Parallelism: (Artificial Mind Or Natural Mind)

In today’s world, our thoughts become so candid for us to think whatever we want to think and there is no bounded limitations that trap us in a small corner, full of mystic darkness. In materialism, we are becoming our own foe. Somewhere, we criticize our technology for this and think this what would happen is not the real destiny for our future generation but are a curse that made by us (a present generation). Although, sometimes, material world exasperate us and sometimes we ourselves become our rivalries especially in case of mind where we scold mind for its (mind-body problem), a way to have emotions, feelings, joy, happiness, thoughts, pain and many other material things.

In this article, I am discussing about parallelism about mind which means, mind really needs artificial or material parallelism. First, we have to wary about the world of immortality that never ends (sounds like we are our self creator). Immortality never define itself, it expands without alarming others because we need immortality not immortality needs us. Why I discuss this short essence and what is the motive behind this essence? Immortality connects with some of our basic aspects of mind as thoughts inside our mind are always well defined as there is no need to be self-centered because mind is well defined object that perceive things and then implement on these things, no matters how many tasks you have, mind do it explicitly. But, when in case of imagination we have a little immortality that makes us alive in a world of darkness and it (imagination) assists us to flow everywhere even in a flock of weird stars.

(Note: Here immortality does not mean, one never dies but this is a definition related to our mind’s limits)

Well, this kind of immortality is vary according to some mathematical laws ( at least for some laws that binds our own universe). But, how is this possible mathematical laws vary according to immortality and vice-versa? You can find this surreal reason in our profound mystery of space time. We know space time is interrelated with each other and there is nothing that argue, space time is independent concept rather than dependent. As you observe here, space time is a mathematical proposition where everything reside even time flows according to space and space has its right path according to time. But, here space time is a unique or say a singular perception for us because beyond this we know something exists but what, we don’t know. However, this perception leads us on the path of immortality where we think whether we know, we don’t have sufficient experiments or proof about existence of something beyond space but we imagine according to immortality that already defined according to space or something that exists beyond space and this all happens with the help of mind. If so, will happen in near future.  

(Note: Everything in this entire space or in universe is well defined)

Above statement manifests, how mind and space is different concept but work exactly like time and space, nevertheless, a transformation of information and quantum medium. Here an excerpt, “What you think, you become”, this is the common perception by various Philosophers, Saints, Peoples and many of us also believe on this perception.

But, what exactly this perception / statement tries to describe is our basic understanding about space time and our own destination we build, whatsoever, we have in our life-like material things and some material happiness but still we feel, we are not secure because our mind have never this kind of information at that time, perhaps as your fortunate is responsible for this or your charming stars depends on your material environment. Parallelism, however, defines how one is dependent on space time with respect to your mind as there is no time for us (and some of us still believe time never exists) but for space it a medium not its buddy-tail.

This all is parallelism that shatters our mind somewhere, but somewhere it cherished our world with some little joy and fruitful journey of life that never ever ends.


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Void, Reality Or Nothing?

May be, some of us never want to think “what really void is? And why we need this? Void does not mean it is nothing, but is a representation of something that involves the possibilities of those particles that are still undiscovered.

However, some questions remain in chaos and we are unable to find those answers (If we have a curiosity then matter is different). Some of these questions are:

  • Is Void nothing?
  • Can we consider “void” is a part of zero?
  • Does void need space for it’s existence?
  • IS there anything that suffuse void?

These above questions are not only creating chaos but also compel us too think  “what really void is? Which we observe in entire space (differently taken by frame of reference).

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When See A Void


When observe it’s reality,

Where time rejuvenate, 

Where space begins it’s journey.

Sometimes find a chaos,

Sometimes sluggish months,

Where infinity builds,

Again brings a void.

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What is Space?

This post may be going to be more perplex as I will only bewilder your minds. Probabilities are infinite but conclusion is one. Yet, this series is entirely based on space and about its hidden mysteries that always compel us to think about, how we are limited in a world of uncertainty. But, sometimes more curious than sluggish behavior. Well, this is not my topic. So, we were talking about “What is Space?” We discussed in previous posts why space is indispensable for nature and why it’s existence is necessary? But, in this post I am going to discuss “What if space is not alone?” Yes, this sounds queer but this is not, may be you are surprised with this strange question, I know, but be calm because, as I mentioned there are infinite probabilities and this is one of them.

However, space is not alone as this perspective is not  only limited to some defined particles but also suffuses the empty part of space and that is, what we called “Empty Space”. There are infinite spaces with infinite probabilities as this concept also apply on “Quantum Suicide”. For consciousness or conscious being, there is nothing like dead or alive as both exist simultaneously, but define in a quantum pictures where conscious beings life exist in discrete manner or better to say in quantum life. Before his / her death he / she does not exist in quantum picture but after his / her birth space / universe allows her  / his to exist in quantum picture, but question arises if she / he does not exist before his / her birth then what will happen to future when she / he will die after his  / her successful life? Consciousness never die as we know, it is just similar like infinite universes those die but still alive inside weird womb of space.

Space, even is helpful for transferring consciousness to one space to another but, here we don’t know which kind of next space will be, may be without darkness or with? Above excerpt of dead or alive manifests how space replicates its images not once in a thousand or millions years but in every infinite tick of every quantum second that even never notice by conscious beings. This is helpful but again not for physical world as our world is designed in that manner where, what we look is elegant and fascinating but beyond this reality is not only real but patents us how we have to think about space’s biggest mystery that still face a problem by its elegant gift.

In my next post, I will discuss about the space’s replication. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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What is Space?

Not sure whether this topic really assist us to understand the reality of nature, may be not, but still we are a creatures of hard hopes and imagination so journey will never end.  In this post, I am going to discuss “What is Space?” Generally, we are no sure “What exactly space is and why does it exist? In candid words, we ourselves never want to try to understand what is space? literally, not everyone but some (folks).

However, space considers to be a four-dimensional where length, breadth, height and also time resides. Also, if we look it (space) from different coordinates, we will get the same extent. But, beyond this, what exactly space is? Is space just a false perception of mind (Philosophy) or just a biological constraints of our eyes (Biology) or is similar like universes (Physics) or is a geometrical entity (Mathematics)? For me, it is definitely a geometrical entity that suffuses nothing but itself creates / builds “geometrical lines”, at least it (itself) is a giant geometry.

But, how? Reason is behind the existence of space and  explicitly depend on geometry of space. Here, space not only the confirmation of different coordinates but a lattice of geometrical lines something like “Sir Albert Einstein’s Gravitational Concept” where he eliminate the concept of gravity as a force that is predicted by Legendary, Physicist and Mathematician Sir Issac Newton. Space is not only a confined entity that resides inside some limited coordinates or something what we called “Aether” (will discuss in my next post) but is a pattern of a geometrical lines where everything seems like a mesh and prediction is hard but laws are simple.

Excerpt is, when you see a synthesis of different threads what you observe here, a lattice that is difficult to open and hence is not easy as it takes time, is this, yes this is. Similar case in geometrical lines or better to say geometrical space, where space is inflated like a mesh / lattice and where everything is not stable, and what we called “short span particles” that collide with each other and suddenly get diminish (disappear). This process inflates but not an infinite times.  But why? I will discuss in my next chapter.

Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide

In this post, I am going to discuss on nature’s biggest mystery and this one is not going to be easy because some definitions breaks down there. What we discuss in our previous posts as one die he / she is in an other universe and hence universe create identical images of his / her that would be infinite in numbers. But, are we question to ourselves, why this is indispensable? Why “Quantum Suicide” is indispensable for nature / space? May be, never but we are sure that we will definitely solve the problem of “quantum suicide” at least in some aspects but never thinks “why”?

However, when one die he / she is in a different world and that world is also identical to another (discussed in my previous posts) but what happen to these infinite universes when they all squeeze in a single continuum? Are these universes present simultaneously? Like an infinite strings, those are connected with infinite loops of higher and lower dimensional fields? This is something like a bunch of thread from where we are unable to open it’s every single thread and yes, it takes time to do this.

We know our base, but we are not sure what is that base? Is this base patents space into an infinite branches of strings or present simultaneously without any gravitational field?Here, we are perplex our mind because we become philosophically right but pragmatically still not. When one dies he / she never finds where his / her consciousness go and does consciousness dwells already there where his / her consciousness wants to go or there is an interaction between geometry and consciousness. For me, I think this is because consciousness is not beyond any eternal concept but moves forward with the help of some geometrical behavior.

However, since in ancient times we are adhering space and nature with high zeal and enthusiasm but still journey is incomplete because “there is nothing that defines you but there is something that makes you”.

I hope you all enjoy this series. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide

We are here again with lots of complex and fascinating things on “Quantum Suicide”. “Quantum Suicide” really perplex our minds and also compels us to think why nature is so complex, but sometimes elegant also. We are not at the verge of that mechanics that allows us to think positively about nature’s deepest root, may be we know how deep it is.

However, we are discussed “Quantum Infinite” in my previous chapter and that is something weird and chaos, where our expectations beyond our mind is shattered. Probably, some definitions about “Quantum Suicide” definitely lead us to the point of “Singularity” why? Because we have denser regions in space-time and if we will adhere them output is elegant and we will able to understand past, present and future simultaneously. But our current theories or laws break down their, not because we have insufficient mathematical principles but we are lack of experience with “quantum mechanics”.

Quantum Mechanics is not the single portion that allows us to understand everything explicitly. Why I am saying like this, this is because as we know we have two possibilities one is “Microscopic” and other one is “Macroscopic” beyond this can we create something different possibility? Yes, this is a painstaking question but really a matter of assert (will discuss in my next chapter). Similar case arises in “Quantum Suicide” we have two probabilities one is “Alive” and other is “Dead” then who will be the third one? Is this a synthesis of two cases both “Dead and Alive” or something else? Something else, here is not candid to explain because this one going to be more complex even beyond this.

Quantum Suicide however, provides some basic aspects of nature’s complex existence. Reason is we are there where everything is in lattice and if someone wants to open this first, he / she will understand it’s geometry (as usually we try to open the threads that synthesize to form an unstructured thread) and then solve how to travel from one place to another that already exists that I will discuss in my next chapter. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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