Black Holes: A Meek Pi

A black holes, merely we need to adhere its meek realm where one never wants to be there, nonetheless one can be there if listening its sound.

We are not sure, why this kind of entity available in our universe? Is this a void? Or our trap illusion? For instance, we believe this is quite a parallelism and way to another universe, if so, otherwise we are not sure why does its existence become a nightmare for us? Well, black holes are similar like a dark spots on a black paper that doesn’t affect the surface of paper, yet is dubious why these spots are visible even in absurd darkness?

However, since from our beginning of the universe, we live in a world of uncertainty and what we called probability. If we want to understand life, we become suspicious about our own life and never believe on our mind and make mistake simultaneously. Similarly, we are uncertain in case of black holes as they are too uncertain and compel us to think “Can we consider it to be a different entity rather than consider to be one along with universe? ”

Yes, it seems this is like a blunder for our mind as we make mistake again. Whether this statement is correct or wrong depends on its conclusion rather than premise. When we talk about space, our intention towards it become explicit and we want to be pragmatic at least in some cases of black hole’s existence. Black holes are not actually black, a dumb statement but has a potency to rejuvenate our thoughts. Why, I am saying like this? Is there anything beyond black holes? Or black holes itself are time traveling portal?

We know, what we see and observe is an illusion (not confused with Indian or Western Philosophy concept “Maya” translated as “Illusion”) with respect to multi-dimensional vibrating quantum loops that creates quantum strings and then again creates “Fluid-Type Medium” that is responsible for dimensions to be like this (what we called “Topology”). Here, topology is not only the way to understand dimensions in a candid way, so as to define it without any obstacle but is a transformation of quantum strings to move not in a “darkness” but in a flow of fluid that appears for shorter duration. That “Fluid” then re-creates quantum mediums so as to allow the particles to move everywhere like a coordinate behavior of each particles, so as to find their position and direction. Thia “Fluid” appears with the help of higher and lower stable of particles, because they are the basic building block of universe and space then these particles show minimum stability and after some time, they disappear and what we have next “vacuum false state of space”. They are not stable (particles). But this theory what we called it a “Vacuum False Theory” is still in doubt as we are not sure if these particles are not stable then “How could we get an elegant consequence from it (i.e. our own universe)? Question arises, Does our universe needs some stabilize particles to define itself and suddenly gave a birth to mysterious black holes?

Currently, we are unaware of this and not wary such kind of questions because we need experiments and when we endeavor to experiment on black holes, then we become hapless as we have never been there in its hard falsehood. They are something like calculation of Pi, whenever, we want to learn its linguistic proposition we become too uncertain about it, a meek silence and yes, is a darkness because somewhere these black holes are not a part of renaissance but a definition of approximation of value of pi. Black holes are not a turmoil but they are renowned for their incredible existence in space and still approaching for meek silence of pi.

Why value of pi? It’s something interrelated concept, as in each and every concept of approximate value of numbers in pi we have numbers without repetition and what we say “Irrational”. This is something similar like existence of black holes and where black holes are responsible generating “Infinite Series of Numbers”. Although, we can’t consider black holes are just barely a void as somewhere in conglomerate, we find little black holes (mass less than our own star “sun”) a “primordial” black holes depend on mass of the remaining dead stars (Less heavier than our own sun) . But, still we are not sure why stars made such kind of holes that never consider a different entity in space time.

Space time, however is like a “pi” similar like irrational that never repeats its existence, once die never repeat its existence. It’s just similar like calories, where we need to burn our calories every day and this need is beneficial for us because if we depend on repetition then we are not in our true world. Black holes depend on two entities “gravity” and “light” even “gravitational lensing” is the best and possible way to detect “Black holes”.

But why does “Gravity” responsible for black holes to exist? Gravity is still in a books of chaos and we are struggling for their property to find in a candid way. Gravity’s reflection dwells in “Gravitons” and gravitons are a cause that pressurize the external surface of gravity’s particle. Then, what about light? Light becomes trauma for gravity as some particles flee without alarming gravity to work with light’s particles.

Question here is “Are black holes completely depend on gravity or light? ” Still a chaos for us but our current theories are struggling even more as they coincide with concept like “Singularity’. “A cause from where big bang occurred or a cause where black holes exist.” Researchers are endeavoring their best to solve an enigma of existence of black holes but they only find the presence of black holes with the help of “GL” (Gravitational Lensing).

When we coincide gravitational waves with such giant black holes, we have new conspiracy as in case of gravitational waves, we have a ripples factor and in case of black holes they are strong enough to engulf light then gravity here becomes so strong to engulf light and balanced their diet. Then what about waves (especially ripples that produced by the two heavy objects in space like neutron stars)? Are these waves produced ripples with the help of strong gravitational effect or what we observe a strong gravitational field is not a gravitation but a geometry of space that intrinsically behave without defining gravity or light?

Currently, we are not in our golden era where we explicitly understand the chronology of black holes. But, if we want to understand these kind of entities in space time, first we have to be more pragmatic rather than theoretical so as to confined our own limitation of mind.

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Note: This article is all all about existence of space and time is constant here)

When there was nothing,

absolute “zero” what was the future of space that we all are

observing now? Present world is completely depend on technology and we all are

adhering it’s crazy tail. But, when we become our own creator especially from

our mind, we are too curious to know about the existence of space. First, we

heard what is universe and after this we think why does existence of universe

is indispensable, may be this one does not work here (especially on this

article) but literally assist us to solve some logical questions.

However, let’s talk about

space and it’s existence. Space is not only a three dimensional entity where

events, and some other activities occur but also is responsible for

transformation of energy, electricity, gravitational waves, particles and some

other kind of entities. It (space) really compel us to think what is space and

why does it exist? In present world, we are unable to find it’s mystery as some

physicists say this is a “False Vacuum” and some say this is all

about “Virtual Particles”. False Vacuum does not mean space is

nothing but it applies on low minimum energy and hence is not stable. This is

something like two particles that collide with each other and then annihilate

each other without producing / synthesizing third one (Like two sides of a

triangle that is equal to the third one).

Energy in this case is higher

in false vacuum or we say in ground state.

(Note: Ground state here is lowest energy state and is also called zero

point energy)

Although, we have another case

that are “virtual particles”. What are those particles? These

particles are same characteristic like ordinary particles and hence limited by

uncertainty principle. Virtual Particles do not carry same mass and are similar

like real particles and always adhering the conservation law of momentum and


These two cases are

responsible for existence of space (what we called dark space and also we call

it a “dark energy”). Even some physicists believe dark energy is

responsible for existence of universe and everything that contain in it. But,

here we are not sure whether space is infinite or finite.

Perspective from our mind’s

perception, it looks dark everywhere and we all are uncertain about it’s

existence. Here, my motive is not different than other’s theoretical work but

is similar like some kind of pragmatic solutions of puzzling concept.

In the world of technology, we

are still struggling with the concept of existence of space and hence we are

not sure whether we have space for existence or not. But if space exists and we

relate it with our mind’s perception then we have infinite spaces instead of

one (Like super string theory of infinite universes).

(Note: This article is all about hypothetical concepts and content in

it is purely a work of hypothesis)

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What is infinity and is this a ultimate destination for everything? Infinity is the term that is widely use in mathematics, physics, astronomy, cosmology and in many other statistical field. But still our curiosity towards infinity and its some hidden applications become more and more as we are not hiding our presence of mind.

But how infinity assist us to solve our biggest mathematical equations and also understand this chaos is the big challenge for us? First, we have understand infinity is not a physical or non-physical object but is a term widely uses in mathematics and in physics.. One can cancel infinity with infinity and ultimately the consequence is again a infinity. Infinity also assists in many mathematical equations that helps us to solve our ‘Integral’ as well as ‘Differential’ solutions and the infinity is a chapter of “infinite Series”.

However, Infinity is just a perception for our uncertain mind where we all only know about its use but never knows ‘Is there anything beyond infinity’, again it a term not an object so as to perceive its realm but infinity is still a mystery as how limited minds can solve the biggest mystery of nature? Smaller infinities concept was given by “George Ludwig Ferdinand Cantor” where his cardinal numbers showed a difference between “Infinity” and “Smaller Infinity” (described a term “Aleph Null*).

We use term infinity and solve our equations, yet some are unsolvable and some are solvable, but we are sure ‘Infinity’ definitely is not only a term of symbol but a method of medium.

*Aleph Null: is the standard cardinal number of N (Natural Numbers) sometimes called set of  real numbers and the set of cardinality is called “denumerable’.

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Electric Space

# Space creates some different kind of vibrating particles that can never ride onto the surface of universe.

# What we see is a dark space but is this possible space has its own surface (not a fictional concept) where events occur into it?

# The biggest force in nature is “Electrical force” however, this is not the end of the natures realm and there are lots of forces exist in nature.

# Is this possible space itself is a “Electrical” and hence generates electrical forces?

# Is space itself is electrical where every forces synthesis with each other?

# Electrical space does not mean that it is made up of electricity but has some domination on its minimum state. If space is electrical then what is the meaning of electrical forces and where these forces exist?


# Beyond dark space, everything seems to be weird and uncertain.

# Where one cannot reject the pragmatic solution  of “Conservation of Energy”.

# Where electricity is also a major issue and how one relate it with some mysterious kind of forces in nature.

# Is this possible that we have such kind of particles that manifest the different character of space?

# Are we only rely on “Unified Theory” which is still not a complete theory?

# What we observe is really an illusion then what is reality? Is reality also become a part of false perception regarding to journey of space?


# In physical Science,  particles are consider to be small localized objects which can be ascribed several physical or chemical properties such as in volume or mass..

# In a large number of particles realm we have “Statistical System” to count the particles.

# Particles are in various forms and are present everywhere such as in solid, liquid and gases. When we talk about their sizes according with others then we have quantum mechanics microscopic particles macroscopic particles and even more smaller level particles.

# There are composition of a particles known as “Composite Particles” that are made with other particles. We have elementary particles such as quarks, leptons, mesons, muons gluons and many others..

# Particles build up almost everything into the entire universe and hence in space also.

# But why existence needs particles and why there is any need of particles as these are infinite or something still beyond these particles hovering a darkness on some aspects of nature?