Can we relate “Quantum” with void space? Is this possible space itself creates some uncertain kind of force that manifests the darkness of space?

Universe manifests how space expands its verges it does not matter how universe expands or is it really contracting instead of expanding? The acceleration of space accelerates the expansion of universe as every force in space compels the acceleration of universe.
Why we observe universe in this way where nothing is observable as space entangles itself and no one can recognize its verges and even cannot understand what the actual behavior of space is?
This seems we are looking for uncertainty where nothing happens and what we want is only a shattered door even one opens this door and enter into the room he / she exists somewhere in philosophical world from where space bifurcate one’s journey into its uncertain womb. What is beyond space and what if space never existed as we observe as this is our illusion or space itself compel us to think mathematically rather philosophically.


Sometimes our mind compels us to think why there is any need of space and is space indispensable?

Even we cannot give an exact definition of space and is space follows the Newtonian Physics? Space is something like a fabric as said by Physicist Albert Einstein. But is this sufficient for us to rely on fabric of space time? Quantum Entanglement however, describes why space is uncertain where information is not fixed and it transfer from one place to another even in particles.
Albert Einstein’s one of the bizarre was what if moon that lies behind the person’s into the sky, is not there and when person looks behind and what he / she sees that the moon is there without any disappearance? This paradox looks like a fictional story but he believed in “Spooky Action”.
These paradoxes give a birth to quantum entanglement and we are in a world of entanglement. But still we are uncertain that this entanglement applies on space or not. Universe and everything into this entire universe follow the entanglement property but for space we are in doubt as something is different and new for space may be something different that contradicts the entanglement concept. Yes, entanglement is applicable on particles but what if there exists no particle beyond space or space itself are different entity then what will happen?
In next chapter, I will discuss the different property of space and hence its symmetry.


This chapter is not based on how things behave in theoretical way but manifests how things are pragmatic rather than theoretical.

Science lets us to understand the facts about nature and how it works is its main characteristics. But one cannot rely on its theoretical part as one has to become a pragmatic rather than working on theories. Are theories important than experiment?
This conversation leads us in a world of inference where one cannot believe on inference and hence believe on perceptions but perception itself has inference so why one cannot rely much on inference? This is something like a probabilities and what we apply these probabilities on dark space where we only consider it (space) a frame or an event. This is same as one is in a web of uncertain conversation as theoretically we are clearer or pragmatically we are clearer to understand about nature’s journey.

Space according to Albert Einstein is like a fabric where it behaves like a ripples as we observe when we throw a stone / pebble into ocean (not only ocean anything that contains water). But no one is fully understand the concept of space because yet it is void and imaginary but plays a vital role in a geometry of a things as space is a big geometry that operates its smaller geometries like a branches of a giant tree.

However, space is not only the concentration of virtual particles but is something that has similar laws like our universe has but behaves opposite to it (universe). I next chapter, I will discuss what exactly space is and is there is any relation between it (space) and entanglement?