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In this chapter-XV, I discuss about the “Gravity’s Particles” and hence their interaction with the some kind of weird uncertain particles. As we know “Uncertainty Principle” applies on microscopic world and one cannot determine particles position and velocity simultaneously. But in this chapter, this uncertainty really happens in some stronger region in space such as “Black Holes”, “Wormholes”, White Holes”, “Quantum Fluctuations”?  This creates some difference between uncertainty and its actual meaning.


Gravity’s particles that have stronger field create stronger impact in space and particles that exists at that time are “microscopic” then these particles come in contact with gravity’s particles (that is space itself) and these particles (that is other particles) synthesize with gravity’s particles and what will happen (only a excerpt). One says that other particles slow down their velocity but at that same time are these particles also slow down their position? Yes, of course these particles are able to do this and hence produce some “Low space field” where these particles are able to slow down their position as well as velocity. This case exists also in “Uncertainty Principle” but question is at that point when particle accelerates its velocity and hence at that time it alters its position then this is difficult for us to determine this process. But in case of “stronger field of gravity” what will happen? Is this particle survive for some time to extends its own created field or associate with the space particles so as to create some uncertainties.


This means  “space particles”  are responsible for uncertainty and one has to understand “space particles” to understand the particles presence simultaneously. This assists us to open the doors of “quantum uncertainty” and develop a better quantum world. In next chapter, I will discuss about “space particles” and its aspects on uncertainty.

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In this chapter-XIV, I discuss on “Uncertainty Principle” and why this principle is so uncertain that no one find the exact definition of this principle. This principles describes how particles are uncertain whether it is wave also.


But this principle applies for microscopic world, not for macroscopic world. Every particles in this entire universe are uncertain whether these particles are in form of wave or as a light’s particles.  Uncertainty happens like a complex geometry of space. Uncertainty does not mean “instability of particles” but our “quantum sense” cannot measure this and ultimately one cannot determine the particle’s velocity and position. This is not accurate for us but is more accurate for every particles those interact with each other. There are so many reasons that assists the “quantum behavior of these particles”.


Uncertainty arise when very small particles travel through medium and hence one is unable to determine its velocity and position. Yes, one will able to determine velocity at one time but not position at that time and similar for determining the position but unable to determine velocity. Only need for this principle is for “Microscopic world” not for “”Macroscopic world”. But question arises, if we determine the velocity and position of the particle simultaneously then what will happen? Can we able to understand the chaos theory of light’s particles or we are able to find the exact and creative definition of light’s velocity until one finds his opinion on “Particles into Black Holes”? I mentioned the term “Black Hole” that means gravity is sufficient for causing the particles real certainty and hence determine the lowest possibility of particles.

Is there something that hides the real nature of “uncertainty” and consider this principle as a “universal and accurate”? In next chapter, I will discuss about the “gravity’s particles” and their interaction with some weird uncertainty.

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In this chapter-XIV, I discuss on “Creator” and is there any need of individual creator for individual space?

In this chapter-XIV, I discuss why there is any need of spaces and who creates these spaces?
In all these previous chapters there is one similarity that is who creates everything and who is responsible for space creation and why? We emphasis on some aspects that are responsible for everything not a “theory of everything” but understand like a learner. We know everything is not the end of the anything and one has to understand like a small particles that exists everywhere as this does not mean these particles are create infinite journey but travels like a traveler.
Our motive is not to attain everything like a mountaineer but understand nature’s laws that itself is a “Giant Law” and also understand these laws clearly so as to know about the “mystic dice” played by nature. However, space that we all observe is like a confined ball where entire stuff confined with its limit even light’s particles also. One imagine there exists “Infinite Universes” (i.e. parallel universes) and there exists many dimensions in each universes and some dimensions are the portal for these universes so as to enter into these universes. Our thoughts stop when we think about darkness i.e. “Black Space” and what after this we are unable to think about its weakness or strength. Sometimes creator is the best option for our mind who creates everything (May be everything) because darkness never defeat a ray of hope that is hope of light. There are “Infinite Spaces” that manifest the each creator in each space, this seems like an uncertain and weird concept but laws are different everywhere even “Creator” resides where there is individual space for His existence.

Everything and Nothing both these two words are unattainable and never attainable but one understand like a traveler and as a learner in his entire life.

–Not The End–
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In this chapter-XIII, I discuss on “Uncertainty Principle” and relate it with “Space Particles”.

In this chapter-XIII, I discuss on “Probable Space” yet this concept is entirely based on philosophy but defines the some key aspects about space and hence this concept is associated with “Space Probability”. This concept even fails in theoretical formation of philosophy. The reason is probability justifies many things in entire universe but for space it is something like a weird concept and one never rely what will happen on other side of that “probability” where space is moving with its enormous velocity.

Even one cannot find that kind of velocity because there exists “Time Dilation” between observer and space and even for universe. But it never accelerates or inflates. Space is different kind of entity where “space particles” are responsible for carrying some uncertain particles. These uncertain particles are nothing but a creation from “space particles” and hence it is possible to understand what is space and find its uncertainty.

However, in “Werner Heisenberg” Uncertainty Principle where he described it is not possible for observer to measure both the momentum and position of the particle simultaneously. If one determines velocity he / she will unable to find momentum and if one determines the momentum he / she will unable to determine velocity. Uncertainty occurs due to some unsatisfactory results. But uncertainty can be determined if one understands how space treats with every particles that never stabilize themselves. In next chapter, I will discuss how “Uncertain Particles” are responsible for undetermined results.

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Chapter- XIII

In this chapter-XIII, I discuss about some key aspects of geometrical and consciousness behavior of nature.

“Geometrical Behavior” of space is always a key factor in representing how space behaves into. I use the term “into” that means space is not limited as there are many spaces where entire creation is confined and this is something like a fluctuating entities that produces vibrations and however creates some bigger regions in between every spaces.

The difference in between every spaces does not mean there is some kind of another space but there exists uncertain forces in between all spaces.

However, alignment of each space is like a concentric and follows each other paths and also the properties of each other’s geometry. But geometry of each space is not same and hence has some different properties.

Where consciousness represents how each space carries maximum force and forces are sometimes visible and invisible but stabilize every spaces but geometry is where, is there any existence of some bigger space where all these spaces exist? Is there any kind of mystical force that inflates other space i.e. bigger or always a static but sometimes visible and sometimes invisible? I next chapter, I will discuss where these spaces exist and why and who creates these spaces?





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In this chapter-XII, I discuss why particles are so indispensable for creating “conscious environment” and why these particles are everywhere, is there any reasosn and cause for these particles to sustain their existence and hence inflates into “Confined Chamber”?


“Confined Chambers”are something like “static chamber” where there is no inflation and hence this chamber remains stationary but revolves with its own axis just like planets and other stars do but in this case this is without revolving anything. In that case there are more possibilities that space geometry is sometimes changing and sometimes unchanging depends on stuff inside it and what it describes i.e. space geometry is only its stability and its flow of electrical charges that surrounds the entire space geometry.  These electrical particles generate enough  source of energy that included with the space “confined chambers” and entire energy creates with its limited and fixed value where one cannot determines the actual boundaries of space which is revolving around itself.


However, these “electrical particles” generate enormous energy so as to stabilize the whole “confined chamber”. But for particles , every particles in entire space create some different properties and hence never violates the “confined chamber” laws. But where this “confined chamber” exist and where electrical particles synthesize to form these unimaginable properties of every particles this is some uncertainty and hence probability also? I considered this “Probable space” that sometimes visible and sometimes but why this happens, I will discuss in  next chapter-XIII.

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In this chapter-XII, I discuss why “Virtual Particles” are so indispensable for entire universe and also for space that we considered “Empty Space”?

“Empty Space” seems like a absurd concept and hence no one want to believe on such “emptiness” and therefore cannot produce any structural geometry. For “Virtual Particles” it is not easy for these (virtual) particles to sustain their filling state. But why these “virtuals particles” need to fill the unfilled state of space that considered to be empty. From this concept we talk about “Different Kind of Particles” i.e. “Virtuals Particles” not what is actual meaning of emptiness and why there is so much fluctuations in “Dark Space” which seems to be nothing everywhere?
The reason is we even do not know what exactly space is and why its existence is so important in uncertain forces of nature. First we need to understand what exactly space is and how it behaves in “Itself” creation or “External” creation? This space is not complicated with “virtual particles” because we are travelers and travel along with its certain fixed medium where one only reach some new and creative destination and no where else.
However, “virtual particles” is not the end of the ultimate space history or “quantum foam” also. These kind of particles or waves like particles never confined the space geometry as space is “confined” i.e. “Static” and never inflates like a universe inflation. “Quantum Foam” exists where there is some unfilled states or it itself is a geometry of space that seems to be absurd.
What we find is only past existence and what past existence tells us its unfortunate and uncertain creation whether that creation was undefined or without any laws. In next chapter, I will discuss why everything exist like geometrical and consciousness behavior?
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In this chapter-XI, I discuss about “Energy Levels” and “Fields” that are responsible for “empty space” that is not empty.

In this chapter-XI, I discuss about some important points towards the uncertain “Space Particles”.

“Space Particles” however generated by the “Number Series” as every number series manifest the series of various types of numbers. As every number have its own property whether it is uncertain or certain.

First we discuss about “Space Particles” aspects why space particles are so indispensable for filling the unfilled states. These “Unfilled States” are nothing that space where particles have maximum stability and hence shows their higher intensity but unfortunately have lesser energy level so as to create “Field” like this i.e. empty space. These “Fields” are so strong that produces “Virtuals Particles” and create different kind of “Fields”.

These “Fields” get more stronger and stronger until virtual particles break this “Fields” due to its lesser “Energy Level”.These “Virtual Particles have higher “Energy Level” and hence generate more particles that fill the “Unfilled State”. But these “Unfilled States” cannot have much space to enter the maximum particles those reside into this unfilled state. Why these particles do this we will discuss in next chapter.

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In this chapter-XI, I discuss why these particles have consciousness and why these create “virtual particles” in empty space?
In this chapter-XI, I discuss about some aspects about conscious particles as these particles behave like some kind of other language or better to say uncertain life.

These particles show how consciousness is more important than particles existence. As “consciousness is more important than existence”. When any thing is conscious it would be able to perform his actions or realizes, observe reality or an illusion. No matter what it observe.

But these particles that exist into entire space creating a bridge. This bridge is itself a consciousness and produce some “lower field of particles” i.e. “sub particles”.
These sub particles generated from “Higher Field Particles” and then these sub particles also split into another type of particles that is “conscious particles” and then again split into “space particles” and so on just like a “Infinite Series” (if exists).
One cannot draw this diagram but can imagine because empty space also carries “virtual particles” then what for these “virtual particles”. Are these particles only manifesting their creativity or just stand like a uncertain particles those particles who never know reality and what reality is? Is there any kind of regenerating particles so as to generate sub-virtual particles? I next chapter, I will discuss about why “Virtual Particles” are indispensable for nature?
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In this chapter, I discuss how these rhythms looks like and how these behave in another “Space”.

Space that we see i..e black and one cannot observe its verges and its behavior. Why this happens as we cannot observe the property of space?
This is because we never analyzes the “Number Series”. Space in fact rely on numbers realm and manipulates. “Number series” operates space and manipulates it with “Rhythms”.

These “Number Series” are odd, even, prime (cooperate with this number I mentioned something new in next chapter-XI), irrational, and rational numbers. But number series never end only these few series. There exists lots of particles that manifest the number series.

What I tell now will criticize me and you readers also criticizing me that is every particles have their own geometry as we know and every particles have different “number series” which means if there are infinite particles then there are infinite “number series” and then what place for “God” to manifests His realm. “God” never wants to know His realm but He creates that thing which cannot be done by anyone in the history of space and no one can do this.

Everything into this entire space is just a beginning and what beginning does it only creates numbers those are hidden from material worlds so as to shattered their realm. I next chapter, I will discuss how “Number Series” generate “Space Particles”?

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In this chapter-X, I discuss about “Quantum Particles” interaction with “Space Particles”.
In this chapter-X, I discuss on “axis of the particles and their behavior” and why particles associate with these kind of behavior?

“Quantum Particles” create such environment where one finds the actual definition of what axis of the particles are and how these axis behave with quantum information. Even quantum information exists in our brain’s neurons also, where one calculate each activity so quickly. But why these particles do this so as to communicate with each other so elegantly?
The reason is in “particles geometry”. Particles Geometry assists particles to communicate without having any bridge or wire and this can be done with the help of space particles (that is looking like black everywhere) and create invisible force that is invisible for us but not for these particles and hence generate bridge like structure not that bridge that we use in our day to day life but a quantum bridge like a “Lines” and creates uncertain geometry yet to be unsolved and produce force and then their (particles) flux generate with themselves and hence produce quantum information.
Yet this “Line” is disappearing form “quantum level” because “space particles” never allow these “Lines” to be present in between particles longer or shorter distance. But from this there is another question arises why these space particles creates this bridge as they also are conscious answer is yes and but why I will discuss in next chapter?
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In this chapter-IX , I discuss how if there is no creator and one can survive its life infinitely without creator. 

Yet this seems to be difficult task but I will try my best to explain this. First we know every particles have their own property and they know how to interact with each other and also communicate. But beyond these particles invention there is much more to be observe as there may be some kind of “lines” that creates the building block of universe and its space or it may be create with some undefined “black space” that has no particles and has no structure. Whatever readers think about this depend on their thoughts.

Beyond these particles it is hard to believe that something exists beyond this and may be there exists life beyond these particles whether it is quantum particles or higher dimensional particles. But there exists rhythms not life. What are these “Rhythms” and how these rhythms do? Rhythms form the contuinuity of undefined space where one observe only darkness. These rhythms presence are both in quantum level and in higher dimensional level and behaves something like a “musical nodes”. These rhythms produce strings and these strings produce music and this music produce sound and this sound produce explosion and this is responsible for empty space existence.

But explosion is without any kind of particles. Then question arises why this universe exist and particles we observe everywhere is just an illusion as there was no “Big Bang”, not any universe exists, not any stars exist.

So, why we observe only darkness everywhere that is space not “into space”. These rhythms as I mentioned above is not the end of the ultimate truth or reality but a basic building part of space invention. I next chapter, I will discuss how rhythms created and why these rhythms create such “Nodes”?
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In this chapter-IX, I discuss about behavior of particles and their functioning towards their proper uncertainties and why these particles associate with right perception.”

In this chapter there is a geometrical information between particles and every particles have geometrical information whether it is light’s particles, gravity’s particles and any other particles.

In fact life is based on these particles and these particles behave like an uncertainty where probability to find these particles are sometimes difficult. But if we understand these particles we are able to understand these particles without knowing proper perception.

These particles accelerate without knowing their stability, is this? No, these particles understand their stability and hence know how to spinning their axis and also their direction with respect to their change in angular velocity. But no one notice why these do this as there is “consciousness” or “quantum information” and who come first both or one of the two came first? In other words what came first and why? This question never arises in “quantum mechanics” as this question leads us to the realm of “God” where He does not play with His dice” as said by Sir Albert Einstein. In Gods realm there exists time i.e. medium but behaves differently that means there exists various dimensions simultaneously and function step by step creating past, present and future simultaneously.
As there are infinite energy no He creates energy and all sources of energy but who creates Him and why God is necessary for another creation so as to choose a “quantum uncertain world” this is a question? In next chapter I will discuss about “Gods energy particles and that are associated with “axis of the particles and their behavior”.
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In this chapter-VIII, I will discuss about some uncertain forces in nature that are hidden from illusionist world.
I talk about “Higher Fields” in quantum particles and also talk about “Smaller Fields” of space in previous chapter- VII. This chapter is based on particles consciousness and how particles behave and why every particles acquires different properties?
Every particles have their own properties and associate with space particles as every particles contained with their own process and method. Particles are not stationary as we know they move from one medium to another but these mediums are nothing but space particles that assist other particles to travel. What we see or observe is wrong as everything into the entire universe moves with the help of space particles.

These space particles exist everywhere and profoundly find in every region of smaller fields where every particles can generate their higher stability. This process is all about the proper geometry of space where as every particles reach their maximum field generating system where they (particles) can extended their decay and hence manipulate for other medium. This is something like a particles traveling in “quantum tunneling” where every particles able to cross the barrier and hence transcend from one medium to another.
However, particles create their own field and hence generate their medium. These particles are travelling through ‘quantum tunneling” and they even share their geometrical information to each other. These information is nothing but a quantum tunneling and acquires more information from each other and hence there is consciousness between these particles. In next chapter I will describe why particles need “quantum tunneling”?
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In this chapter, I discuss how one understands the “Mathematical and Physics laws” with using some different properties.

Is space follow the geometry of Mathematical and Physics Laws where probabilities are higher than our expectations? We know space geometry is not so simple as it looks as it looks like a black sheet of paper into where some kind of another black sheet where nothing is observable.

Space is like a fluctuating sheet where everything vibrates and hence produces “Gravitational Waves” as predicted by Sir Albert Einstein. These gravitational waves are nothing but a ripples in space just like a ripples in water when somebody throw a stone into the water. This is fact between every things including us (humans) we produce gravitational ripples due to stretching of space that is flexible according to Sir Albert Einstein. But we never notice these ripples.

The reason for our not noticing these ripples are these can be seen in larger bodies that is some kind of two large neutron stars while rotating with each other and produce gravitational wave as one can notice this and also see this very clearly.

Space inflates and vibrates without understanding its properties because space itself is flexible and hence it folds but where. Is there another stretchable space that assist our space geometry?

Geometry of space is different and flexibility of space is different because two cannot share their principles in one common place from where one finds some uncertain difficulty. We know only probability but cannot associate it with cause and why there is some kind of events happening even without any creator?

 In next chapter I will discuss why creator is indispensable for events and cause?
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In this chapter-VI, I will discuss about “Quantum Space” and why this space can alters one’s perception about space? 

One thinks how this possible space needs inflation as space has no structure. This thought is common in every person’s mind and what he thinks become his curiosity regarding to space geometry. Space geometry manifests how space confined with its some limits and accelerates its stuff into entire universe. Space itself has meaning “To have something into it” means one has to understand it clearly and understands his simple and elegant geometry.

Geometry of space is not like a cluster of “lines “ where one only read these”Lines” instead of using its real geometry. As we know space is nothing but a event itself where every objects perform its action and whether one inflates or contract it allows everything. Neither it violates the concept of “Conservation Law” nor follow “Conservation Law”. It is something like a mirror where one creates different images but still mirror is one.

In “Quantum Space” I consider space a smaller and microscopic level field where one can imagine its verges and envisage its geometry as predict clearly. I consider space a part of smaller geometry where our existence is almost zero in observable space and even in universe. Just like universe space also inflates with its verges and has some undefined properties that will never meets our “Physics Law and Mathematics Principles”. I next chapter I will discuss why space exists and its importance also?

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Chapter –VII 
In this chapter-VII, I discuss how gravity’s particles are responsible for everything in entire universe and how curvature of space time exists?

We everyone know gravity is not responsible for light to be bent when pasing from sun’s field but it is mass of the sun that curves the structure of space so as to light bents and stars we actual observe is not at their original position but are in their apparent position that means light that comes from any star is bent towards curvature and this lead to stars misconception about its apparent position and actual position (original position). The curvature of space time is like a geometry where everything is defined already with simultaneous process where some Thermodynamics Laws are in uncertain world because there is no hope for “Standard Model of Space” still we are discovering the “Standard Model of Universe”. But some conceptions about universe and space are incredible and however creates different world may be you, me and everyone cannot imagine.
The reason is we observe light and its particle but we do not exactly know why light’s particle are so weak that they let down its speed in front of gravity’s particles? No, the answer is curvature of space do this as I mentioned earlier but yet again one question arises why space curvature so this as light also a part of space and light’s particles have better understanding to know how to dodge curvature of smaller fields of space? This is something like a “Games Programming” whether that is developed by someone or happens without any reason but better to avoid “Cause” because everything has a cause for existence.
In next chapter-VIII, I discuss about cause of space and some brief views on existence.
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“In this chapter-5, I discuss how one alters his concept regarding to space time and how one describes the relation between “quantum space?”

Space in fact has no reason to survive and has its indispensable journey unless creator has choice to do this. Whether we are not sure, is there need of creator and if so then is He playing with dice?

Quantum Level mechanics always suggest the microscopic world where everything is possible one can understand the standard model of universe and ultimately the standard model of space. We are still behind those particles that are structure the fundamental particles of space where one cannot understand why space exist and why its need is so indispensable especially in uncertain world? Sir Albert Einstein clarified the space time is a single entity instead of two and what he called “Space time” instead of Space and Time which was believed to be different entities in “Classical Mechanics” by Sir Issac Newton.

Today, we consider universe as a “Hologram” where what one’s task is left behind a picture and what he/she work in his entire life is a image left behind in “Holographic Universe”. Just like a “quantum world” where vibrations are responsible for many versions of a person as simultaneously he/she is everywhere like a vibrating particles.

However, there are simultaneous presence of sub atomic particles and hence manifest how these particles behave in “quantum level” and why “quantum world” exist without knowing the ultimate geometry of space?

Space is that kind of entity which contracts along with its particles and what will happen next is an uncertain space where possibilities are maximum but imagination becomes uncertain and we left for only hope that is “quantum space”. In next chapter I will discuss what is quantum space in brief?
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“In this chapter-6, I discuss why uncertainty affects the entire universe and the “Quantum World?”

In “Quantum World” everything seems to be possible but yet this world is uncertain due to its instability and some mysterious force that exists in between every particles. As every particles have their own kind of “Field” and have their own “Force” that confirms their stability and these particles work properly.

But this is not yet under-stable why these particles are sometimes stable and sometimes unstable? Are these particles generate certain types of force so as to not working properly at that time or force is externally generate these particles?

The biggest mystery is “quantum world” and why quantum world creates life and some other forces where everything is in symmetry yet these particles are not in symmetry and however produces some uncertainties “As said by the Werner Heisenberg, one cannot determined the momentum and position of the particles simultaneously.” More  you precisely want to determine the momentum, less you know about position and more precisely you want to determine the position, less you know about momentum. But the fact is everything is universe is imaginative and creative where in case of “Black Holes” is this method applies?

Yes, in case of “Wormholes” where some virtual particles have some kind of transcendental work is possible but in case of “Black Holes” where gravity is so strong even nothing escapes (light also). So,  then for Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and what happens to both these particles “Gravity’s and some kind of particles” . Are these particles still creates uncertainty in black holes or synthesized with each other to unstable their momentum and hence position? In next chapter I will discuss how these particles behave with gravity’s particles?

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“In this chapter-4, I have discuss on some basic part of space and few excerpts on it as what past’s myth and some physicist and mathematician think about space.”

Why space needs numbers system and why these numbers are responsible for space geometry? Are these numbers are representing a uncertain kind of force with which these numbers associate? Is space responsible for number geometry or particles numbering system for “dark space”?

However, “Dark space” is not only working with its some unknown kind of forces where every forces manifest the particles are bounded together and sometimes not. But what actual is space? Is space a quantity of any kind of stuff or it is not attainable as also said in “Jaina Theory” where space that is “Akasha” is not attainable. As we know space cannot be touch that is dark and what we observe is just like reality of an illusion and no one observe this because everything in entire space behave in a “quantum level” and even space itself but why everything begins their journey with “quantum level” and why “quantum level” exist, this is a biggest challenge? The reason is in Philosophical thoughts where one can envisage what was behind or why something has its existence but yet it is uncertain that Philosophy even is lack behind these mystic concept until “Death” digs out its realm.

Space somewhat like a “George Cantor” Aleph Null where smaller infinities exist and there is no hope for ending the process of infinities and somewhere there exists larger infinities and considered with these infinities with “natural numbers”, “even numbers”, odd numbers” and combined to form a smaller infinities and larger infinite according to his theorems. As he always relate his theorem with God as he was able to communicate with God. However, space itself is a mystery as Albert Einstein said “one can stretch and wrap space time but cannot rip it as this is against his “General Relativity” law”.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that in our modern technology we cannot understand what exactly space is and why one cannot observe it (space)?
In my next chapter, I will discuss the perception of Sir Issac Newton’s Space and Sir Albert Einstein’s Space.

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“In this chapter – 5 , I discuss how “Quantum Particles” behaves and questions why there is any need of these particles?”

I will discuss why dimensions need to be exist in quantum mechanically and also in “String Theory” that is vibrating every time just like a beats of music. Every beats manifest how vibrating strings jumping somewhere there is tough and somewhere there is crust that is elegantly vibrating and represents the behavior in “Quantum Mechanically”.

“Quantum Mechanics” not only describing the smaller world but manifests how one can understand the behavior in smaller world even smaller world fills with lots of curiosity and where behavior of particles are never stable.

But one question arise then why macroscopic world is stable, is this really a stable? The answer is no, world we look is not stable and what we see everywhere is an illusion not that kind of illusion where nothing is real but where everything is unstable but one cannot notice and ultimately believe on “World of Materialism”. Never consider this is philosophy but is a philosophy of particles and an illusion.

An illusion is not only for shattering the concept of “Quantum Mechanics” but illusion itself has a meaning that is not absurd and has liberty to exists everywhere even in “Quantum Particles”. One cannot say “Quantum Particles” give us the world of reality. This is not necessary as “Quantum Particles” also has various uncertainties where these “Quantum Particles” even do not know why these exist and why their behavior is noticeable for everyone and why we (quantum particles) exist and is there any need to be any existence of ours without relying on God’s dice? In next chapter I will discuss why “Quantum Particles” are associated with “Quantum Multiple Gods”?


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“In this chapter-3, we discuss how past, present and future exists simultaneously as said by Brian Greene (Physicist, Writer) and why it puzzles everyone.”

Past, Present and Future lies into single continuity of same cause where all these entities i.e., past, present and future exist simultaneously where objects are different but events are same at that time simultaneously.But there are many reasons where space itself exist like a riddle and puzzling pieces of “jumble game”.

As space considered to be single entity where past, present and future exists simultaneously and what happened beyond this? This one is a weird concept. But one imagines how space manifests its presence everywhere as everyone have their belief but space is not attainable, why because one do not know much about darkness of space and why darkness exist, this one puzzling the minds?

However, Space itself may be a medium where everything happens such as events and also cause but beyond this it is different and elegant what is beyond space. I say this why because I am sure space is not infinite and it has some parochial verges. There are limitless numbers exist as there are many reasons where numbers are responsible for creation that is “space darkness” and also questions arise into darkness why these numbers only create dark space, is this is a cause or any kind of mathematics that is not rely on any prime, odd, even, natural, irrational, rational, real numbers. In my next chapter I will discuss how space needs these numbers and why?

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In this chapter-4, I will try my best to give a understanding about dimensions whether these are smaller or higher and also discuss briefly on dimensions.

Universal Mathematics is responsible for structure of space as space itself is a rounded ball where one can attached many smaller strings. As we consider every strings differently and why these strings exist and why there is any need of string lets have a look.
String Theory always talk about multiple dimensions where there are more than ten dimensions and hence we are only observing three dimension and one is time. But question arises why there are so many dimensions exist? Every dimensions exist simultaneously and appears at the same time but we cannot observe this due to some biological and some hidden realty of nature i.e. our world that is three dimensional including time. So, why this is difficult for every conscious beings to observe these hidden dimensions but as we also are a part of universe and space so we are also a creation of atoms and even smaller particles “Quarks” so these particles are easily create dimensions so as to generate new kind of particles and hence transform these into smaller and higher dimensions.
Hence these dimensions are responsible for space structure and its geometry but not for “Dark Space” that itself is a geometry and in my next chapter I will show how and why one cannot find these hidden dimensions and and why space needs dimension?

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“In this chapter-2 i will show the splitting walls that manifests the space structure.”

In previous chapter I defined the “Fields” but how these “Fields” behave in space lets have a look.
Let us consider a excerpt, suppose you have a box and you left this box empty then what is your statement that I (you) take a box and it (box) contains nothing in it as you considered but there is a structure of a box that is its length, height, width and even that time you have take this box so time also we considered. So, one thing is common that this box is left empty by you and you is responsible for its emptiness. If there is no one who left this box and this box has came into its existence itself with certain “Field” that is its geometry then what happens? This “Field” is responsible for its existence and that “Field” is generated by particles and particles create “Fields” then what is beyond this? One cannot attain the possibilities of space that is not true as space itself made with quantum mechanically as it (space) behaves like a “Splitting Walls”.

“Splitting Walls” it defines various contents in space from where space existence came from and why space contain matter (as this is genuine and common question) but some undefined laws proceed space to came into its existence. I will show how “Splitting Walls” that is space geometry works just like a confined state of rounded space and rays of light passes from this state and it splits into various dimensions.

This is just like a Sir Albert Einstein’s slice of bread where one can take space time in a single part and consider one (as we all know). I will show what is slice of bread i.e. space time in next chapter.