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” Darkness of space never ignore its imagination”


Why Creator Needs Space?

# Sometimes we are curious to know why creator needs space or even space needs creator?

# Is there something that exists beyond these two entities?

# Why creator needs space and why space is dark instead of having any flavoring color?

# Is darkness is next to enlighten itself? This seems like a irrelevant concept but still persists when our perception wants to go inside its (space) core.

# Is this possible creator needs space instead of space needs creator?

# If so, then where is the end of space and where one starts his / her beginning?

# Are we are in a world of creator or in a world of uncertain darkness?

# This seems nothing is cherished into world of chaos where absurdities never lets ones dream.

Beginning Within Infinity

Sometimes posts are unable us to picture the exact meaning of sentences that we mention into it because sometimes we rely on inference and sometimes we are based onĀ  cognition, experience and some other general facts. When we discuss about history we are literally able to give our views on it and when we talk about technology we become more and more aware to look what will come next may be the fabulous kind of technology we will see in coming years.

# But when we talk about space “Dark Space” our dreams, cognition, experiences, inferences, our true doctrine about space become shattered. We even do not want to think what exactly space is and why it exists? Somewhere we shattered our dreams without left our incredible technology.

# Reasons are many but solution is one. We are still facing lots of problems related to space. When we think what exactly it is we become more philosophical and say that it never exist because it cannot be achieved with some glorious stars onto our beautiful shoulders. Aristotle once called space a “Tabular Rasa” where nothing is attain and “Jaina concept” also said about ether and hence cannot be attainable, if so then where is the beginning point of space and space itself looks like a geometry but without having any exact geometry neither be a flat, curve, rectangular, square, circular and many others.

# Is space really a formless entity or this is better to say “entity” as it (space) itself creates chaos composition of comprehensive geometries?

# Space is what it only defines itself and when we want to go for its verges, it treats like that it has a beginning and one never attain its real side of darkness.