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Tiny Space

What is space and why space is indispensable for itself? Is this only a wrong perception or an uncertain entity? Some questions remain hidden in a boundary less entity where composition of a space is neither created nor destroyed. But question arises why we stop our thinking and why we restrict ourselves in a shed of weird world?

Title of this topic is “Tiny Space” that means space is not only the unique entity which can be treated as boundary less and hence consider it a unattainable perception. But space is not self defined or is defined on the basis of some other kind of entity that exists beyond space may be eternal space.

Thoughts become too parochial when we think space is a destination for “Self” and “Nothing” and generally we stop our thinking so as to describe space a non-physical entity. What if space is not made up of energy or electromagnetic force and hence it is something that manifests the reality of nothing?

However, perception never be wrong until we create something creative and different environment and hence develop a better understanding related to space perception. If we understand space perception then we will able to understand nature, may be not completely but understand in a learning way.

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#Quantum World that is “Quantum Mechanics” also known as “Quantum Physics” or “Quantum Theory”.

# In Classical Physics, quantum mechanics only validated to macroscopic levels.

# But quantum mechanics differs from classical physics, according to quantum mechanics energy, momentum and restricted to other discrete values.

# Quantum mechanics rose with the rose of a Max Plancks solution for “Black Body Radiation” and Albert Einstein’s “Photoelectric Effect”. Werner Heisenberg, Max Born and Erwin Schrodinger also profoundly conceived the notable contribution in quantum mechanics.
{\displaystyle {\hat {H}}|\psi _{n}(t)\rangle =i\hbar {\frac {\partial }{\partial t}}|\psi _{n}(t)\rangle }
{\displaystyle {\frac {1}{{c}^{2}}}{\frac {{\partial }^{2}{\phi }_{n}}{{\partial t}^{2}}}-{{\nabla }^{2}{\phi }_{n}}+{\left({\frac {mc}{\hbar }}\right)}^{2}{\phi }_{n}=0}

The first equation is a Schrodinger’s equation and second one is Klein-Gordon equations.

# According to Planck’s equation each energy element is proportional to the frequency.

i.e.                                            E=h\nu \

where h is Planck’s constant and E is the energy, f is frequency.

# There are various methods and process those define quantum mechanics and it also give rise to an many world interpretation (that is our universe is not alone and have one of the few in many universes).


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Is Dark Space Itself A Particle?

This would be one of the challenging question and disturbed our mind even we understand universe comprehensively.

# Space we look is dark “Black” where nothing seems to be happen (not for space) inside it (space) events occur and hence have ripples into space i.e. gravitational waves.

# But is this helpful for us to talk about “Inside space” instead of  saying space itself is a confined ball like a disk (exactly DVD’s and CD’s Disk)?

# Something like a circular and hence has boundary but still we cannot observe objects simultaneously due to its flat surface.

# If we consider space a tiny particle and place onto the single wire where there are many spaces and when wire vibrates these spaces produce forces. Effect of these forces were not onto these spaces but what these spaces do after receiving these vibrations and convert these vibrations according to their placing onto these strings.

# But why these spaces need vibrations as we see that space which is soundless and hence has nothing to understand?

# Why these vibrations occur even there is no evidence of space verges?

# Once Legend Electrical Wizard “Nikola Tesla” said that entire forces in nature i.e. space comes from an eternal world not from inside (that is beyond space).

# So there is something that we cannot neglect as space is infinite and hence is stretchable, ripples and curvature. These things describes how space behaves with matter, energy and forces in nature but cannot describe is space is a confined particle like creation?


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# Time Traveling concept first appeared in H.G.Wells Novel “Time Machine” in 1895.

# In General Relativity and Special Relativity, it is possible to TRAVEL FORWARD IN TIME.

# In Quantum Mechanics and Wormholes one can travel through time (i.e. medium) and known as Einstein -Rosen Bridge.

# In Special and General Relativity, geometries of spacetime or motions in space allow time travel in past and in future.

# In Godel Spacetime, it is  something like a closed timelike curve.

# Wormholes are the other method for time traveling but still faces many problem with their “Time Dilation”, “Exotic Matter” and “Energy based problems”.

# Communication system does not work due to the slower in time and hence we are facing a problem in “Quantum Teleportation”.

# Time traveling concept seems to be different and hypothetical but still is in a field of Laws of nature.
















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# Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck was / is the German physicist and born on 23 April 1858.

#  He was well known for his discovery of “Energy Quanta”.
# He describe the electromagnetic energy can be emitted only in quantized form i.e.
E = hv (where E is the energy, h is the Planck constant (also known as Planck action quantum and v is frequency)
# He was known for his Planck Constant that is 6.626 x 10 (power of -23 J (Joule))
# He died on 10 October 1947 but yet was / is a legend of all time.