Space, An illusion Or Imagination?

Some questions remain in uncertainty and some wants to explore their weird / absurd realm. Here, I am not post any article but ask few questions regarding to space. Few questions on space, I mention below:

  • Why does space exist?

  • Why space is dark?

  • Is there anything beyond space?

  • Are we reside in a multi-spaces?

  • Is there infinite universes in space?

  • Is space an infinite entity?

  • If space really exists, then who is the real creator of space?

  • Is space an illusion or a geometrical pattern medium?

  • Why space is everything that can be twist, bend and more?

These above questions are not only perplexing the mind of ours, but realize us to think “Why does space need space?”. May be, you are laughing on me as this kind of questions requires more clarification to say. But, this question requires our general opinion not any mathematical, cosmological, philosophical, biological, anthropological concept.

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What is Space?

Once again, welcome in the world of absurdity where thoughts become imaginative and travel without any verges. This post is going to be more exciting because I am discussing on space’s one of the most hidden reality and that is it’s darkness (looks black). What we observe in our day-to-day life is visible for us everything we see is visible to us and based on our vision we say what is that thing or prescribed things and also based on our experience. But in case of space, this is not as we become hapless and we have nothing to observe or experience.

However, space is dark (black) everywhere and there is nothing that manifests it’s existence even we do not know it (space) exists or not. Then how existence came in its pure form? Is this possible that space is responsible for creating every universes or it is just a false perception of mind? There are infinite possibilities that space is not just a probability or a weird cause but a well-defined existence and also some geometrical influence. This geometry is absurd for us at least in present world but will definitely solve this geometry. 

We are living that universe where uncertainties reside and where probabilities provoke existence of space. Whatever we called space but it is a well-defined geometrical pattern region where everything is static (not stationary but moves with constant velocity) and everything in it drive away from each other and flow like a river. But, what kind of geometry we have with space? Is this zero dimensional, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional or more than 10,30, 50 or beyond our limits? May be, dimension does not matter but what matters is a pattern that is beyond our mind’s perception but still we imagine.

In my next post, I will discuss what kind of pattern is this? Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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What is Space?

Not sure whether this topic really assist us to understand the reality of nature, may be not, but still we are a creatures of hard hopes and imagination so journey will never end.  In this post, I am going to discuss “What is Space?” Generally, we are no sure “What exactly space is and why does it exist? In candid words, we ourselves never want to try to understand what is space? literally, not everyone but some (folks).

However, space considers to be a four-dimensional where length, breadth, height and also time resides. Also, if we look it (space) from different coordinates, we will get the same extent. But, beyond this, what exactly space is? Is space just a false perception of mind (Philosophy) or just a biological constraints of our eyes (Biology) or is similar like universes (Physics) or is a geometrical entity (Mathematics)? For me, it is definitely a geometrical entity that suffuses nothing but itself creates / builds “geometrical lines”, at least it (itself) is a giant geometry.

But, how? Reason is behind the existence of space and  explicitly depend on geometry of space. Here, space not only the confirmation of different coordinates but a lattice of geometrical lines something like “Sir Albert Einstein’s Gravitational Concept” where he eliminate the concept of gravity as a force that is predicted by Legendary, Physicist and Mathematician Sir Issac Newton. Space is not only a confined entity that resides inside some limited coordinates or something what we called “Aether” (will discuss in my next post) but is a pattern of a geometrical lines where everything seems like a mesh and prediction is hard but laws are simple.

Excerpt is, when you see a synthesis of different threads what you observe here, a lattice that is difficult to open and hence is not easy as it takes time, is this, yes this is. Similar case in geometrical lines or better to say geometrical space, where space is inflated like a mesh / lattice and where everything is not stable, and what we called “short span particles” that collide with each other and suddenly get diminish (disappear). This process inflates but not an infinite times.  But why? I will discuss in my next chapter.

Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide (#3)

Hello everyone. I am here to share some aspects about “Quantum Suicide” and also describe some of it’s fascinating facts. In my previous posts, I discussed some aspects on “Quantum Suicide” and also describe “Why it is still in chaos thoughts?” In this post, I will discuss about “Geometrical Patterns” that are responsible for creating certain patterns in space.

Quantum Suicide is equitable in some aspects but not completely as we must remember this is a thought experiment not a practical experiment. I am utterly sure we all are living in a geometrical pattern of space where we all are our “image” that is “Identical Image”. We have infinite images in infinite universes at the same time (simultaneous) but our past, present and future is not only depends on our physical  world but also depends on non-physical world (that is reality). This is not something like imposing certain events but creates it’s own events and simultaneous it already exist there and there is no traverse of consciousness from one universe to another.

Although, we spend our lot of time on consciousness and think why it is indispensable for consciousness to enlarge like a weird universe. Here we make a mistake, we think consciousness is something that transfers from one body to another or one universe to another but this is not, it never transfer but already exist there (in some other universe or body). Suppose, we have point A and point B. Point A is in universe (1) and other that is B is in other universe (2). What will we do assume now, let’s assume A died due to some cause and his / her consciousness already exist in B (that is in other universe), is this possible? No, here we have to assume same points A in both the universes then we may say that consciousness is already there and it is indispensable for us to remember that  his / her life is same at that time and not lies in past, present or in future. In a candid way, life that is set up by both the points are same at that time and there is no difference.

However, this is not something that will lead us in a dark world but assist us to understand “Quantum Suicide” in a “Geometrical Patterns”, so as to understand the existence of life (at the same time) explicitly. 

In my next post, I will discuss about the facts on “Infinite Universes”. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide (#2)

Hello, everyone. In this post, I will discuss some aspects and some facts about “Quantum Suicide” and why this is so intricate concept? In my previous post, I discussed “What is Quantum Suicide?” but here, I will discuss “Why this is so complicated for us to understand especially in practically?”

We know, what is “Quantum Suicide?” and why it is indispensable for “Many World Interpretation?” But we are still in chaos, “What happen to the individual person when he / she died and where his / her personal consciousness go?” Are we becoming “self” with universe or become one with dark space? We are not sure, whether we will become “self” or travel in an infinite dark space. Suppose, you have infinite universes and probably someone died and at that time of his / her last breathe, he / she will be in other universe, we don’t know whether he / she might be a child, daughter, son, father, mother, monsters, devil, old man, old women, beasts, tree, mountain or anything else. Then what he / she might be? If we say he / she might his / her self identical image then what will happen to past, present and future as our “self identical image” remains same everywhere and this seems we create our identical image / copy, is this? Answer is yes, this is. If we are in an infinite universes and in an elegant geometry of space.

We are identical and same, no matters what might be our future, present and past. Because in an infinite universes, we are not only depends on our past, present and future but also depends on our “Self Identical Image” and it remains forever. One cannot say universe splits when you died only. This case especially (Quantum Mechanics) is for everything as every moments are creating “Self Identical Image” whether one died or not.

However, this concept is really intricate, but if we understand it in a clear way we will definitely find something that completes “Quantum Mechanics” and behind this we will have something, may be new and weird. In my next post, I will discuss what will be the complete theory of “Quantum Mechanics”.

Hope you enjoy the post. Thanks!

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Once They Exist, But Where?

A Short Poem On “Once They Exist, But Where?”

Never find it’s existence,

Searches for a timeless world,

Nevertheless, it finds it’s reality,

Flow like a deep ocean inside itself.

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What is Life?

I am not sure why we are here (on planet earth)? But, if we try to explicit the medium of uncertain life, we will become more curious. In this post, I will discuss “why our existence is indispensable for nature and why  we are here on planet earth?

First, we are living in a world of uncertainty. Even we do not know why we are here on planet earth? Sometimes, we become more curious about nature and sometimes we become dubious on nature’s biggest mystery. But, here we are discussing on “Existence” and why “Existence” is more complicated than surviving on planet earth? Are we becoming more dubious for understanding the weird path of nature? May be, but our biological structure never allows us to understand everything explicitly because we are finite (yes, we are infinite by our creation) but finite with out limited biological structure.

However, our mind is different and consider a real path that assists us to understand universe and hence space also. This is something like a “Giant mountains and from this, small pebbles create” Similar in this case, we are bounded with “Well Defined” space and where we are only a small discoverer and our mind is our medium to space and we travel everywhere with the help of mind, whether this is meditation or something else.

But, there are lots of questions arise here. First one is, “Why we are on planet earth and why this is necessary for conscious beings to be here (on planet earth)? Answer is very candid, as we are under some laws and principles and what we do is our actions / deeds and our existence is not independent but depend on some “well defined” laws and principles. But what  is these “well defined laws and principles”? And why we need this?May be, these laws and principles are important for conscious beings and what you called these (laws and principles) “Spiritual powers”, “geometrical structure” or anything else but these are  indispensable, not sure in this post, why? But in my next post I will discuss on these laws and principles.

Hope you enjoy this. Thanks!

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What is time?

Why does space exist and why it’s hidden mystery bewilder the mind of conscious beings? Yet, we are unsure but still we are trying our best to envisaging the profound mystery of space at least in recent researches on space. However, in this post I am going to talk about the real existence of space and also patent some enigma behind existence of space.

In contemporary world, we are in a muddling part of nature whether this is in “Quantum Mechanics” or “Classical Mechanics”. Every second our hopes shattered when we face a bemuse part of nature and that is “space”. Why does existence of space is indispensable for matter and radiations? We don’t know “Why” because we don’t have adequate content regarding “space” and we are still struggling for it’s existence.

  • Let’s go inside the world of imagination “because we only imagine” even if we know the “Transfinite Numbers” by Legendary Mathematician, George Ferdinand Philip Ludwig Cantor because, infinity struggles for it’s real place, but where we do not know. Here we are muddle with out own thoughts because we consider “space” a “infinite” entity which never ends and which means it has no creation, is this?
  • Answer is no, we are not contemporary in a endless space. May be we say, we have “multitudinous spaces”, yet this is hypothetical concept but in future we will definitely achieve this accomplishment. However, since we are developing our mind (in ancient times) when we are uncertain about our planet and where we were struggling for our place in it (on planet earth). But, now we become more and more curious beyond the outer space and we want to explore everything including nature’s hidden doors and also traverse it’s (space) giant realm.
  • May be, one day we will reach there and understand what is the real existence of space and why does it’s existence is necessary (of course, we know that kind of Physics or Mathematics at there) but in present we are not sure whether we understand space explicitly or still remains in a chaos world? However, reason is whatever, but we have to ensure our place in it because “Where there is beginning there is smaller end” (no matter, what you think) but this is.

This is not my final post but regarding to this series this one if final and in my next post I will discuss on “Nature’s Biggest Mysteries especially in Universe and in Space”. But, now thanks you all folks to read my posts (may be intricate) but still hope you enjoy these posts. Thanks!

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Space time


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What is time?

In this post, I will discuss on “Black Holes” existence and antigravity and gravity that relates with space and integrate to form “Dark Space”.

First, we have to discuss about “Black Holes” real existence. We all know, black holes are denser region in space time and what we observe is a strong gravitational field and where we have their “Horizons”, may be you like these horizons because inside these horizons, you are struggling for your “doomed life”.

However, black holes are first come in their existence when stars collapse on their own core and they become “strong gravitational field Regions” in space time. But, which is that thing that assist black holes to generate “Two Kind of Particles” first is “Gravity Particles” and second one is “Anti-gravity Particles”? One is for Black holes and second is for White holes (Opposite of Black Holes, just like a gravity that is opposite of anti-gravity).

We think, this is a phenomena of these “Dying Stars” but this is not. These stars are responsible for generating every kind of particles and further create dense region of space (just like a small pebbles inside the large amount of glue, here glue is “space” and small pebbles are “Dying Stars” i.e. black holes). Where mass of a small pebble is indispensable for glue and decide how much intensity the glue needs and creates certain region in space where one cannot say, a person who fell into the black holes will never come again, this is not. In fact, he / she is able to float on a denser region of space time and generates “gravitational fields” as we observe in “Higher Celestial Objects”. Then, what for “ Anti-gravity”? Is this remain uniform on these regions of “denser space time”?

Answer of the above question is no, never. It always restricts objects to apart the surface of space, may be this is denser region or something that lowers the some regions of space but definitely produces “crust” and “trough”. And is responsible for existence of gravity because in a early structure of space, it never be a “Non-Uniform” region, but a “Uniform Region”but, where? Is there any other region for these vibrating space? Or it is infinite (like transcendental waves)?

In my next post, I will discuss what is the major factor that hides the space upheaval existence. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

Space time

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