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What is time?

Void or Time Particles? Which one is going to be trouble-free journey of space? Well not sure, but this is definitely give little strain in our mind, don’t worry this one definitely make you more curious about realm of space. Let’s start with “Void”.

As we know, void is nothing, which means what we observe or see is just a darkness of giant mirror (at least our narrow abstract). We all observe a darkness everywhere something like “Black” which I am going to discuss in this post. From my previous post, I said about “Time Particles” these particles are responsible for everything in the entire universe and even applicable on space (that is darkness). But what exactly are “Time Particles”?

  1. Time particles integrate with space (darkness) and give birth to “Non-Uniform” universe. But we are not sure “Why this happen and why these particles integrate with space?” Reason is in deep root of space where we say “nothing” exists there, but this is not. We are wrong with this “Nothing” concept.
  2. In recent theories, some physicists believe there is some kind of energy everywhere inside this darkness and the cause and existence of the universe utterly came in it’s existence with the help of this darkness, which sounds good but not so quite. Here, we find something uncertain but what is that? I am sure this, this is existence of space (darkness). If we think space is responsible for everything and hence we create a different theory on it, i.e. we say space creates bubble somewhere inside it’s giant inflation (according to physicists, in recent theories) then we are wrong.
  3. Because, we know space (darkness)is not infinite, it has it’s limit and also it has certain energy and radiations which can never be infinite. Then, can we say space “itself” is “time” and synthesis of particles that integrate to form a “Time Particles”? May be, but if this is, then we are not in individual space (darkness). After this (space) we have something different concept (beyond laws of physics and even mathematics).

However, there are lots of inflation theories whether it is apply on the universe or apply on space. But this is sure there is nothing which is infinite and we all are facing a “Multi-Space” concept where inflation is not linear (as I said in my second post) but is in form of “self space” which means these spaces are not necessary for matter but for “itself”.

In my next post, I will discuss about these kind of “spaces”. Hope, you understand this post clearly. Thanks!

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Space time (Mirror of Darkness)

# We know space time itself create a medium for everything whether it is universe, galaxies, stars, planets and many other things into it (space).

# But we forget why time (that is medium) exists and why it moves as there is no reason for its acceleration?

# Is time really moves or is a myth as it already exists without separating anything?

# Is time defines the well defined geometry of universe so as to create certain mediums for universe?

# Is time a medium for objects and hence space time relatively forms “Accelerated Particles”?

# Space time is not the ultimate destination for particles, this is a platform where everything resides but never cross their limits.


Sometimes our mind compels us to think why there is any need of space and is space indispensable?

Even we cannot give an exact definition of space and is space follows the Newtonian Physics? Space is something like a fabric as said by Physicist Albert Einstein. But is this sufficient for us to rely on fabric of space time? Quantum Entanglement however, describes why space is uncertain where information is not fixed and it transfer from one place to another even in particles.
Albert Einstein’s one of the bizarre was what if moon that lies behind the person’s into the sky, is not there and when person looks behind and what he / she sees that the moon is there without any disappearance? This paradox looks like a fictional story but he believed in “Spooky Action”.
These paradoxes give a birth to quantum entanglement and we are in a world of entanglement. But still we are uncertain that this entanglement applies on space or not. Universe and everything into this entire universe follow the entanglement property but for space we are in doubt as something is different and new for space may be something different that contradicts the entanglement concept. Yes, entanglement is applicable on particles but what if there exists no particle beyond space or space itself are different entity then what will happen?
In next chapter, I will discuss the different property of space and hence its symmetry.