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Is Relativity Solve The Mystery of Dark Space?

# General and Special Relativity are one of the building blocks in Physics.

# Albert Einstein described these two strong concepts in physics as well as in nature.

# He relate space with time and consider a unique entity i.e. one.

# According to him, curvature of space time bends and is the real factor behind the  gravity’s concept as said by Sir Issac Newton (why objects fall onto the surface of earth).

# He also worked on “Theory on Everything” but at that time he was not best with his health and never complete this problem.

# But is relativity is sufficient source for conscious beings to understand dark space and hence has able to understand why space is relative with matter instead of the concept “Itself”?

# Is gravity a part of dark space where everything seems like a crunchy matter and what the matter did to unfold its geometry?

# Is relativity define how space does not exist as it quantum mechanically conflict with general relativity and always opposes the special relativity?

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# Aristotle was a Greek Philosopher and Scientist born on 384 BC.

# He consider the versatile person as his writing includes physics, metaphysics, logic, biology, zoology, ethics, poetry, aesthetics, theater, music, linguistic, politics, government and constitute the first comprehensive system of Western Philosophy.

# He received his education in Plato’s Academy at the age of seventeen.

# His contribution in physics was there is five elements fire, water, air, earth and aether (which he called a divine substance that makes up the heavenly spheres).

# In Metaphysics, he consider Metaphysics “knowledge of immaterial being” or “of being ion the highest degree of abstraction”.

# He also gave his theory on “Dreams” where sensation is involved but in an altered manner than when awake”.

# The medieval English poet Chaucer describes his student as being happy by having

at his beddes heed
Twenty bookes, clad in blak or reed,
Of aristotle and his philosophie,

The Italian poet Dante says of Aristotle in the first Circles of hell,

vidi ‘l maestro di color che sanno
seder tra filosofica famiglia.
Tutti lo miran, tutti onor li fanno:
quivi vid’ïo Socrate e Platone
che ‘nnanzi a li altri più presso li stanno;

I saw the Master there of those who know,
Amid the philosophic family,
By all admired, and by all reverenced;
There Plato too I saw, and Socrates,
Who stood beside him closer than the rest.
—Dante, L’Inferno (Hell), Canto IV. Lines 131–135

# He was / is consider best thinker and philosopher of all time in a history of all subjects.


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# Marie Sklodowska Curie was born on 7 November 1867 in Warsaw (Poland).

# She was / is consider as the greatest Physicist and Chemist of all time which she was mostly popular with his great research on “Radioactivity”.

# She was the first woman in history to win a Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry and also the only women who win a Nobel Prize twice.

# She was also the first woman to become a professor at University of Paris.

# She discovered the first chemical element that is “polonium”.

# She was known for her modesty and moderate life style.

# She was / is a inspiration for every women to look beyond parochial minds and create a world what you want to be.

# She died on 4 July 1934 but she will remain forever in a womb of nature.

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# James Clerk Maxwell was born on 13 June 1831. He was best known for his Mathematical contribution in Physics.

# He formulated the classical theory of electromagnetism radiation.

# He combined the electricity, magnetism and light and later called as “Maxwell Equations”.

# His equations regarded as the “Second Greatest Unification in Physics” after Sir Issac Newton.

# He also contribute in “Kinetic Theory of Gases” generally known as Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution.

# He was the founder of the Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

# Without Micheal Faraday, his equations never combined the electricity, light and magnetism. He was the first who understood Faraday’s electromagnetism for which he waited for 15 years (Michael Faraday).

# Still his equations are so elegant that compel us to think why he was / is the magician of mystical nature.

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# He was one of the influential physicist of all time.

# He was one of the greatest mathematician of all time.
# Yet he was a son of a farmer but his dedication towards science is unbelievable and eternal.
# Build one of the strong foundation of “Calculus” with G.W. Leibniz (Mathematician).
# Criticism also reflects on his image as he was not contribute in “Calculus” as most of the work on Calculus was “G.W.Leibniz” but from all these he was / is the legend of all time.