Century of Higgs Boson

Higgs Boson’s World of Elementary Particles.


What is time?

Space, why we need space? And why time integrates with space to give a birth of unimaginable space time? But, are we sure this is too weird or just an imagination of our mind? In this post, I will discuss “Space”, not matter yes this seems like queer but this is. However, let’s start with […]

What is time?

This post is all about that “Field” that has never be detected and yet is a hypothetical concept. This kind of “Field” is particularly describe with structure of space and yes it it related with every laws and principles. This “Field” is almost like a probability and what it’s best essence on space is, it applies […]


# Max Born was a German Physicist and Mathematician who has a vital role in developing “Quantum Mechanics and born on 11 December 1882, Germany. # His contribution was also in “Solid State Physics” and “Optics” and won a Nobel Prize in 1954 for his contribution in Physics. # He is best known for his […]


#Quantum World that is “Quantum Mechanics” also known as “Quantum Physics” or “Quantum Theory”. # In Classical Physics, quantum mechanics only validated to macroscopic levels. # But quantum mechanics differs from classical physics, according to quantum mechanics energy, momentum and restricted to other discrete values. # Quantum mechanics rose with the rose of a Max […]


# Time Traveling concept first appeared in H.G.Wells Novel “Time Machine” in 1895. # In General Relativity and Special Relativity, it is possible to TRAVEL FORWARD IN TIME. # In Quantum Mechanics and Wormholes one can travel through time (i.e. medium) and known as Einstein -Rosen Bridge. # In Special and General Relativity, geometries of […]