum Suicide is also known as “Quantum Immortality” which means you never die and you are immoral. Is this true? Let’s see.

Imagine a box and I am inside this box (fully covered box) and inside the box, I am  along with nuclear bomb that is going to be exploded and I measures the time (that explodes) every seconds (watch inside the box). Every seconds pass, I am alive Suppose seconds pass for 100 times, I am alive. In this process, we have two directions “Clockwise” and “Anti clock wise”. In the first appearance, I am in clockwise direction of time. Now, time moves anti clock  wise direction this nuclear bomb explodes and I am dead. As generally, we think so but this is not at the time of my death I am still  alive not in our universe but somewhere as universe splits and it will split forever. Yet, this is a thought experiment so why we are unable to find this practically. I know, you might bewilder with this concept. But you only remember, suppose you are thinking that I am going to be jump from tall building, at the time when you think (In one universe you jumps and you dead, but in other this does not happen as you are not jump from tall building and you still alive). This is something like an “Identical Images” of universe.

However, in this thought experiment we are facing many criticism as, is this really exist if many world theory exist)? and what will happen to that person that is going to be dead or alive? I will discuss this in my next post. Hope you literally enjoy this. Thanks!

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What is life?

This post is not going to be candid one as I am still in uncertainty to find / search something different in nature, may be you also. However, sometimes we become curious on nature’s existence and sometimes we adhere it’s intricate meaning i.e. “Why does nature exist?”. I know this question nuisances you and you might think, why I am accenting on this question? The reason behind this is, we are still struggling for our existence and we even do not know why we are? This seems to be little funny but this is not as we are bewildering in a chaos world (especially on planet earth).

This is not a “Quantum Loop” that uncertain our mind and this is not “Planck’s Scale” i.e. (10 -35) that perplex our mind. But nature is something different concept and it’s book defines itself, no matters who starts it’s existence “Creator” or “Self”. Even imagination searches for a nature’s realm. But somewhere we are missing something that is the real cause for existence of nature, may be this is “infinite” or “finite”.

Nature is still a mysterious concept, not because it contains higher degree of imagination but because it is everywhere that patents how it works without depending on other world, may be this is but, if not then what we would be heading for? Some says, we have to be pragmatic in this case and some says we have to be abstract in thought. Our thoughts are not constraints when we think nature in both the way whether it is in higher or in lower degree.

However, this post is something like an abstract point of view regarding nature and further we move forward, we will definitely find little moments and definitely we consider ourselves a “Learner” along with elegant and complex nature. Hope you enjoy this series. Thanks a lot!

Space time

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What is Life?

I am not sure why we are here (on planet earth)? But, if we try to explicit the medium of uncertain life, we will become more curious. In this post, I will discuss “why our existence is indispensable for nature and why  we are here on planet earth?

First, we are living in a world of uncertainty. Even we do not know why we are here on planet earth? Sometimes, we become more curious about nature and sometimes we become dubious on nature’s biggest mystery. But, here we are discussing on “Existence” and why “Existence” is more complicated than surviving on planet earth? Are we becoming more dubious for understanding the weird path of nature? May be, but our biological structure never allows us to understand everything explicitly because we are finite (yes, we are infinite by our creation) but finite with out limited biological structure.

However, our mind is different and consider a real path that assists us to understand universe and hence space also. This is something like a “Giant mountains and from this, small pebbles create” Similar in this case, we are bounded with “Well Defined” space and where we are only a small discoverer and our mind is our medium to space and we travel everywhere with the help of mind, whether this is meditation or something else.

But, there are lots of questions arise here. First one is, “Why we are on planet earth and why this is necessary for conscious beings to be here (on planet earth)? Answer is very candid, as we are under some laws and principles and what we do is our actions / deeds and our existence is not independent but depend on some “well defined” laws and principles. But what  is these “well defined laws and principles”? And why we need this?May be, these laws and principles are important for conscious beings and what you called these (laws and principles) “Spiritual powers”, “geometrical structure” or anything else but these are  indispensable, not sure in this post, why? But in my next post I will discuss on these laws and principles.

Hope you enjoy this. Thanks!

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