Appetite: A Psyche

A spirit of life,

A life without self,

Genesis of soul,

A path to be resurrection.

Becomes everlasting,

Somewhere, defines materialism,

Cease to begin its life,

Yet, a profound psyche.

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Undefined Space

We know space is self created entity where nothing seems to emerge into single entity whatever one creates a different region in space time (i.e. space lower and higher regions) and something different that can’t be realize without proper perception.

However, space is not an event but manifests how event’s presence create something mysterious that never can be reached at its highest peak. Whenever when uses his / her mind to think what exactly space is and why it exists? No one answer, but still one is interested in space mysterious creation? In what way space created in past time and why space existence is so indispensable for consciousness? Is space a eternal entity or is a undefined entity?

We are still in chaos why everything exist? As, this is not a logical question but a philosophical one. Hologram, Logic and Philosophy quiet is a concept of “Self”. This is not that kind of “Self” that only manifests how space confirms its existence without knowing exact cognition and hence left a chaotic inference for conscious entities.

Space is what it never reveals its destiny but try to define why it exists without belies itself?

Is Dark Space Itself A Particle?

This would be one of the challenging question and disturbed our mind even we understand universe comprehensively.

# Space we look is dark “Black” where nothing seems to be happen (not for space) inside it (space) events occur and hence have ripples into space i.e. gravitational waves.

# But is this helpful for us to talk about “Inside space” instead of  saying space itself is a confined ball like a disk (exactly DVD’s and CD’s Disk)?

# Something like a circular and hence has boundary but still we cannot observe objects simultaneously due to its flat surface.

# If we consider space a tiny particle and place onto the single wire where there are many spaces and when wire vibrates these spaces produce forces. Effect of these forces were not onto these spaces but what these spaces do after receiving these vibrations and convert these vibrations according to their placing onto these strings.

# But why these spaces need vibrations as we see that space which is soundless and hence has nothing to understand?

# Why these vibrations occur even there is no evidence of space verges?

# Once Legend Electrical Wizard “Nikola Tesla” said that entire forces in nature i.e. space comes from an eternal world not from inside (that is beyond space).

# So there is something that we cannot neglect as space is infinite and hence is stretchable, ripples and curvature. These things describes how space behaves with matter, energy and forces in nature but cannot describe is space is a confined particle like creation?