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Space And Mind

We know space and mind are the two different entities and their existence, cause is just a perplex concept that only reside inside darkness (whatever you consider space). In some perspective, mind is a cause and space is its existence that we all observe in physical as well as in astral world.

However, our perception about space is limited but yes, we imagine space is a big platform for different events and when we talk about mind, most of us believe it is static and nothing else where thoughts build like a world of uncertainty. But, we forget there is something that muddles our perception and what is that thing?

We all know space we observe is not limited and thence of uncertain laws and principles. We all know space is a transcendental behavior of nature. For science, it is a dimensional perception and for spiritualism, it is a mind’s perception. Here, our experience manifests our limits and what we relate it with mind. Mind itself is a certain limit but we never understand our mind’s limit because we are in a material world.

For instance, when you think space is a three-dimensional world then you satisfy with your statement but when you imagine space is nothing but a quantum entity you wary on your statement and have little suspicion on it. Here, we see we have an experience of mind and mind itself experience a new sort of activity whether one believe it is beyond perception or not.

Space, on the other hand is a way to describe mind where mind observes everything but space represents its image in front of mind as it is well-defined object and what mind thinks is already exist in it  (space). We notice, mind is dependent not space. And we know space is also relative to time then time especially for mind is an enigma and is like a flow of certain waves and what we say day, month, years, decades and centuries.  Here, perception and science works together but differently.

However, mind is a candid form of subtle proposition but when understand it explicitly, it becomes a subject of perception that never ends even if space lost its glory somewhere in near future. Space, although is a part of some weird fundamental definitions where laws and principles are related with each other and there is nothing exist beyond it (at least for our present technology and our current vision) then there is an absurd existence for us and this would definitely compel us to think the power of mind and know its limit that space grants.

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Two Legends Begin a Journey

(Day and month both are same and two legends are meeting with each other and will solve the mystery of next universe)




Void, Reality Or Nothing?

May be, some of us never want to think “what really void is? And why we need this? Void does not mean it is nothing, but is a representation of something that involves the possibilities of those particles that are still undiscovered.

However, some questions remain in chaos and we are unable to find those answers (If we have a curiosity then matter is different). Some of these questions are:

  • Is Void nothing?
  • Can we consider “void” is a part of zero?
  • Does void need space for it’s existence?
  • IS there anything that suffuse void?

These above questions are not only creating chaos but also compel us too think  “what really void is? Which we observe in entire space (differently taken by frame of reference).

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What is Space?

Space is giant and hence there are numerous possibilities that space is not only an event but also a coordinate system of well-defined geometry. Sometimes, we consider space a “void” and sometimes consider “virtual particles”. But, how one can be serious about its existence? Even we do not know from where space came from, is it came from somewhere or just a perception?

However, there are numerous possibilities but we are confined with some limits because we will never know about the existence of space and also why does it exist? But as a traveler, we are more curious to know how space works? May be, there are infinite spaces but our current theory not support that kind of hypothesis.

That kind of hypothesis is not only seen in hypothetical books, but also is a best perception / observation about existence of space. At least, we would be able to understand the existence of space, yet this is not possible but one day this would be. But still at that time we would not be sure about presence and also the cause behind the existence of space as this seems we are in a lattice of philosophy.

We are in a mesh of hidden roots of geometrical space where we are not sure what is the real existence of space and why does it exist? Can we imagine matter without space or space without matter or if there is nothing, then what? This leads us to the world of perplex particles because, if we know thousands of particles and understand them explicitly then this journey will move further and it never stops. But, here we are uncertain because, we have infinite particles and we will adhere them and this means we find creator and after than another new creator and after then another and so on, as this process replicates and we are where there is no center and no journey.

This task is difficult, but not impossible (if we consider ourselves a traveler rather than considering ourselves a well-understand beings or advance beings).

Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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