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What is time?

From my previous post, I described why “Field” is indispensable for structure or geometry of space? But now, in this chapter I will discuss about that “Field” which has hard impact on geometry of space.

Geometry of space is not visible which means it is something like a “Dark Matter” it exists but we had never see it. Space is individual entity, not merge with time but both these two entities work simultaneously, how? Reason is in “Space Lines” these “Lines” assist space to move according with it’s own inflation (certain inflation) and we have to remember that space is not “Static” but it expands dep

ending on how much matter it contains.

However, “Space Lines” are responsible for space to expand without any “time” because there is no time at that moment as space expands due to it’s geometrical behavior. Even space needs enough matter to have change in it’s geometrical behavior. “Fields’’ are associated with “Space Lines” and are responsible for “Individual Fields” that generate higher and lower dimensions (depends on exact geometry).

Geometry is not only the reason behind space but some weird particles are also responsible for existence of space because, beyond space we have a “definite geometry” that never alters and is fixed. But here some uncertainties still occur “Why these geometries are fixed?”

I will discuss in my next post. Thanks!

Space time

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Original Source: https://cosmologyexegesis.quora.com/What-is-time-6