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Black Holes: A Meek Pi

A General Summary about the existence of black holes.



What is infinity and is this a ultimate destination for everything? Infinity is the term that is widely use in mathematics, physics, astronomy, cosmology and in many other statistical field. But still our curiosity towards infinity and its some hidden applications become more and more as we are not hiding our presence of mind.

But how infinity assist us to solve our biggest mathematical equations and also understand this chaos is the big challenge for us? First, we have understand infinity is not a physical or non-physical object but is a term widely uses in mathematics and in physics.. One can cancel infinity with infinity and ultimately the consequence is again a infinity. Infinity also assists in many mathematical equations that helps us to solve our ‘Integral’ as well as ‘Differential’ solutions and the infinity is a chapter of “infinite Series”.

However, Infinity is just a perception for our uncertain mind where we all only know about its use but never knows ‘Is there anything beyond infinity’, again it a term not an object so as to perceive its realm but infinity is still a mystery as how limited minds can solve the biggest mystery of nature? Smaller infinities concept was given by “George Ludwig Ferdinand Cantor” where his cardinal numbers showed a difference between “Infinity” and “Smaller Infinity” (described a term “Aleph Null*).

We use term infinity and solve our equations, yet some are unsolvable and some are solvable, but we are sure ‘Infinity’ definitely is not only a term of symbol but a method of medium.

*Aleph Null: is the standard cardinal number of N (Natural Numbers) sometimes called set of  real numbers and the set of cardinality is called “denumerable’.

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Electric Space

# Space creates some different kind of vibrating particles that can never ride onto the surface of universe.

# What we see is a dark space but is this possible space has its own surface (not a fictional concept) where events occur into it?

# The biggest force in nature is “Electrical force” however, this is not the end of the natures realm and there are lots of forces exist in nature.

# Is this possible space itself is a “Electrical” and hence generates electrical forces?

# Is space itself is electrical where every forces synthesis with each other?

# Electrical space does not mean that it is made up of electricity but has some domination on its minimum state. If space is electrical then what is the meaning of electrical forces and where these forces exist?


# Beyond dark space, everything seems to be weird and uncertain.

# Where one cannot reject the pragmatic solution  of “Conservation of Energy”.

# Where electricity is also a major issue and how one relate it with some mysterious kind of forces in nature.

# Is this possible that we have such kind of particles that manifest the different character of space?

# Are we only rely on “Unified Theory” which is still not a complete theory?

# What we observe is really an illusion then what is reality? Is reality also become a part of false perception regarding to journey of space?


# In physical Science,  particles are consider to be small localized objects which can be ascribed several physical or chemical properties such as in volume or mass..

# In a large number of particles realm we have “Statistical System” to count the particles.

# Particles are in various forms and are present everywhere such as in solid, liquid and gases. When we talk about their sizes according with others then we have quantum mechanics microscopic particles macroscopic particles and even more smaller level particles.

# There are composition of a particles known as “Composite Particles” that are made with other particles. We have elementary particles such as quarks, leptons, mesons, muons gluons and many others..

# Particles build up almost everything into the entire universe and hence in space also.

# But why existence needs particles and why there is any need of particles as these are infinite or something still beyond these particles hovering a darkness on some aspects of nature?