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Philosophy of Space

Philosophy of Space

My project on “Philosophy of Space”. In this project, I describe an essence on space and it’s existence with some mathematical equations on "WordPress".



Note: This article is all all about existence of space and time is constant here)

When there was nothing,

absolute “zero” what was the future of space that we all are

observing now? Present world is completely depend on technology and we all are

adhering it’s crazy tail. But, when we become our own creator especially from

our mind, we are too curious to know about the existence of space. First, we

heard what is universe and after this we think why does existence of universe

is indispensable, may be this one does not work here (especially on this

article) but literally assist us to solve some logical questions.

However, let’s talk about

space and it’s existence. Space is not only a three dimensional entity where

events, and some other activities occur but also is responsible for

transformation of energy, electricity, gravitational waves, particles and some

other kind of entities. It (space) really compel us to think what is space and

why does it exist? In present world, we are unable to find it’s mystery as some

physicists say this is a “False Vacuum” and some say this is all

about “Virtual Particles”. False Vacuum does not mean space is

nothing but it applies on low minimum energy and hence is not stable. This is

something like two particles that collide with each other and then annihilate

each other without producing / synthesizing third one (Like two sides of a

triangle that is equal to the third one).

Energy in this case is higher

in false vacuum or we say in ground state.

(Note: Ground state here is lowest energy state and is also called zero

point energy)

Although, we have another case

that are “virtual particles”. What are those particles? These

particles are same characteristic like ordinary particles and hence limited by

uncertainty principle. Virtual Particles do not carry same mass and are similar

like real particles and always adhering the conservation law of momentum and


These two cases are

responsible for existence of space (what we called dark space and also we call

it a “dark energy”). Even some physicists believe dark energy is

responsible for existence of universe and everything that contain in it. But,

here we are not sure whether space is infinite or finite.

Perspective from our mind’s

perception, it looks dark everywhere and we all are uncertain about it’s

existence. Here, my motive is not different than other’s theoretical work but

is similar like some kind of pragmatic solutions of puzzling concept.

In the world of technology, we

are still struggling with the concept of existence of space and hence we are

not sure whether we have space for existence or not. But if space exists and we

relate it with our mind’s perception then we have infinite spaces instead of

one (Like super string theory of infinite universes).

(Note: This article is all about hypothetical concepts and content in

it is purely a work of hypothesis)

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Quantum Space

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Philosophy of Space

Philosophy of Space

My project on “Philosophy of Space”. In this project, I describe an essence on space and it’s existence with some mathematical equations on "WordPress".


Quantum Space

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Share your ideas on the topic “Quantum Space” and write explicitly on Google+. There is no word limit. Below is the link from where you enter in this event. One should have to pay $2 to enter in this event. (Note: This is a online event)


“Crack The Impossible”

A Journey to impossible #world. RIP (Stephen William Hawking, 08 January 1942-14 March 2018)

Two Legends Begin a Journey

(Day and month both are same and two legends are meeting with each other and will solve the mystery of next universe)


Tribute “Legend Physicist and human Albert Einstein” (Born #OTD)

RIP “Legend Stephen W Hawking (8 January 1942- 14 March 2018)”

Space time, Still A Mystery

Thoughts become parochial and we are hapless to define space. Yet, some conditions apply on space is true but some are only mind’s perception. We have infinite questions regarding space and it’s existence. We have space time that always unite space and time in one single entity. What we call “Space time”.But why space time is indispensable for existence and why it is necessary for consciousness? Still a mystery as we are not sure why everything exist and manifest itself in that way as we are in an infinite spaces. Some questions related to this concept are:

  • Why does consciousness dependent on Space time?
  • Why existence of space time is indispensable?
  • Are we residing inside infinite spaces?
  • Is there anything beyond space time rather than considering single entity?

Some questions still remain in chaos but some are still searching for truth, at least for geometry of space (As I believe).

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Quantum World


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Quantum Space

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Beyond Space, Reality or False Perception?

We want to know, if space is static (at least a mind’s perception) then what exists beyond space and is there new beginning of another world or space? As we are not a time traveler and are not in that position to say that we find the mystery of space and other matters / particles. We are still behind some mysterious questions that left us in a world of new era where beginning is still a major factor. Such questions are (see below):

  • Why nature is indispensable for consciousness?

  • What, if there is another beginning for another space that is new and different beginning?

  • Is there new era for particles beyond space?

  • Is space resides in some other kind of entity that is fully entangled?

Above questions only survive when we reach there, otherwise left us in desperation.

It’s not complicated to solve the mystery beyond space, but only need is to grasp our hidden observation and relate it with other well defined mathematics.

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Albert Einstein (A Footage)


A Short Poem On “Consciousness”.

Travel like a light,

Hide it’s incredible journey,

Never see it’s destiny,

Lie inside a uncertain womb.

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“Quantum Space” ( A Online Event)

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A Short Poem On “Mind”.

Once it realizes,

Once it transcend,

Everything resides inside self,

Nothing has cause.

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Void, Reality Or Nothing?

May be, some of us never want to think “what really void is? And why we need this? Void does not mean it is nothing, but is a representation of something that involves the possibilities of those particles that are still undiscovered.

However, some questions remain in chaos and we are unable to find those answers (If we have a curiosity then matter is different). Some of these questions are:

  • Is Void nothing?
  • Can we consider “void” is a part of zero?
  • Does void need space for it’s existence?
  • IS there anything that suffuse void?

These above questions are not only creating chaos but also compel us too think  “what really void is? Which we observe in entire space (differently taken by frame of reference).

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“Quantum Space” ( A Online Event)

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Share your ideas on the topic “Quantum Space” and write explicitly on Google+. There is no word limit. Below is the link from where you enter in this event. One should have to pay $2 to enter in this event. (Note: This is a online event)


When See A Void


When observe it’s reality,

Where time rejuvenate, 

Where space begins it’s journey.

Sometimes find a chaos,

Sometimes sluggish months,

Where infinity builds,

Again brings a void.

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Space, An illusion Or Imagination?

Some questions remain in uncertainty and some wants to explore their weird / absurd realm. Here, I am not post any article but ask few questions regarding to space. Few questions on space, I mention below:

  • Why does space exist?

  • Why space is dark?

  • Is there anything beyond space?

  • Are we reside in a multi-spaces?

  • Is there infinite universes in space?

  • Is space an infinite entity?

  • If space really exists, then who is the real creator of space?

  • Is space an illusion or a geometrical pattern medium?

  • Why space is everything that can be twist, bend and more?

These above questions are not only perplexing the mind of ours, but realize us to think “Why does space need space?”. May be, you are laughing on me as this kind of questions requires more clarification to say. But, this question requires our general opinion not any mathematical, cosmological, philosophical, biological, anthropological concept.

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Time, A Beginning or Infinite?

  • Time, A beginning or Infinite?
  • Is there infinite worlds with infinite “Time”?
  • Is time an illusion or really something that exists?
  • What about it’s uncertain medium?
  • Was there another time before “Big Bang”?
  • Is time infinite or just a mind’s perception?

May be, these questions arise an absurd perplex in our minds, but still a big challenge for us to solve this.

Some infinities are large and some are small, and “Time” on the other hand is something different concept from where everything came in it’s existence at least for ours universe.

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Is Universe A Quantum Information?

  • First, Not an article or anything else, but a candid question for you (readers).
  • Second, are we becoming hapless to understand the existence of nature?
  • Third, is there anything beyond universe?
  • Fourth, why space exists and why it contains infinite universes?

These questions are not only creating any chaos but manifest how we become curious about universe and our understanding regarding consciousness become absurd even we do not know how it works.

Answer this question and may be, not any kind of reward from this question, but definitely explore your mind and transcend it (mind) through the entire universe. 

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What is Space?

Space is giant and hence there are numerous possibilities that space is not only an event but also a coordinate system of well-defined geometry. Sometimes, we consider space a “void” and sometimes consider “virtual particles”. But, how one can be serious about its existence? Even we do not know from where space came from, is it came from somewhere or just a perception?

However, there are numerous possibilities but we are confined with some limits because we will never know about the existence of space and also why does it exist? But as a traveler, we are more curious to know how space works? May be, there are infinite spaces but our current theory not support that kind of hypothesis.

That kind of hypothesis is not only seen in hypothetical books, but also is a best perception / observation about existence of space. At least, we would be able to understand the existence of space, yet this is not possible but one day this would be. But still at that time we would not be sure about presence and also the cause behind the existence of space as this seems we are in a lattice of philosophy.

We are in a mesh of hidden roots of geometrical space where we are not sure what is the real existence of space and why does it exist? Can we imagine matter without space or space without matter or if there is nothing, then what? This leads us to the world of perplex particles because, if we know thousands of particles and understand them explicitly then this journey will move further and it never stops. But, here we are uncertain because, we have infinite particles and we will adhere them and this means we find creator and after than another new creator and after then another and so on, as this process replicates and we are where there is no center and no journey.

This task is difficult, but not impossible (if we consider ourselves a traveler rather than considering ourselves a well-understand beings or advance beings).

Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Space But Why?

A Short Poem on “Space But Why?”

There is nothing, 

There is space,

Existence is not meaningful,

Sometimes see it’s fate.

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What is Space?

This post may be going to be more perplex as I will only bewilder your minds. Probabilities are infinite but conclusion is one. Yet, this series is entirely based on space and about its hidden mysteries that always compel us to think about, how we are limited in a world of uncertainty. But, sometimes more curious than sluggish behavior. Well, this is not my topic. So, we were talking about “What is Space?” We discussed in previous posts why space is indispensable for nature and why it’s existence is necessary? But, in this post I am going to discuss “What if space is not alone?” Yes, this sounds queer but this is not, may be you are surprised with this strange question, I know, but be calm because, as I mentioned there are infinite probabilities and this is one of them.

However, space is not alone as this perspective is not  only limited to some defined particles but also suffuses the empty part of space and that is, what we called “Empty Space”. There are infinite spaces with infinite probabilities as this concept also apply on “Quantum Suicide”. For consciousness or conscious being, there is nothing like dead or alive as both exist simultaneously, but define in a quantum pictures where conscious beings life exist in discrete manner or better to say in quantum life. Before his / her death he / she does not exist in quantum picture but after his / her birth space / universe allows her  / his to exist in quantum picture, but question arises if she / he does not exist before his / her birth then what will happen to future when she / he will die after his  / her successful life? Consciousness never die as we know, it is just similar like infinite universes those die but still alive inside weird womb of space.

Space, even is helpful for transferring consciousness to one space to another but, here we don’t know which kind of next space will be, may be without darkness or with? Above excerpt of dead or alive manifests how space replicates its images not once in a thousand or millions years but in every infinite tick of every quantum second that even never notice by conscious beings. This is helpful but again not for physical world as our world is designed in that manner where, what we look is elegant and fascinating but beyond this reality is not only real but patents us how we have to think about space’s biggest mystery that still face a problem by its elegant gift.

In my next post, I will discuss about the space’s replication. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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A Short Poem on “Journey”.

It’s always been a distraction,

Mind never compels it’s world,

Where there are infinities,

Journeys become self inside space.

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A Short Poem on “Self”.

Ultimate destiny,

Ultimate worlds,

Fate is well defined,

Somewhere in weird space.

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What is Space?

Once again, welcome in the world of absurdity where thoughts become imaginative and travel without any verges. This post is going to be more exciting because I am discussing on space’s one of the most hidden reality and that is it’s darkness (looks black). What we observe in our day-to-day life is visible for us everything we see is visible to us and based on our vision we say what is that thing or prescribed things and also based on our experience. But in case of space, this is not as we become hapless and we have nothing to observe or experience.

However, space is dark (black) everywhere and there is nothing that manifests it’s existence even we do not know it (space) exists or not. Then how existence came in its pure form? Is this possible that space is responsible for creating every universes or it is just a false perception of mind? There are infinite possibilities that space is not just a probability or a weird cause but a well-defined existence and also some geometrical influence. This geometry is absurd for us at least in present world but will definitely solve this geometry. 

We are living that universe where uncertainties reside and where probabilities provoke existence of space. Whatever we called space but it is a well-defined geometrical pattern region where everything is static (not stationary but moves with constant velocity) and everything in it drive away from each other and flow like a river. But, what kind of geometry we have with space? Is this zero dimensional, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional or more than 10,30, 50 or beyond our limits? May be, dimension does not matter but what matters is a pattern that is beyond our mind’s perception but still we imagine.

In my next post, I will discuss what kind of pattern is this? Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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What is Space?

Not sure whether this topic really assist us to understand the reality of nature, may be not, but still we are a creatures of hard hopes and imagination so journey will never end.  In this post, I am going to discuss “What is Space?” Generally, we are no sure “What exactly space is and why does it exist? In candid words, we ourselves never want to try to understand what is space? literally, not everyone but some (folks).

However, space considers to be a four-dimensional where length, breadth, height and also time resides. Also, if we look it (space) from different coordinates, we will get the same extent. But, beyond this, what exactly space is? Is space just a false perception of mind (Philosophy) or just a biological constraints of our eyes (Biology) or is similar like universes (Physics) or is a geometrical entity (Mathematics)? For me, it is definitely a geometrical entity that suffuses nothing but itself creates / builds “geometrical lines”, at least it (itself) is a giant geometry.

But, how? Reason is behind the existence of space and  explicitly depend on geometry of space. Here, space not only the confirmation of different coordinates but a lattice of geometrical lines something like “Sir Albert Einstein’s Gravitational Concept” where he eliminate the concept of gravity as a force that is predicted by Legendary, Physicist and Mathematician Sir Issac Newton. Space is not only a confined entity that resides inside some limited coordinates or something what we called “Aether” (will discuss in my next post) but is a pattern of a geometrical lines where everything seems like a mesh and prediction is hard but laws are simple.

Excerpt is, when you see a synthesis of different threads what you observe here, a lattice that is difficult to open and hence is not easy as it takes time, is this, yes this is. Similar case in geometrical lines or better to say geometrical space, where space is inflated like a mesh / lattice and where everything is not stable, and what we called “short span particles” that collide with each other and suddenly get diminish (disappear). This process inflates but not an infinite times.  But why? I will discuss in my next chapter.

Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide

In this post, I am going to discuss on nature’s biggest mystery and this one is not going to be easy because some definitions breaks down there. What we discuss in our previous posts as one die he / she is in an other universe and hence universe create identical images of his / her that would be infinite in numbers. But, are we question to ourselves, why this is indispensable? Why “Quantum Suicide” is indispensable for nature / space? May be, never but we are sure that we will definitely solve the problem of “quantum suicide” at least in some aspects but never thinks “why”?

However, when one die he / she is in a different world and that world is also identical to another (discussed in my previous posts) but what happen to these infinite universes when they all squeeze in a single continuum? Are these universes present simultaneously? Like an infinite strings, those are connected with infinite loops of higher and lower dimensional fields? This is something like a bunch of thread from where we are unable to open it’s every single thread and yes, it takes time to do this.

We know our base, but we are not sure what is that base? Is this base patents space into an infinite branches of strings or present simultaneously without any gravitational field?Here, we are perplex our mind because we become philosophically right but pragmatically still not. When one dies he / she never finds where his / her consciousness go and does consciousness dwells already there where his / her consciousness wants to go or there is an interaction between geometry and consciousness. For me, I think this is because consciousness is not beyond any eternal concept but moves forward with the help of some geometrical behavior.

However, since in ancient times we are adhering space and nature with high zeal and enthusiasm but still journey is incomplete because “there is nothing that defines you but there is something that makes you”.

I hope you all enjoy this series. Thanks!

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Lost Star

A Short Poem on “Lost Star”.

Nothing inside your womb,

Imagine  it’s creation ,

Never see it’s fate, 

Always defines self.

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Quantum Suicide

We are here again with lots of complex and fascinating things on “Quantum Suicide”. “Quantum Suicide” really perplex our minds and also compels us to think why nature is so complex, but sometimes elegant also. We are not at the verge of that mechanics that allows us to think positively about nature’s deepest root, may be we know how deep it is.

However, we are discussed “Quantum Infinite” in my previous chapter and that is something weird and chaos, where our expectations beyond our mind is shattered. Probably, some definitions about “Quantum Suicide” definitely lead us to the point of “Singularity” why? Because we have denser regions in space-time and if we will adhere them output is elegant and we will able to understand past, present and future simultaneously. But our current theories or laws break down their, not because we have insufficient mathematical principles but we are lack of experience with “quantum mechanics”.

Quantum Mechanics is not the single portion that allows us to understand everything explicitly. Why I am saying like this, this is because as we know we have two possibilities one is “Microscopic” and other one is “Macroscopic” beyond this can we create something different possibility? Yes, this is a painstaking question but really a matter of assert (will discuss in my next chapter). Similar case arises in “Quantum Suicide” we have two probabilities one is “Alive” and other is “Dead” then who will be the third one? Is this a synthesis of two cases both “Dead and Alive” or something else? Something else, here is not candid to explain because this one going to be more complex even beyond this.

Quantum Suicide however, provides some basic aspects of nature’s complex existence. Reason is we are there where everything is in lattice and if someone wants to open this first, he / she will understand it’s geometry (as usually we try to open the threads that synthesize to form an unstructured thread) and then solve how to travel from one place to another that already exists that I will discuss in my next chapter. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide

Quantum Infinity, may be this term bewilders your mind but you are right this concept will definitely perplex your mind. “Quantum Infinity” increases the probabilities and hence opens those ways that are still in a chaos world.  “Quantum Infinity” associates with the “Quantum Suicide” and also perform it’s task like a “Quantum Suicide Thought Experiment”. Rather than rely on “Quantum Suicide”, we have to be more curious about “Quantum Infinity”. Here, concepts are same but tasks are different. Let’s see how?

“Quantum Infinity” is a process of “Self Infinite Identical Images” and further it moves towards “Quantum Space” (here quantum space is a transformation of quantized particles that are associated with their particular fields, will discuss in next post).  “Quantum Infinity” is a transformation of quantized particles and then it associates with “Identical Images of Space” just like a photographs, when we take a photo of someone in a discrete manner and click the button of camera several times (here person remains same) then he / she have numerous images when collected by the person from photographer. Here, we notice person remains same but clicks on the camera is not just a once, but for a several times to take his / her photo. Suppose, if photographer clicks on the camera infinite times then we will have an infinite images of a person and there is no doubt this is an onus of photographer but for a person this is his / her “self-identity” that remains same even photographer stops to click on the button of camera then there would not a different images, but it remains the same. 

However, here my intention is explicitly to define a concept of “Quantum Infinity” because, “Quantum Infinity” adhere the same “Self Identical Image” and there is no doubt, if we will adhering along with the same “Self Image”. No matter, whether you die or not universe is everywhere and hence our thoughts become our reality (yet depends on dimensions) but now, we are sure this kind of thought really exist even with non-physical worlds.

In my next chapter, I will discuss on “Different kind of quantum universes where consciousness remains the same but how? definitely in my next post. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide (#3)

Hello everyone. I am here to share some aspects about “Quantum Suicide” and also describe some of it’s fascinating facts. In my previous posts, I discussed some aspects on “Quantum Suicide” and also describe “Why it is still in chaos thoughts?” In this post, I will discuss about “Geometrical Patterns” that are responsible for creating certain patterns in space.

Quantum Suicide is equitable in some aspects but not completely as we must remember this is a thought experiment not a practical experiment. I am utterly sure we all are living in a geometrical pattern of space where we all are our “image” that is “Identical Image”. We have infinite images in infinite universes at the same time (simultaneous) but our past, present and future is not only depends on our physical  world but also depends on non-physical world (that is reality). This is not something like imposing certain events but creates it’s own events and simultaneous it already exist there and there is no traverse of consciousness from one universe to another.

Although, we spend our lot of time on consciousness and think why it is indispensable for consciousness to enlarge like a weird universe. Here we make a mistake, we think consciousness is something that transfers from one body to another or one universe to another but this is not, it never transfer but already exist there (in some other universe or body). Suppose, we have point A and point B. Point A is in universe (1) and other that is B is in other universe (2). What will we do assume now, let’s assume A died due to some cause and his / her consciousness already exist in B (that is in other universe), is this possible? No, here we have to assume same points A in both the universes then we may say that consciousness is already there and it is indispensable for us to remember that  his / her life is same at that time and not lies in past, present or in future. In a candid way, life that is set up by both the points are same at that time and there is no difference.

However, this is not something that will lead us in a dark world but assist us to understand “Quantum Suicide” in a “Geometrical Patterns”, so as to understand the existence of life (at the same time) explicitly. 

In my next post, I will discuss about the facts on “Infinite Universes”. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide (#2)

Hello, everyone. In this post, I will discuss some aspects and some facts about “Quantum Suicide” and why this is so intricate concept? In my previous post, I discussed “What is Quantum Suicide?” but here, I will discuss “Why this is so complicated for us to understand especially in practically?”

We know, what is “Quantum Suicide?” and why it is indispensable for “Many World Interpretation?” But we are still in chaos, “What happen to the individual person when he / she died and where his / her personal consciousness go?” Are we becoming “self” with universe or become one with dark space? We are not sure, whether we will become “self” or travel in an infinite dark space. Suppose, you have infinite universes and probably someone died and at that time of his / her last breathe, he / she will be in other universe, we don’t know whether he / she might be a child, daughter, son, father, mother, monsters, devil, old man, old women, beasts, tree, mountain or anything else. Then what he / she might be? If we say he / she might his / her self identical image then what will happen to past, present and future as our “self identical image” remains same everywhere and this seems we create our identical image / copy, is this? Answer is yes, this is. If we are in an infinite universes and in an elegant geometry of space.

We are identical and same, no matters what might be our future, present and past. Because in an infinite universes, we are not only depends on our past, present and future but also depends on our “Self Identical Image” and it remains forever. One cannot say universe splits when you died only. This case especially (Quantum Mechanics) is for everything as every moments are creating “Self Identical Image” whether one died or not.

However, this concept is really intricate, but if we understand it in a clear way we will definitely find something that completes “Quantum Mechanics” and behind this we will have something, may be new and weird. In my next post, I will discuss what will be the complete theory of “Quantum Mechanics”.

Hope you enjoy the post. Thanks!

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Quantum Suicide

This post is not only bewildering your mind, but also compels you to think on nature’s biggest and deepest mystery that still is perplexing our minds.

The title of this post is “Quantum Suicide” but don’t worry this is not going to be “real suicide” but hold your brain with your shimmering vibes.

First, we have to understand what is “Quantum Suicide?” Quantum Suicide was first given by “Hans Moravec”. and also Bruno Marchal in 1988. The “Quantum Suicide” is an thought experiment concept. It is further independently developed by “Max Tegmark” in 1998. This concept is also distinguish between “Everett Many Worlds Interpretation” and also with Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. 

Quantum Suicide thought experiment is much similar like Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment and also manifests the “many world interpretation”. In “Quantum Suicide”, the experiment apparatus is same as in Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment where we take a box and cat is inside the box then there is 50-50 chances / probability of cat to be alive or dead. Here, Quantum Suicide is also known as “Quantum Immortality” which means you never die and you are immoral. Is this true? Let’s see.

Imagine a box and I am inside this box (fully covered box) and inside the box, I am  along with nuclear bomb that is going to be exploded and I measures the time (that explodes) every seconds (watch inside the box). Every seconds pass, I am alive Suppose seconds pass for 100 times, I am alive. In this process, we have two directions “Clockwise” and “Anti clock wise”. In the first appearance, I am in clockwise direction of time. Now, time moves anti clock  wise direction this nuclear bomb explodes and I am dead. As generally, we think so but this is not at the time of my death I am still  alive not in our universe but somewhere as universe splits and it will split forever. Yet, this is a thought experiment so why we are unable to find this practically. I know, you might bewilder with this concept. But you only remember, suppose you are thinking that I am going to be jump from tall building, at the time when you think (In one universe you jumps and you dead, but in other this does not happen as you are not jump from tall building and you still alive). This is something like an “Identical Images” of universe.

However, in this thought experiment we are facing many criticism as, is this really exist if many world theory exist)? and what will happen to that person that is going to be dead or alive? I will discuss this in my next post. Hope you literally enjoy this. Thanks!

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Once They Exist, But Where?

A Short Poem On “Once They Exist, But Where?”

Never find it’s existence,

Searches for a timeless world,

Nevertheless, it finds it’s reality,

Flow like a deep ocean inside itself.

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What is life?

This post is not going to be candid one as I am still in uncertainty to find / search something different in nature, may be you also. However, sometimes we become curious on nature’s existence and sometimes we adhere it’s intricate meaning i.e. “Why does nature exist?”. I know this question nuisances you and you might think, why I am accenting on this question? The reason behind this is, we are still struggling for our existence and we even do not know why we are? This seems to be little funny but this is not as we are bewildering in a chaos world (especially on planet earth).

This is not a “Quantum Loop” that uncertain our mind and this is not “Planck’s Scale” i.e. (10 -35) that perplex our mind. But nature is something different concept and it’s book defines itself, no matters who starts it’s existence “Creator” or “Self”. Even imagination searches for a nature’s realm. But somewhere we are missing something that is the real cause for existence of nature, may be this is “infinite” or “finite”.

Nature is still a mysterious concept, not because it contains higher degree of imagination but because it is everywhere that patents how it works without depending on other world, may be this is but, if not then what we would be heading for? Some says, we have to be pragmatic in this case and some says we have to be abstract in thought. Our thoughts are not constraints when we think nature in both the way whether it is in higher or in lower degree.

However, this post is something like an abstract point of view regarding nature and further we move forward, we will definitely find little moments and definitely we consider ourselves a “Learner” along with elegant and complex nature. Hope you enjoy this series. Thanks a lot!

Space time

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What is Life?

I am not sure why we are here (on planet earth)? But, if we try to explicit the medium of uncertain life, we will become more curious. In this post, I will discuss “why our existence is indispensable for nature and why  we are here on planet earth?

First, we are living in a world of uncertainty. Even we do not know why we are here on planet earth? Sometimes, we become more curious about nature and sometimes we become dubious on nature’s biggest mystery. But, here we are discussing on “Existence” and why “Existence” is more complicated than surviving on planet earth? Are we becoming more dubious for understanding the weird path of nature? May be, but our biological structure never allows us to understand everything explicitly because we are finite (yes, we are infinite by our creation) but finite with out limited biological structure.

However, our mind is different and consider a real path that assists us to understand universe and hence space also. This is something like a “Giant mountains and from this, small pebbles create” Similar in this case, we are bounded with “Well Defined” space and where we are only a small discoverer and our mind is our medium to space and we travel everywhere with the help of mind, whether this is meditation or something else.

But, there are lots of questions arise here. First one is, “Why we are on planet earth and why this is necessary for conscious beings to be here (on planet earth)? Answer is very candid, as we are under some laws and principles and what we do is our actions / deeds and our existence is not independent but depend on some “well defined” laws and principles. But what  is these “well defined laws and principles”? And why we need this?May be, these laws and principles are important for conscious beings and what you called these (laws and principles) “Spiritual powers”, “geometrical structure” or anything else but these are  indispensable, not sure in this post, why? But in my next post I will discuss on these laws and principles.

Hope you enjoy this. Thanks!

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What is life?

Why existence is indispensable and why it is? In this post, I will discuss on “Existence of Nature”. We know nature is everywhere. This is like a giant mountain whose summit increases with increase the base of mountain.

However, existence of nature is indispensable for us because we are conscious and all those who have consciousness. But why does nature exist? And why it creates everything including complex paths? Really, this is big task to explore some of these questions. In case of nature’s hidden mystery we become more curious to know it’s hidden existence because we cannot consider nature a bounded path but it is that way that expands with our little steps. Consciousness and nature are one but who came first, don’t know? But this is really a big factor that manifests nature and consciousness are working at the same time but considered a different entities.

Even creator describes in terms of nature and nature becomes “self” with creator. This is really looking like a weird abstract but this patents the real part of nature and hence describes how creator creates weird existence of “Himself”. Nature is a medium for creator and so why we called creator a ruler of everything because He knows His existence and becomes “self” with nature. But , what exactly nature is? Nature is everything and everywhere. This is not a concept of only abstraction but an experiment of flowing water which means nature is an art of shimmering like an elegant flower in a chaos environment.

We cannot differentiate nature and science because they both are one. But existence of nature is a different concept. Because, “One cannot say, if there is not an existence of nature then there is nothing beyond it”. This statement is valid if we have infinite nature’s which is not. We have a giant nature and it’s existence even assist it to balance it’s work. If there is something beyond nature, then we become scientifically right, if not then we are in a “self” created nature who always work not remains silent whether in a chaos form or in a dynamic form.

In my next chapter, I will discuss the “cause of nature for everything”. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

Space time


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What is Life?

Hello, everyone. Again, I have come with some fascinating things on life. But this post is for everything and not constraint to some limited laws and principles. May be this one is a beguiling concept but this is not. Life is something that bounds our mind, where we have to find different paths, so as to understand it (life) clearly. Even Legendary. Physicist Erwin Schrodinger’s book “What is Life?” is most influential book whether in cosmic form of nature or biologically.

However, “What is Life?” We think we are sure about life’s mysterious medium and know how to adhere this medium whatever it is. But we are wrong. We even do not know “why we are?” and “why we are here on planet earth?” Is this an uncertainty or just a weird chaos? Suppose, you are on planet earth (of course you are) and before your existence , “where is consciousness?” and is this (consciousness) floats like a raveling wave? If, so then why we are “individual thinkers or conscious beings?”

Even in “Rig Veda”, “There is no creator because, creator’s existence came after creation” then where is consciousness and what about life? But here, I don’t say what we see is just an illusion especially in case of creator but, yes this is better to say there is inferiority of creator’s work. Every statement creates “Individual Creator” and if there are infinite creators then where is creation? Because according to us, we believe creator is infinite and resides in higher dimensions, so where is the “Individual Creation” as we say beginning of everything? And what about purpose of life? Is there any cause for life to survive after beginning or destruction of everything?

Why Life is so indispensable for everything even “Space” existence. In case of space existence, there are infinite possibilities but still “Life” is there, But why? Is space, time, universe, galaxies, geometrical patterns, consciousness, illusion, reality, force, particles, energy, electricity and everything packed in a single dense region of space and expand according to it’s “I don’t what “it’s” is here” but definitely is a intricate “Concept”. In Philosophy also, we are constraints with some limitations and that is “What is the cause of nature and being synthesis to create a life and who is responsible for their synthesis?” Yet, is a difficult task for us to understand this uncertainty but as we are traveler, our future depends on our “Uncertain Destination”.

In my next post, I will discuss about “Existence of Life”. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

Space time


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Creative Space

A Short Poem On “Creative Space”.

Space, that never travels,

Space, where life begins,

A hope of little happiness,

A world of uncertainty.

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A Short Poem On “Expectation”.

A destiny, where life exists,

A world, where thoughts shimmer,

An elegant creation,

Somewhere, resides in void.

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See, A time

A Short Poem On “See, A Time”.

When, a weird destination,

A purity of joyness,

Sonewhere, inside darkness,

A tale of amusement.

Like a shimmer reality,

That never ends,

A probability,

That always suffuse time.

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A Short Poem On “Dream”.

A dream that makes uncertainty,

A dream that imagines,

A dream that cherishes,

A dream that travels.

A long journey,

A long medium,

An elegant glimpse,

A shimmer world.

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Quantum Particles (A Way to Uncertainty)

What if there is no mechanics regarding to realm of particles and what if microscopic world exists in macroscopic slits? Yes, a puzzling question, nevertheless a way to uncertainty (Especially when we talk about Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle that described one of the most factual concept regarding particles (in case of microscopic particles / world), where one cannot measure velocity and position of a particles simultaneously. May be, at least for some confined definition of microscopic particles but really a big challenge “how particles behave in quantum world?”.Such an excerpt lie in quantum world where particles are vibrating and patent their uncertainty. But, as usually these particles themsleves are certain as our perception about our measurement to determine their velocity and position is uncertain (According to Uncertainty Principle).

However, for some well defined concept regarding to these particles are still awaiting and we are still one step behind the exact definition about “Uncertainty”. For us, we are able to measure the velocity and position of an object in our day to day life, such properties exhibit “macroscopic” definition. But, in quantum / microscopic world we are unable to do this because some reasons shatter our path, perhaps it would be our false vision or our false medium to measure this nail-biting event. We have endeavour to study the exact measurement about these microscopic particles but found these are uncertain as we are still looking their uncertainty. But, question is “what makes particles so uncertain that will compel us to think about their weirdness?”

First, we know space (itself) is uncertain where some particles are unstable and somewhere they are “invisible”. From this concept, uncertainty is special for us, but not for these particles (Note: I am considering individual particles). Particles exhibit the property of uncertainty and we we see is uncertain because we have not such advanced technology to read this mega-event. Here, measurement is candid but we also reduce ourselves in a quantum form so as to understand this event, which is not possible at least for today’s technology. But, in future could we do this? Answer is yes, but needs some verificational subjects like “quantum entanglement”, “quantum probability”, “quantum tunneling” and all these methods will apply on us then we would be able to crack the mystery of uncertainty, that is just a perception for our mind (some real cases in quantum world).

Altough, quantum uncertainty / uncertainty principle is very common in today’s world and what we are observing is just a sledge from where we only know what is uncertainty but still to “Why does uncertainty exist? “.

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