Parallelism: (Artificial Mind Or Natural Mind)

In today’s world, our thoughts become so candid for us to think whatever we want to think and there is no bounded limitations that trap us in a small corner, full of mystic darkness. In materialism, we are becoming our own foe. Somewhere, we criticize our technology for this and think this what would happen is not the real destiny for our future generation but are a curse that made by us (a present generation). Although, sometimes, material world exasperate us and sometimes we ourselves become our rivalries especially in case of mind where we scold mind for its (mind-body problem), a way to have emotions, feelings, joy, happiness, thoughts, pain and many other material things.

In this article, I am discussing about parallelism about mind which means, mind really needs artificial or material parallelism. First, we have to wary about the world of immortality that never ends (sounds like we are our self creator). Immortality never define itself, it expands without alarming others because we need immortality not immortality needs us. Why I discuss this short essence and what is the motive behind this essence? Immortality connects with some of our basic aspects of mind as thoughts inside our mind are always well defined as there is no need to be self-centered because mind is well defined object that perceive things and then implement on these things, no matters how many tasks you have, mind do it explicitly. But, when in case of imagination we have a little immortality that makes us alive in a world of darkness and it (imagination) assists us to flow everywhere even in a flock of weird stars.

(Note: Here immortality does not mean, one never dies but this is a definition related to our mind’s limits)

Well, this kind of immortality is vary according to some mathematical laws ( at least for some laws that binds our own universe). But, how is this possible mathematical laws vary according to immortality and vice-versa? You can find this surreal reason in our profound mystery of space time. We know space time is interrelated with each other and there is nothing that argue, space time is independent concept rather than dependent. As you observe here, space time is a mathematical proposition where everything reside even time flows according to space and space has its right path according to time. But, here space time is a unique or say a singular perception for us because beyond this we know something exists but what, we don’t know. However, this perception leads us on the path of immortality where we think whether we know, we don’t have sufficient experiments or proof about existence of something beyond space but we imagine according to immortality that already defined according to space or something that exists beyond space and this all happens with the help of mind. If so, will happen in near future.  

(Note: Everything in this entire space or in universe is well defined)

Above statement manifests, how mind and space is different concept but work exactly like time and space, nevertheless, a transformation of information and quantum medium. Here an excerpt, “What you think, you become”, this is the common perception by various Philosophers, Saints, Peoples and many of us also believe on this perception.

But, what exactly this perception / statement tries to describe is our basic understanding about space time and our own destination we build, whatsoever, we have in our life-like material things and some material happiness but still we feel, we are not secure because our mind have never this kind of information at that time, perhaps as your fortunate is responsible for this or your charming stars depends on your material environment. Parallelism, however, defines how one is dependent on space time with respect to your mind as there is no time for us (and some of us still believe time never exists) but for space it a medium not its buddy-tail.

This all is parallelism that shatters our mind somewhere, but somewhere it cherished our world with some little joy and fruitful journey of life that never ever ends.


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Two Legends Begin a Journey

(Day and month both are same and two legends are meeting with each other and will solve the mystery of next universe)


Quantum Suicide

This post is not only bewildering your mind, but also compels you to think on nature’s biggest and deepest mystery that still is perplexing our minds.

The title of this post is “Quantum Suicide” but don’t worry this is not going to be “real suicide” but hold your brain with your shimmering vibes.

First, we have to understand what is “Quantum Suicide?” Quantum Suicide was first given by “Hans Moravec”. and also Bruno Marchal in 1988. The “Quantum Suicide” is an thought experiment concept. It is further independently developed by “Max Tegmark” in 1998. This concept is also distinguish between “Everett Many Worlds Interpretation” and also with Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. 

Quantum Suicide thought experiment is much similar like Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment and also manifests the “many world interpretation”. In “Quantum Suicide”, the experiment apparatus is same as in Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment where we take a box and cat is inside the box then there is 50-50 chances / probability of cat to be alive or dead. Here, Quantum Suicide is also known as “Quantum Immortality” which means you never die and you are immoral. Is this true? Let’s see.

Imagine a box and I am inside this box (fully covered box) and inside the box, I am  along with nuclear bomb that is going to be exploded and I measures the time (that explodes) every seconds (watch inside the box). Every seconds pass, I am alive Suppose seconds pass for 100 times, I am alive. In this process, we have two directions “Clockwise” and “Anti clock wise”. In the first appearance, I am in clockwise direction of time. Now, time moves anti clock  wise direction this nuclear bomb explodes and I am dead. As generally, we think so but this is not at the time of my death I am still  alive not in our universe but somewhere as universe splits and it will split forever. Yet, this is a thought experiment so why we are unable to find this practically. I know, you might bewilder with this concept. But you only remember, suppose you are thinking that I am going to be jump from tall building, at the time when you think (In one universe you jumps and you dead, but in other this does not happen as you are not jump from tall building and you still alive). This is something like an “Identical Images” of universe.

However, in this thought experiment we are facing many criticism as, is this really exist if many world theory exist)? and what will happen to that person that is going to be dead or alive? I will discuss this in my next post. Hope you literally enjoy this. Thanks!

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What is time?

In this chapter I will discuss how “Linearity of time” works? Linearity of time works both in forward and backward direction, no matters which one direction time has. Linearity of time purely depends on structure of space (don’t get confused with geometry of space) where it assists time to present in every direction rather than one and this is simultaneously. It is both scalar as well as vector quantity instead of saying “vector”.

It is something like a “magnetic lines” when we observe in a field of magnets such kind of an excerpt is north and south poles of earth where magnetic fields assist our planet from solar radiations and it’s visible picture is not confirm but it is just like a curves that generate from both the poles (north pole and south pole). If one considers that there is no magnetic field generate on north pole or not on south pole then we are in danger to face a harmful solar radiations from sun. Similar case is in linearity of time that assists time to move in both directions and hence create individual fields that also assist time’s uniformity.

In my previous chapter, I discussed time is “medium” and is particular field that moves everywhere just like a magnetic lines and then it depends on structure of space as we observe outside our planet earth. It’s structure is different and hence contains lots of stuff and there is no matter which kind of field it have. However, time seems to be like a “Lines” and these “Lines” associate with space and then allows it to move according to it (time) similar like “space time” but yet, we are not strict here because we are unable to answer “which is that thing that compels time to order space to move in certain way as it generally moves or bends?” We become more rational then after this, we will left with uncertainty.

In my next chapter, I will discuss why time is interrelated with space? Thanks.

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Space time

What is time?

In this post, I will try my best to show how time is interrelated with space? I know, we are familiar with the space time concept (introduced by Sir Albert Einstein) and how space time works, everyone know. But we are not sure, why this happen as Legendary, Physicist Albert Einstein described how space allows time to move and time allows space to bend. We are still struggling why this happen and why space allows time to move (as both these two entities are one, not different).

However, space time is single entity and there is nothing that connects these two entities, is this? May be, answer is in “quantum entanglement” where information is indispensable and we observe a magic like situation, which is not (not discuss in this post, will discuss in next post). Space time, creates higher number of dimensional fields that assist both these entities to connect like a “Liquid Fabric of Space” which means it has higher number of possibilities to connect with “Itself” (Space). From “Liquid Fabric of Space” there is no time because space, itself is in a form of time and hence space describes how it (space) moves and balances it’s both (vector and scalar field). Space is time, in the sense it is a medium that is assisting by “Liquid Fabric of Space”.

“Liquid Fabric of Space manifests how space behaves in “quantum mechanically and how it moves (as we consider “time”)? This is something like one dimensional line in a circle that manifests three dimensional pattern of a circle. Yet, this is difficult to understand how space behaves in “Liquid Fabric of Space” but this is sure that it is like a “Quanta Particles of Light” which we called “Photons”. The detail of the previous statement is not easy to explain, but will try to explain clearly in my next post.

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Space time