Way to Eternal

A Short Poem on “Way to Eternal”.

Life inside a deep creation,

Where, thoughts become incredible,

Somewhere looks like a flowers,

A way to eternal.

In a space’s pinnacle,

Towards the self-imagination,

Where life find its destiny,

A way to eternal.

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Space time, Still A Mystery

Thoughts become parochial and we are hapless to define space. Yet, some conditions apply on space is true but some are only mind’s perception. We have infinite questions regarding space and it’s existence. We have space time that always unite space and time in one single entity. What we call “Space time”.But why space time is indispensable for existence and why it is necessary for consciousness? Still a mystery as we are not sure why everything exist and manifest itself in that way as we are in an infinite spaces. Some questions related to this concept are:

  • Why does consciousness dependent on Space time?
  • Why existence of space time is indispensable?
  • Are we residing inside infinite spaces?
  • Is there anything beyond space time rather than considering single entity?

Some questions still remain in chaos but some are still searching for truth, at least for geometry of space (As I believe).

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What is Space?

Once again, welcome in the world of absurdity where thoughts become imaginative and travel without any verges. This post is going to be more exciting because I am discussing on space’s one of the most hidden reality and that is it’s darkness (looks black). What we observe in our day-to-day life is visible for us everything we see is visible to us and based on our vision we say what is that thing or prescribed things and also based on our experience. But in case of space, this is not as we become hapless and we have nothing to observe or experience.

However, space is dark (black) everywhere and there is nothing that manifests it’s existence even we do not know it (space) exists or not. Then how existence came in its pure form? Is this possible that space is responsible for creating every universes or it is just a false perception of mind? There are infinite possibilities that space is not just a probability or a weird cause but a well-defined existence and also some geometrical influence. This geometry is absurd for us at least in present world but will definitely solve this geometry. 

We are living that universe where uncertainties reside and where probabilities provoke existence of space. Whatever we called space but it is a well-defined geometrical pattern region where everything is static (not stationary but moves with constant velocity) and everything in it drive away from each other and flow like a river. But, what kind of geometry we have with space? Is this zero dimensional, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional or more than 10,30, 50 or beyond our limits? May be, dimension does not matter but what matters is a pattern that is beyond our mind’s perception but still we imagine.

In my next post, I will discuss what kind of pattern is this? Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide

We are here again with lots of complex and fascinating things on “Quantum Suicide”. “Quantum Suicide” really perplex our minds and also compels us to think why nature is so complex, but sometimes elegant also. We are not at the verge of that mechanics that allows us to think positively about nature’s deepest root, may be we know how deep it is.

However, we are discussed “Quantum Infinite” in my previous chapter and that is something weird and chaos, where our expectations beyond our mind is shattered. Probably, some definitions about “Quantum Suicide” definitely lead us to the point of “Singularity” why? Because we have denser regions in space-time and if we will adhere them output is elegant and we will able to understand past, present and future simultaneously. But our current theories or laws break down their, not because we have insufficient mathematical principles but we are lack of experience with “quantum mechanics”.

Quantum Mechanics is not the single portion that allows us to understand everything explicitly. Why I am saying like this, this is because as we know we have two possibilities one is “Microscopic” and other one is “Macroscopic” beyond this can we create something different possibility? Yes, this is a painstaking question but really a matter of assert (will discuss in my next chapter). Similar case arises in “Quantum Suicide” we have two probabilities one is “Alive” and other is “Dead” then who will be the third one? Is this a synthesis of two cases both “Dead and Alive” or something else? Something else, here is not candid to explain because this one going to be more complex even beyond this.

Quantum Suicide however, provides some basic aspects of nature’s complex existence. Reason is we are there where everything is in lattice and if someone wants to open this first, he / she will understand it’s geometry (as usually we try to open the threads that synthesize to form an unstructured thread) and then solve how to travel from one place to another that already exists that I will discuss in my next chapter. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide (#3)

Hello everyone. I am here to share some aspects about “Quantum Suicide” and also describe some of it’s fascinating facts. In my previous posts, I discussed some aspects on “Quantum Suicide” and also describe “Why it is still in chaos thoughts?” In this post, I will discuss about “Geometrical Patterns” that are responsible for creating certain patterns in space.

Quantum Suicide is equitable in some aspects but not completely as we must remember this is a thought experiment not a practical experiment. I am utterly sure we all are living in a geometrical pattern of space where we all are our “image” that is “Identical Image”. We have infinite images in infinite universes at the same time (simultaneous) but our past, present and future is not only depends on our physical  world but also depends on non-physical world (that is reality). This is not something like imposing certain events but creates it’s own events and simultaneous it already exist there and there is no traverse of consciousness from one universe to another.

Although, we spend our lot of time on consciousness and think why it is indispensable for consciousness to enlarge like a weird universe. Here we make a mistake, we think consciousness is something that transfers from one body to another or one universe to another but this is not, it never transfer but already exist there (in some other universe or body). Suppose, we have point A and point B. Point A is in universe (1) and other that is B is in other universe (2). What will we do assume now, let’s assume A died due to some cause and his / her consciousness already exist in B (that is in other universe), is this possible? No, here we have to assume same points A in both the universes then we may say that consciousness is already there and it is indispensable for us to remember that  his / her life is same at that time and not lies in past, present or in future. In a candid way, life that is set up by both the points are same at that time and there is no difference.

However, this is not something that will lead us in a dark world but assist us to understand “Quantum Suicide” in a “Geometrical Patterns”, so as to understand the existence of life (at the same time) explicitly. 

In my next post, I will discuss about the facts on “Infinite Universes”. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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What is life?

Why existence is indispensable and why it is? In this post, I will discuss on “Existence of Nature”. We know nature is everywhere. This is like a giant mountain whose summit increases with increase the base of mountain.

However, existence of nature is indispensable for us because we are conscious and all those who have consciousness. But why does nature exist? And why it creates everything including complex paths? Really, this is big task to explore some of these questions. In case of nature’s hidden mystery we become more curious to know it’s hidden existence because we cannot consider nature a bounded path but it is that way that expands with our little steps. Consciousness and nature are one but who came first, don’t know? But this is really a big factor that manifests nature and consciousness are working at the same time but considered a different entities.

Even creator describes in terms of nature and nature becomes “self” with creator. This is really looking like a weird abstract but this patents the real part of nature and hence describes how creator creates weird existence of “Himself”. Nature is a medium for creator and so why we called creator a ruler of everything because He knows His existence and becomes “self” with nature. But , what exactly nature is? Nature is everything and everywhere. This is not a concept of only abstraction but an experiment of flowing water which means nature is an art of shimmering like an elegant flower in a chaos environment.

We cannot differentiate nature and science because they both are one. But existence of nature is a different concept. Because, “One cannot say, if there is not an existence of nature then there is nothing beyond it”. This statement is valid if we have infinite nature’s which is not. We have a giant nature and it’s existence even assist it to balance it’s work. If there is something beyond nature, then we become scientifically right, if not then we are in a “self” created nature who always work not remains silent whether in a chaos form or in a dynamic form.

In my next chapter, I will discuss the “cause of nature for everything”. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

Space time


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What is time?

In my previous post, I discussed the interrelation between “Quantum time” with “Quantum Space”, not too wary to avoid the presence of “quantum space” but still facing a problem “Why Quantum Space exists?” Yes, this seems to be a philosophical argument but we have to understand it, whether in a abstract way or in a pragmatic way (depends on mind’s perception).

However, existence of everything is vital not because our existence is indispensable but because, everything move forward from somewhere at least from “Void” which I am going to be discussing now, may be you will enjoy this post because, this post is going to be more complicated rather than trouble-free experience.

  1. So, let’s start with “Nothing” even when time had not it’s existence. Then what you expect from “Everything” ? Assume, you are in a world of “void” where nothing flourishes or expand and even not contract. How’s this experience for you and also for me, think (but please not stressing on your mind as you have become more and more painstaking person in this case). Even sound is not there and you are inside the “transcendental void”. Yes, this experience is not good for anyone.
  2. Nevertheless, we move inside this “void” without hoping for any escaping door then what would you expect from that moment where we are totally doomed . And suddenly, “void” gave birth to uncertain creation and what was that? Is there someone, who tried to reveal or open the doors of “Void” |(I know, you all say It’s Creator, may be) but if He was there at that time then definitely He had different “void” behind “ours”. Yes, I know He is Supreme but there is some other “space” (you definitely consider timeless space, He has) as we generally discussing “He is everlasting and infinite.

Since, from our “Big Bang” we are sure our’s universe has a beginning but we are not sure that in a giant space, creation occur suddenly and is expanding till now? Time is a major factor for inflation but not in a macroscopic level, but in a quantum mechanically. “Void” even has “time” but not ordinary one, as it “creates” time particles. Sounds queer but this is just my assumption on it otherwise you definitely share your views on it, with (yourself).

In my next post, I will discuss “What are time particles?”. Hope, you literally enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Original Source: https://cosmologyexegesis.quora.com/What-is-time-11