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Tiny Space

What is space and why space is indispensable for itself? Is this only a wrong perception or an uncertain entity? Some questions remain hidden in a boundary less entity where composition of a space is neither created nor destroyed. But question arises why we stop our thinking and why we restrict ourselves in a shed of weird world?

Title of this topic is “Tiny Space” that means space is not only the unique entity which can be treated as boundary less and hence consider it a unattainable perception. But space is not self defined or is defined on the basis of some other kind of entity that exists beyond space may be eternal space.

Thoughts become too parochial when we think space is a destination for “Self” and “Nothing” and generally we stop our thinking so as to describe space a non-physical entity. What if space is not made up of energy or electromagnetic force and hence it is something that manifests the reality of nothing?

However, perception never be wrong until we create something creative and different environment and hence develop a better understanding related to space perception. If we understand space perception then we will able to understand nature, may be not completely but understand in a learning way.

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Undefined Space

We know space is self created entity where nothing seems to emerge into single entity whatever one creates a different region in space time (i.e. space lower and higher regions) and something different that can’t be realize without proper perception.

However, space is not an event but manifests how event’s presence create something mysterious that never can be reached at its highest peak. Whenever when uses his / her mind to think what exactly space is and why it exists? No one answer, but still one is interested in space mysterious creation? In what way space created in past time and why space existence is so indispensable for consciousness? Is space a eternal entity or is a undefined entity?

We are still in chaos why everything exist? As, this is not a logical question but a philosophical one. Hologram, Logic and Philosophy quiet is a concept of “Self”. This is not that kind of “Self” that only manifests how space confirms its existence without knowing exact cognition and hence left a chaotic inference for conscious entities.

Space is what it never reveals its destiny but try to define why it exists without belies itself?

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One Dimensional Space

What space is and why it exists? Reasons are many but we find ourselves in a confined web where our freedom looks like a parochial thoughts where one repeatedly asking to himself  / himself why space is black rather than having any other color?

First, we shall describe how space manifolds itself and how space creates small manifolds listed below:

1. Space is one dimensional in structure like one dimensional plate.

2. Space is like a disc i.e. one dimensional where one can only observe current position (his / her own current position).

3. Space is concentric rather than multiple and there exists odd and even concentric space.

4. Space itself is a confined concentric disc, where there is no restriction on its verges (i.e. space boundaries).

In the above points, there are different ways on which space adheres its behavior. Why existence of space is so indispensable and why it exists is still a mystery because it is something like a small droplet in giant ocean and why small droplet exists is a deepest question?

(Space Science)


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“Self” In Nothing

Where everything shattered and where nothing merge and however space nevertheless a uniformity of space is always residing onto white papers where one only left with some mystical nature of space.

“Self” itself is a chain reaction or is a untamed reaction. Existence of life never shattered the realism of “Self” because “Self” is not individual as it exists in every corner of the dark space and hence has some common perception that never changes the part of mystical space whatsoever one wants to hide the space geometry.

Geometry is something like a “Self” where nothing seems to be unimaginable because one has to understand why “Self” exists and why there is any importance of “Self”? Nothing is a different concept and there is no relation between “Self” and “Nothing”. The reasons are many, but one of these is “Nothing” never has a cause instead of saying it is associated with “Self” and “Self” on the other hand has a cause and is associated with “Nothing”.

What we observe is completely dark and there will be no hope if we deject the “Self” concept. However, many religion rejected the concept of “Self” but still it is a part of science and science makes it without any hindrance and without any non-scientific approach.


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Why Creator Needs Space?

# Sometimes we are curious to know why creator needs space or even space needs creator?

# Is there something that exists beyond these two entities?

# Why creator needs space and why space is dark instead of having any flavoring color?

# Is darkness is next to enlighten itself? This seems like a irrelevant concept but still persists when our perception wants to go inside its (space) core.

# Is this possible creator needs space instead of space needs creator?

# If so, then where is the end of space and where one starts his / her beginning?

# Are we are in a world of creator or in a world of uncertain darkness?

# This seems nothing is cherished into world of chaos where absurdities never lets ones dream.

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Perception Vs Space

# Is this possible we have only perception that relates with the dark space?

# Is perception assists us to open the new doors for us to solve the mystery of dark space?

# Are we becoming more and more philosophical rather than pragmatic?

# Space is  that entity where one cannot define the actual laws and apply on it (space).

# Space itself is a “Self” where nothing appears to be an event but an event for others.

# Can perception demolishes the realm of space?

# Is this possible space only needs perceptional concept rather than mathematical?

# What if space itself is that entity who never learns anything without having “Self” cognition?

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Space time (Mirror of Darkness)

# We know space time itself create a medium for everything whether it is universe, galaxies, stars, planets and many other things into it (space).

# But we forget why time (that is medium) exists and why it moves as there is no reason for its acceleration?

# Is time really moves or is a myth as it already exists without separating anything?

# Is time defines the well defined geometry of universe so as to create certain mediums for universe?

# Is time a medium for objects and hence space time relatively forms “Accelerated Particles”?

# Space time is not the ultimate destination for particles, this is a platform where everything resides but never cross their limits.

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Is Space A Concentric Matrix?

# Is space a concentric matrix and is this possible space has its own image that never be curve or flat?

# Space yet has no boundaries as there is no possibility to determine the space as there are lots of critics behind it.

# First we have space that has no boundary.

# Second is space itself is a “Self” and hence never began or end.

# Third space is not three dimensional or one dimensional as it is concentric that acts accord with the mathematical analysis.

# But what exactly space is a concentric where some space are in higher dimensional level whereas some are in lower dimensional level.

# Where is beginning and where is end confined our thoughts because ultimate reality provokes our pure cognition.

# Space is neither a dimensional concept nor any kind of perception, this is something like a “Self” without having any well defined “Self”.

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Is Space A Condense Particle?

# We know space is not attainable and hence is not to determine its reality.

# Our perception falls down when “Dark Space” creates uncertainty between objects and space itself.

# Why space is uncertain and why it creates some kind of undefined probability?

# Beyond the probability, uncertainty, chaos, weird as these words are nothing to manifest the space actual existence. We rely on these because we can’t go beyond these words.

# What if space is a like a tiny condense particle where our measurements become too short for observing space?

# Can we envisaging that space is not infinite rather than a condense particle where there is end but there is no beginning?

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Is Infinity Exist In Singularity?

# Our perception towards singularity is always create little curiosity in uncertain mind.

# From “Black holes” to “Wormholes” we are curious about singularity and how it behaves?

# Singularity is that region where there exists infinite dense region and from where nothing come back as one fall into it.

# But is this possible perception towards infinity exists in singularity where there is no concept of beginning and however one has to think what actual infinity is?

# Is infinity a perception about smaller beginning where nothing can be observe instead of saying there is no end?

# This is exactly like a “George Cantor” infinity concept where there are smaller and larger infinities.

# Is infinity a part of singularity where “speed of light” travels like a moving turtle?

# Is this possible singularity is not a region but a smaller infinities and these singularity exist everywhere?

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Parallel Space

# In Multiverse concept or better to say M-theory there is a possibility of more than one universe and there exists infinite universes.

# But one cannot be sure to explain the same laws that are applicable on our universe will applicable on other universes.

# Each universe has their own laws and functioning according to their laws and principles.

# But where these universes exists as they universes need space to exist whether these are infinite or not?

# We say “Space” whether dependent on matter or not (inflation of matter within space) is a reason for existence of universe.

# But is there only a “Static Space” where each universes exist without inflating space verges?

# What if space itself is not a single entity as there are infinite spaces?

# But what exists beyond the ultimate space will never be achievable because ” End of the dark space is just a beginning for observer”.

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Space Without Creator

# What if space exists without creator and what if mathematics even failed to give a chance for its existence?

# Is space only a entity or just a stuff for other matters like universe, galaxies, planets, stars, asteroids, meteorites, and many other things into space?

# Is space came into its existence without any creator and also without any cause?

# If there is no cause for dark space then God even is in uncertainty to find the real truth behind dark space?

# How one imagines space without any cause as there are lots of stuff inside it?

# Then there is another possibility for space existence and that is “Probability” where there are lots of chances for space to exist but probability even cannot solve the problem of its existence why, why, why, why, why, why, why space needs existence even if it confirms its uncertain existence.

# Space still is a mystery because no one knows, is space a creation or space is a existence what differs the most is the relationship between “Existence” and “Creation” because it is difficult to envisaging who came first along with space “Existence” or “Creation”?

# Space is definitely a perception about nothing but sometimes seems like a perception of bounded verges, but one thing is sure space is “what it never defines itself until one reveals its core”.

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Electric Space

# Space creates some different kind of vibrating particles that can never ride onto the surface of universe.

# What we see is a dark space but is this possible space has its own surface (not a fictional concept) where events occur into it?

# The biggest force in nature is “Electrical force” however, this is not the end of the natures realm and there are lots of forces exist in nature.

# Is this possible space itself is a “Electrical” and hence generates electrical forces?

# Is space itself is electrical where every forces synthesis with each other?

# Electrical space does not mean that it is made up of electricity but has some domination on its minimum state. If space is electrical then what is the meaning of electrical forces and where these forces exist?

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Why Space needs Space?

# Yes, you are right what I am trying to say. Is space needs space?

# This question not only give us the proper cognition about space but an uncertainty about space existence.

# But question is where space exists? Is space a inference of some weird perception or is just a verges without any bounded surface?

# Is this possible for space to create its own image or it (space) itself creates infinite spaces?

# Can we imagine something beyond dark space?

# But one thing is sure, space is not only a perception about inference but is based on “Odd and Even Numbers”.

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Is Space A Matrix?

# Is space a matrix?

# Is it defines the universal laws without define its verges?

# Is it create a undefined force with the help of “Complex Numbers”?

# Is space only build with matrix transformation where one can find the missing numbers?

# Space itself is an “Event” where it perform its action so as to create mediums.

# It is just like a “Matrix Dimension” where numbers are still waited for their actual reference.

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Is Relativity Solve The Mystery of Dark Space?

# General and Special Relativity are one of the building blocks in Physics.

# Albert Einstein described these two strong concepts in physics as well as in nature.

# He relate space with time and consider a unique entity i.e. one.

# According to him, curvature of space time bends and is the real factor behind the  gravity’s concept as said by Sir Issac Newton (why objects fall onto the surface of earth).

# He also worked on “Theory on Everything” but at that time he was not best with his health and never complete this problem.

# But is relativity is sufficient source for conscious beings to understand dark space and hence has able to understand why space is relative with matter instead of the concept “Itself”?

# Is gravity a part of dark space where everything seems like a crunchy matter and what the matter did to unfold its geometry?

# Is relativity define how space does not exist as it quantum mechanically conflict with general relativity and always opposes the special relativity?

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# Beyond dark space, everything seems to be weird and uncertain.

# Where one cannot reject the pragmatic solution  of “Conservation of Energy”.

# Where electricity is also a major issue and how one relate it with some mysterious kind of forces in nature.

# Is this possible that we have such kind of particles that manifest the different character of space?

# Are we only rely on “Unified Theory” which is still not a complete theory?

# What we observe is really an illusion then what is reality? Is reality also become a part of false perception regarding to journey of space?

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Self Or Not?

# Is space a singular entity?

# Is space itself considers to be unique and nothing else beyond it?

# Is space a creation of “Self” or it is a birth of “eternal” world?

# What if one consider space to be a tiny particle instead of saying infinite entity?

# Is space a regular entity where nothing annihilate and everything in it accelerates without disturbing its “continuous structure”?

# Is we consider space a unique entity then compare to other space (assume) then what will happen? We have other space then other, then other and so on?

# Is this possible to have a parallel space just like a parallel universe?

# Is space just a entity where events occur and nothing exists beyond it?

# Whatever our perception is. But one thing is clear there is no other option that describes space into different realities without questioning to your mind.