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Self Or Not?

# Is space a singular entity?

# Is space itself considers to be unique and nothing else beyond it?

# Is space a creation of “Self” or it is a birth of “eternal” world?

# What if one consider space to be a tiny particle instead of saying infinite entity?

# Is space a regular entity where nothing annihilate and everything in it accelerates without disturbing its “continuous structure”?

# Is we consider space a unique entity then compare to other space (assume) then what will happen? We have other space then other, then other and so on?

# Is this possible to have a parallel space just like a parallel universe?

# Is space just a entity where events occur and nothing exists beyond it?

# Whatever our perception is. But one thing is clear there is no other option that describes space into different realities without questioning to your mind.


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# First we know space is a three dimensional extent where objects perform their activities that we generally called a “Events”.

# Events popularly known as coordinates in three dimensional space where one can measures position and hence velocity.

# Geometrically space is a three dimensional extent but when we think about matter (i.e. energy) so, is space properly filled the state of matter?

# As both are dependent on each other. Space, Matter, Time these quantities are same but hence creates some chaos in between their relations which one came first. Obviously, we say space because something needs space to expand and also accelerate but space itself needs matter to inflates its verges. As there is no restriction of space to be bounded but if space is boundless then this also creates a chaos situation for matter.

# This means space creates everything but which space, that space where nothing is attainable?

# If space creates matter then matter needs expansion and hence it accelerates then if we consider space to be bounded and have verges so there are lots of probabilities where space exhaust itself and creates some other geometrical entity for matter’s existence?

# Fact is that space has its verges and hence there are some limitations of objects to inflates and those matters (i.e. are particles) annihilate become a part of space to inflate with minimum inflation without violating the laws of conservation.

# But why only space and why objects needs space and space needs objects is a undefined governed laws which can never be crack as it is just like a “Curiosity”.

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Beginning Within Infinity

Sometimes posts are unable us to picture the exact meaning of sentences that we mention into it because sometimes we rely on inference and sometimes we are based on  cognition, experience and some other general facts. When we discuss about history we are literally able to give our views on it and when we talk about technology we become more and more aware to look what will come next may be the fabulous kind of technology we will see in coming years.

# But when we talk about space “Dark Space” our dreams, cognition, experiences, inferences, our true doctrine about space become shattered. We even do not want to think what exactly space is and why it exists? Somewhere we shattered our dreams without left our incredible technology.

# Reasons are many but solution is one. We are still facing lots of problems related to space. When we think what exactly it is we become more philosophical and say that it never exist because it cannot be achieved with some glorious stars onto our beautiful shoulders. Aristotle once called space a “Tabular Rasa” where nothing is attain and “Jaina concept” also said about ether and hence cannot be attainable, if so then where is the beginning point of space and space itself looks like a geometry but without having any exact geometry neither be a flat, curve, rectangular, square, circular and many others.

# Is space really a formless entity or this is better to say “entity” as it (space) itself creates chaos composition of comprehensive geometries?

# Space is what it only defines itself and when we want to go for its verges, it treats like that it has a beginning and one never attain its real side of darkness.

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Within Or Forever?

This post only based on one of the biggest question in history of universe and space which is “Why Space Exists?”. In this post, I will only ask few questions about space and its indispensable existence.

1. Why there is any need of space?

2. Is this indispensable for space itself for its existence? If so, then why conscious beings are unable to observe its verges and even cannot understand its reality?

3. Is space needs another space for its existence or we have the existence of  multi-spaces?

4. Are conscious beings biologically cannot see or realize the proper cognition of space or space itself never existed/ existing?

5. Is space infinite or it exist forever and hence there is no boundaries for understanding what exists beyond space?

6. Can we consider space to be a tiny particle where each universes are its sub atomic part?

# These questionings are not the profoundly give us the real understanding about space but will assist us to know clearly what exactly space is?

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# Werner Karl Heisenberg was born on 5 December 1901 and was a German Theoretical Physicist.

# He was one of the key pioneers of the “Quantum Mechanics”. ]

# In 1927, he published a paper which was later known as “Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle”.

# He also worked on “Zeeman Effect”, developed “Matrix Mechanics” and he also solved the mystery of “Ferromagnetism” which he solved with the help of “Pauli Exclusion Principle”.

# But he was best known for his work “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle” where he describe “it is impossible to measure the momentum and position of a particle simultaneously”.

# This “Uncertainty Principle” consider one of the biggest ideas in Physics and hence make a man who discover this.

# 1 February 1976, he died. But he never died for quantum world where he consider to be an uncertain man.

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# Max Born was a German Physicist and Mathematician who has a vital role in developing “Quantum Mechanics and born on 11 December 1882, Germany.

# His contribution was also in “Solid State Physics” and “Optics” and won a Nobel Prize in 1954 for his contribution in Physics.

# He is best known for his work for “Statistical Interpretation of the Wave Function”.

# In 1925, he and Werner Heisenberg formulates a “Matrix Mechanics” a representation of “Quantum Mechanics”. In the following year, he formulated standard interpretation of “Probability Density Function” and “Schrodinger Equation” for which he received a Nobel Prize in 1954.

# He became a Fellow of Royal Society London in 1973.

# He died on 5 January 1970 but consider a evergreen physicist of all time who contributed his work for nature.

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#Quantum World that is “Quantum Mechanics” also known as “Quantum Physics” or “Quantum Theory”.

# In Classical Physics, quantum mechanics only validated to macroscopic levels.

# But quantum mechanics differs from classical physics, according to quantum mechanics energy, momentum and restricted to other discrete values.

# Quantum mechanics rose with the rose of a Max Plancks solution for “Black Body Radiation” and Albert Einstein’s “Photoelectric Effect”. Werner Heisenberg, Max Born and Erwin Schrodinger also profoundly conceived the notable contribution in quantum mechanics.
{\displaystyle {\hat {H}}|\psi _{n}(t)\rangle =i\hbar {\frac {\partial }{\partial t}}|\psi _{n}(t)\rangle }
{\displaystyle {\frac {1}{{c}^{2}}}{\frac {{\partial }^{2}{\phi }_{n}}{{\partial t}^{2}}}-{{\nabla }^{2}{\phi }_{n}}+{\left({\frac {mc}{\hbar }}\right)}^{2}{\phi }_{n}=0}

The first equation is a Schrodinger’s equation and second one is Klein-Gordon equations.

# According to Planck’s equation each energy element is proportional to the frequency.

i.e.                                            E=h\nu \

where h is Planck’s constant and E is the energy, f is frequency.

# There are various methods and process those define quantum mechanics and it also give rise to an many world interpretation (that is our universe is not alone and have one of the few in many universes).


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# Archimedes of Syracuse was a Greek Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer, Engineer and Inventor and born on c 287 BC ( where c represents circa)

# He anticipated in modern calculus, analysis to determine the infinitesimal and also prove some geometrical theorems such as area of a circle, surface area, volume of a sphere and area under parabola.

# Syracuse is the birth place of Archimedes so why we called him a ” Archimedes of Syracuse”.

# He was the first to measure the accurate approximation of “Pi”.

# He was the master of geometry and hence solve various theorems.

#Archimedes best discovery was that problem which he faced as one day when he was in his tub and taking a bath, he noticed when he got in, the level of the water rose up. Then he realized that this method could be used to determine volume of a crown  ( as according to Vitrivius, King Hiero II of Syracuse who supplied a pure gold  to be used and asked Archimedes to determine if it is a silver that had been substituted for honest).

# This law was / is also known as “Hydrostatics” or “Archimede’s Principle”.

# He was / is known for his mirror reflecting “Heat Ray” as he used this method for  Roman ships so as to burn their ships.

#\sum _{n=0}^{\infty }4^{-n}=1+4^{-1}+4^{-2}+4^{-3}+\cdots ={4 \over 3}.\;

The “Quadratic Equation of Parabola” where area is enclosed by parabola and the straight line is 4/3. times the area of the corresponding inscribed triangle.


The area of a parabola  segment in the upper figure is equal to 4/3 and the inscribed triangle is below.

The area of a parabola segment in the upper figure is equal to 4/3 and the inscribed triangle is below.

# On “Field Medal” (which is a honor for Mathematicians to receive this medal), Archimedes portrait carries on it.

# He was / is consider to be the one of the greatest and legend scientist of all time.

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# We all know God is a creator of Universe and entire matter into universe.

# But what exactly God is? Please be sure you are  thinking or saying this question without emotionally, love, affection, truth, lie, bad, evil and whatsoever we combine this with religious point of view.

# God according to us is omnipresent as He is everywhere without having any verges and exists in every tiny particles without lifting any heavy burden on Himself ?

# When our thoughts become parochial we think God is infinite and is everywhere as His mechanics is too far away from us where humans cannot reach there even He creates such a elegant and intelligent beings.

#  Thoughts become too weird when we think why space is black instead of having any other shimmering color. Is there something art behind it (space) or has scientific reason behind it (space)?

# But when we thought about God’s realm, we become aware and think God created this dark space so as to paints something onto meaningless board. But who creates space God then question arises who creates God?

# This is not enough and we are lack of our falsified statement that God is infinite then where is space, is it go for a long tour so as to accepting the statement by humans or any other conscious beings?

# Assume God and Space have a challenge to reach the ultimate end, then who will win this challenge? God or Dark Space.

# Most of us say that God because He creates everything including darkness and light and hence is infinite.

# If He is infinite then why He tries to find something with His powerful tool “Meditation” a source for everything including to reach the ultimate truth as we say He is infinite that manifests a mimicking our own words.

# Dark Space is not the end and what we still observe is our tiny perception that wants to combine with other tiny perceptions so as to build up something that defines the exactness of space internal and external components.

# Then question arises, is God a creator of Dark space?

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Is Dark Space Itself A Particle?

This would be one of the challenging question and disturbed our mind even we understand universe comprehensively.

# Space we look is dark “Black” where nothing seems to be happen (not for space) inside it (space) events occur and hence have ripples into space i.e. gravitational waves.

# But is this helpful for us to talk about “Inside space” instead of  saying space itself is a confined ball like a disk (exactly DVD’s and CD’s Disk)?

# Something like a circular and hence has boundary but still we cannot observe objects simultaneously due to its flat surface.

# If we consider space a tiny particle and place onto the single wire where there are many spaces and when wire vibrates these spaces produce forces. Effect of these forces were not onto these spaces but what these spaces do after receiving these vibrations and convert these vibrations according to their placing onto these strings.

# But why these spaces need vibrations as we see that space which is soundless and hence has nothing to understand?

# Why these vibrations occur even there is no evidence of space verges?

# Once Legend Electrical Wizard “Nikola Tesla” said that entire forces in nature i.e. space comes from an eternal world not from inside (that is beyond space).

# So there is something that we cannot neglect as space is infinite and hence is stretchable, ripples and curvature. These things describes how space behaves with matter, energy and forces in nature but cannot describe is space is a confined particle like creation?


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# Aristotle was a Greek Philosopher and Scientist born on 384 BC.

# He consider the versatile person as his writing includes physics, metaphysics, logic, biology, zoology, ethics, poetry, aesthetics, theater, music, linguistic, politics, government and constitute the first comprehensive system of Western Philosophy.

# He received his education in Plato’s Academy at the age of seventeen.

# His contribution in physics was there is five elements fire, water, air, earth and aether (which he called a divine substance that makes up the heavenly spheres).

# In Metaphysics, he consider Metaphysics “knowledge of immaterial being” or “of being ion the highest degree of abstraction”.

# He also gave his theory on “Dreams” where sensation is involved but in an altered manner than when awake”.

# The medieval English poet Chaucer describes his student as being happy by having

at his beddes heed
Twenty bookes, clad in blak or reed,
Of aristotle and his philosophie,

The Italian poet Dante says of Aristotle in the first Circles of hell,

vidi ‘l maestro di color che sanno
seder tra filosofica famiglia.
Tutti lo miran, tutti onor li fanno:
quivi vid’ïo Socrate e Platone
che ‘nnanzi a li altri più presso li stanno;

I saw the Master there of those who know,
Amid the philosophic family,
By all admired, and by all reverenced;
There Plato too I saw, and Socrates,
Who stood beside him closer than the rest.
—Dante, L’Inferno (Hell), Canto IV. Lines 131–135

# He was / is consider best thinker and philosopher of all time in a history of all subjects.


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#Stephen William  Hawking is an English Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist,author and Director of the Research a the Centre for the Theoretical Cosmology (University of Cambridge).

# He born on 8 January 1942 exactly after 300 years when the Legend Physicist, Astronomer and Father of Modern Era “Galileo Galilei” was born.

# His Scientific work with Roger Penrose on Gravitational Singularity and the framework of the General Relativity.

#  He often predicted that “Black Holes” emit radiations, later called “Hawking Radiation”.

# He is the member of the FRS (Fellow of Royal Society), Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at University of Cambridge  (1979-2009).

# He is the author of the popular book “A Brief History of Time” one of the best selling book.

# But yet he passionate towards nature’s mystery still he is facing a problem with his health and that disease name is ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and let him to paralysed completely and even he is not able to communicate with others but with the help of speech generating device he communicate others and give his speech.

# He is well known for his “Singularity Theorem” where he stated that universe might started as a singularity.

# He believes “Philosophy is dead” as “Philosophers are not kept up with the modern science” and philosophical problems can be solved only by science.

# He is still working and his book “Grand Design” with Leonard Mlodinow says that “God does not exist and entire nature is governed by scientific laws”.

# He wrote many books and even facing the terrible disease but still live like a “Man riding on Impossible Universe”.


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# Currently gravity is based on “Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity”  which is formulated with the Classical Physics.

# Quantum Gravity is generally used to describe the gravitational field and unite all forces in a single force.

# In Quantum Theory, it gives rise to a String Theory.

# String Theory however on the other side try to unify gravity with other fundamental forces such as quantum loop.


GUT (Grand Unified Theory)

# In above diagram, various fields have their won meaning but when come to end “Quantum Gravity” stuck the mind of everyone.

# Standard Model of Physics yet is unable to find the GUT ( Grand Unified Theory) and still facing a problem of “Gravitons” (that is 2-spin massless particles).

# In Kaluza-Klein Theory, five dimensional theory combined with the gravitation and electromagnetism as it generally appears in String Theory.

# There are many ways to define Quantum Gravity such as ‘”Quantum Loop Gravity”, “Time”, String Theory” , Nonrenormalizability of Gravity and many others ways.

# Quantum Gravity is no the end of the ultimate reality as this is still a smaller beginning.

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# String Theory is consider to be a point like particles which are replaced by one dimensional objects.

# String Theory is generally used for description of gravity and particle physics.

# String Theory was first studied in late 1960, with the rise of a strong nuclear force.

# Fundamentally objects string theory is closed and open strings model.

# String Theory has also interaction with quantum world i.e. worldlines of point like particles or sometimes called world sheet.

# In String Theory, we are likely to talk about more than four dimensions such as length, height, width and time (which is the fourth dimension).

# In String Theory there are 11 dimensions, Superstring Theory has 10 dimensions and  Bosonic String Theory there are 26 dimensions.

# String Theory is further divided into “Brane” and “Dualities”. In Brane Theory, open strings attached to a pair  known as D-Branes whereas in Dualities, it is of two kind S Duality and T Duality.

# Matrix Theory also provide some useful contribution to the string theory as in physics, matrix model gives us the behavior of set of matrices within the framework of quantum mechanics.

# There are various assumptions for string theory such as Mirror Symmetry, Calabi-Yau Manifold, Bekeinstein- Hawking formula, Quantum Gravity, Anti-de Sitter Space and many other methods for assuming the one of the most challenging concept in nature.

# Reality is what one wants to understand but still criticizes himself  / herself not because reality of ultimate nature is hidden but exists everywhere to create uncertainty.

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# In physical Science,  particles are consider to be small localized objects which can be ascribed several physical or chemical properties such as in volume or mass..

# In a large number of particles realm we have “Statistical System” to count the particles.

# Particles are in various forms and are present everywhere such as in solid, liquid and gases. When we talk about their sizes according with others then we have quantum mechanics microscopic particles macroscopic particles and even more smaller level particles.

# There are composition of a particles known as “Composite Particles” that are made with other particles. We have elementary particles such as quarks, leptons, mesons, muons gluons and many others..

# Particles build up almost everything into the entire universe and hence in space also.

# But why existence needs particles and why there is any need of particles as these are infinite or something still beyond these particles hovering a darkness on some aspects of nature?

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# Time Traveling concept first appeared in H.G.Wells Novel “Time Machine” in 1895.

# In General Relativity and Special Relativity, it is possible to TRAVEL FORWARD IN TIME.

# In Quantum Mechanics and Wormholes one can travel through time (i.e. medium) and known as Einstein -Rosen Bridge.

# In Special and General Relativity, geometries of spacetime or motions in space allow time travel in past and in future.

# In Godel Spacetime, it is  something like a closed timelike curve.

# Wormholes are the other method for time traveling but still faces many problem with their “Time Dilation”, “Exotic Matter” and “Energy based problems”.

# Communication system does not work due to the slower in time and hence we are facing a problem in “Quantum Teleportation”.

# Time traveling concept seems to be different and hypothetical but still is in a field of Laws of nature.
















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# Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with shape, size, relative position of figures and properties of space.

#Geometry was first started in 6th BC in a Mathematical Science.

# Geometry was first introduced with axiomatic form by Euclid.

# We have lots of contribution in geometry whether it is from Europe, Asia, or from other country.

# Geometry has various forms such as plane, manifold, surface, angles, curve, lines, axioms, points.

# Geometry was / is consider as the one of the building block for entire universe, particles, space and even it manifests its presence everywhere.

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# Space considers to be a three dimensional extent and that is boundless where objects and events are relative.

# Sir Issac Newton considered space as independent and is  permanent whether there was / is any matter into space.

# Space considers to be a three dimensional Cartesian coordinate system and is used to indicate positions in space.

# Natural Philosopher “Gottfried Leibniz” said that space is a collection of relation between objects and is given by their directions and distance from one another.

# In Non-Euclidean Space, space is considered to  be a curved rather than flat and even Albert Einstein’s “General Relativity” expressed space around the gravitational field and hence deviates Euclidean space.

# Philosopher Immanuel Kant developed his theory of knowledge in which space is both a priori and synthetic.

# Albert Einstein even considered space and time as a single entity and later know as “Spacetime”. In his theory, speed of light in vacuum is same for all observers.

# Carl Friedrich Gauss was the first to investigate geometrical structure of space and even Henri Poincare a physicist also have a futility to attempt to discovers which geometry applies to space by experiment.

# But what exactly space is, not a question but why it is, is a question that synthesis all entire forces?


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# Lisa Randall was born on June 18, 1962 Queens, New York City.

# She is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist. Well known for her evidence of higher dimension and consider a top most influential person in Times Magazine (in Science and Thinker).

# She is also working on weakness of gravity, higher dimensions, dark matter, cosmological inflation and baryogenesis.

# She is author of the book “Warped Passages: Unraveling the mystery of the Universe Hidden Dimension and many more.

# She received many awards and honors and is presently a server of science and inspiration for everyone.

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# Marie Sklodowska Curie was born on 7 November 1867 in Warsaw (Poland).

# She was / is consider as the greatest Physicist and Chemist of all time which she was mostly popular with his great research on “Radioactivity”.

# She was the first woman in history to win a Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry and also the only women who win a Nobel Prize twice.

# She was also the first woman to become a professor at University of Paris.

# She discovered the first chemical element that is “polonium”.

# She was known for her modesty and moderate life style.

# She was / is a inspiration for every women to look beyond parochial minds and create a world what you want to be.

# She died on 4 July 1934 but she will remain forever in a womb of nature.

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# Carl Friedrich Gauss was born on 13 April 1777.

# He was a German mathematician but his work included number theory, statistics, analysis, differential equation, geodesy, geophysics,mechanics, electrostatics, magnetic fields, matrix theory, optics and astronomy.

# His mother even did not know his birth date but he solved this puzzle by comparing his date with Easter date.

# He is consider a best mathematician of all time and hence has a influential mathematician in history of mankind.

# He died on 23 February 1855 but still  is a legend of all time.

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#Euclid was born on Mid-4th Century BC (not have a exact date of his birth)

# He was Greek mathematician.

# He was / is considered as the “Father of Geometry”.

# He worked on Conic Sections, Number Theory, Spherical Geometry and a small sets of “axioms” latter called “Euclidean Geometry”.

# He was also known for his work on “Euclidean Algorithms” where he showed how to find the “greatest common divisor” of two numbers.

# He was also known for his “Euclid’s Lemma Factorization” where he emphasized on “Prime Factorization”.

# He die son Mid-3rd Century BC but still consider as the ever green mathematician of all time.

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Can we relate “Quantum” with void space? Is this possible space itself creates some uncertain kind of force that manifests the darkness of space?

Universe manifests how space expands its verges it does not matter how universe expands or is it really contracting instead of expanding? The acceleration of space accelerates the expansion of universe as every force in space compels the acceleration of universe.
Why we observe universe in this way where nothing is observable as space entangles itself and no one can recognize its verges and even cannot understand what the actual behavior of space is?
This seems we are looking for uncertainty where nothing happens and what we want is only a shattered door even one opens this door and enter into the room he / she exists somewhere in philosophical world from where space bifurcate one’s journey into its uncertain womb. What is beyond space and what if space never existed as we observe as this is our illusion or space itself compel us to think mathematically rather philosophically.
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# Brian Greene born on 9 February 1963. He was a Physicist, Mathematician and String Theorist.

# He is also a co-founder of World Science Festival.

# He has worked on Mirror Symmetry, Calabi-Yau manifolds.

# He is the author of “The Elegant Universe”, “The Fabric of Cosmos”, The Hidden Reality and many more.

# He also appeared on Television series presented by a Nova. Where he talks about universe, space, string theory and many other scientific perceptions.

# He is doing his best for science and hence talk about science, has many seminars and other discussions on science.

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# James Clerk Maxwell was born on 13 June 1831. He was best known for his Mathematical contribution in Physics.

# He formulated the classical theory of electromagnetism radiation.

# He combined the electricity, magnetism and light and later called as “Maxwell Equations”.

# His equations regarded as the “Second Greatest Unification in Physics” after Sir Issac Newton.

# He also contribute in “Kinetic Theory of Gases” generally known as Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution.

# He was the founder of the Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

# Without Micheal Faraday, his equations never combined the electricity, light and magnetism. He was the first who understood Faraday’s electromagnetism for which he waited for 15 years (Michael Faraday).

# Still his equations are so elegant that compel us to think why he was / is the magician of mystical nature.

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# Neil Bohr was considered to be the one of the greatest Physicist of all time as he was         the founder of the atomic structure of atom and was born on 7 October 1885.

# He was also a Philosopher and contribute in scientific research.

# He was best known for his quantum theory with his life time friend and rivalry Albert     Einstein.

# He was the one who described that the electrons revolve around in its stable orbits           and revolve around atomic nucleus.

# He received a Nobel Prize in 1922.

# He was / is the real contender of world of atoms and also a quantum world.

# He died 18 November 1962, but still is a developer of modern nuclear age.



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# Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22 December 1887 in Madras during the British Rule in India (now Tamil Nadu in India).

# He was best known for his work on Number Theory, Mathematical Analysis, Infinite Series and Continued Fractions.

# Some of his mathematical work is still unsolvable. Even didn’t receive any formal training in pure mathematics, he was champion of trigonometry at the age of 13.

# In his short life,  he worked on complex mathematical equations and also is the Fellow of Royal Society.

# He believed that “Equation has no meaning for him, unless these are the thoughts of God”.

# He wrote many theorems and hence regarded as the “Genius Mathematician  of all time”.

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# Galileo Galilei was born on 15 February, 1594 and consider the “Father of Observatory Astronomy”.

# He was Mathematician, Philosopher, Engineer, Astronomer, Physicist and Italian Polymath.

# He studied on Principle of Relativity, Motion, Speed and Velocity, Free Fall,  Inertia and Projectile Motion.

# He was the first who discovered the four largest satellites of Jupiter.

# He was the master of “Heliocentrism” and believed earth revolve around the sun and all other planets also revolve around the sun not the earth. But most people believed on Aristotelian Geocentric as all heavenly bodies revolve around  the earth leading Galileo facing a criticism against theory of “Geocentric”.

# In Roman Inquisition after submitted his work on “Heliocentrism”. He faced a problem against his work. He was sentenced to imprisonment.

# He died at the age of 72 ( 8 January 1642) the  same day year when another legend was born “Sir Issac Newton”.

# He was / is not only the father of  modern astronomy but a brave person who sacrificed his life to enlighten the truth behind uncertainties.

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# George Ferdinand Philip Ludwig Cantor was a German Mathematician and born on 3 March 1845.

# He was the father of the “Set Theory”.

# He introduced the term “Aleph Null” that contains smaller infinities.

# His mathematical work on “Set Theory” takes him in a world of bizarre where many mathematicians criticize his work.

# Even he read Philosophy and poems so as to releases his stress. He even wrote poems and read the poems of “William Shakespeare”.

# He died on January 6, 1918. But still was / is considered as one of the greatest mathematician of all time “who knows what exactly infinity is?”

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Is there any need for space to dilate itself? This kind of dilation is not self but dependent on mediums that space creates. But why we cannot achieve its verges even through its medium?

Space itself creates dilation between its medium and produces something different kind of force that is invisible for everyone and hence generates lower and higher regions so as to dilate its medium.

For an excerpt, suppose we have darkness everywhere and one person stands in this darkness then what he will realize? He found nothing and even he / she cannot touch or observe what exactly space is? But how if space is not black as we have our perception? What if our perception is limited whether we think philosophically or mathematically?

How numbers in mathematics solves the mystery of space with one of the brilliant idea by “George Ferdinand Philip Ludwig Cantor” that manifests the infinities of smaller and larger infinities. As one cannot achieve the term “Infinity” but still is searching for what exists in between these infinities?

Similar case is happening for space. Space we observe is not a unique entity but there exists something beyond space as space dilates its smaller moments into individual particles. Individual particles in the sense it (space) defines its confined state but we are in an uncertain circular string from where we start from our prescribed point, we again come there without achieving some other medium. We travel but we cannot find new dimensions.

It is just like a travelling into darkness where nothing exists so what we are looking for or want to achieve something? Events create cause and cause creates time and medium is the best source for space to define its actual reality. If we want to know why space is so weird we first know about its entanglement which I will discuss in next chapter.

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# Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck was / is the German physicist and born on 23 April 1858.

#  He was well known for his discovery of “Energy Quanta”.
# He describe the electromagnetic energy can be emitted only in quantized form i.e.
E = hv (where E is the energy, h is the Planck constant (also known as Planck action quantum and v is frequency)
# He was known for his Planck Constant that is 6.626 x 10 (power of -23 J (Joule))
# He died on 10 October 1947 but yet was / is a legend of all time.
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# He was one of the influential physicist of all time.

# He was one of the greatest mathematician of all time.
# Yet he was a son of a farmer but his dedication towards science is unbelievable and eternal.
# Build one of the strong foundation of “Calculus” with G.W. Leibniz (Mathematician).
# Criticism also reflects on his image as he was not contribute in “Calculus” as most of the work on Calculus was “G.W.Leibniz” but from all these he was / is the legend of all time.
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# Berry Barish, Rainder Weiss and Kip Thorne share the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics.

# They detect the Gravitational Waves that once is predicted by person of the centruy Albert Einstein.
# They detect Gravitational Waves in space.
# As Gravitational Waves are like a ripples that is also in between us when we move around each other but we cannot notice this. On a heavily bodies not any planets but consider two neutron stars where detection is possible as it produces waves like ripples in space similar like a ripples produced when someone throw a stone into water.
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Space considers to be a frame where events happen and where probabilities share their information but without any reference. Even Physics laws are shattered in a weird mystery of space.

But what exactly space is? This question even disturbs the mind of space. In case of space, our reference is not considerable because we cannot give a comprehensive theory of space. We can only relying on inference where our mathematical perception never allows us to think what space is?
When we talk a term infinity we talk about infinite numbers where no one exactly answers where is the end of infinity. Infinity is just our perception and numbers are the key to understand this darkness that is space itself.
This is similar like darkness where we only think there is infinity and nothing else. If we are unable to give the answer of this mysterious space then we can say this darkness is indispensable for objects to create event whether you consider space finite or infinite depends on how you bifurcated the regions of space because every point is a beginning.
We observe darkness but we cannot attain this may be our biological senses cannot have such kind of potential to observe it clearly or space itself is confined and what we observe is a dilation between space and objects where we are unable to judge, darkness and light difference. May be quantum entanglement has greater chance to define the dilation of space where objects never that light which consider to be universal.
In next chapter, I will discuss the dilation between space and objects.
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Sometimes our mind compels us to think why there is any need of space and is space indispensable?

Even we cannot give an exact definition of space and is space follows the Newtonian Physics? Space is something like a fabric as said by Physicist Albert Einstein. But is this sufficient for us to rely on fabric of space time? Quantum Entanglement however, describes why space is uncertain where information is not fixed and it transfer from one place to another even in particles.
Albert Einstein’s one of the bizarre was what if moon that lies behind the person’s into the sky, is not there and when person looks behind and what he / she sees that the moon is there without any disappearance? This paradox looks like a fictional story but he believed in “Spooky Action”.
These paradoxes give a birth to quantum entanglement and we are in a world of entanglement. But still we are uncertain that this entanglement applies on space or not. Universe and everything into this entire universe follow the entanglement property but for space we are in doubt as something is different and new for space may be something different that contradicts the entanglement concept. Yes, entanglement is applicable on particles but what if there exists no particle beyond space or space itself are different entity then what will happen?
In next chapter, I will discuss the different property of space and hence its symmetry.
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This chapter is not based on how things behave in theoretical way but manifests how things are pragmatic rather than theoretical.

Science lets us to understand the facts about nature and how it works is its main characteristics. But one cannot rely on its theoretical part as one has to become a pragmatic rather than working on theories. Are theories important than experiment?
This conversation leads us in a world of inference where one cannot believe on inference and hence believe on perceptions but perception itself has inference so why one cannot rely much on inference? This is something like a probabilities and what we apply these probabilities on dark space where we only consider it (space) a frame or an event. This is same as one is in a web of uncertain conversation as theoretically we are clearer or pragmatically we are clearer to understand about nature’s journey.

Space according to Albert Einstein is like a fabric where it behaves like a ripples as we observe when we throw a stone / pebble into ocean (not only ocean anything that contains water). But no one is fully understand the concept of space because yet it is void and imaginary but plays a vital role in a geometry of a things as space is a big geometry that operates its smaller geometries like a branches of a giant tree.

However, space is not only the concentration of virtual particles but is something that has similar laws like our universe has but behaves opposite to it (universe). I next chapter, I will discuss what exactly space is and is there is any relation between it (space) and entanglement?
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Perception about space is just like a perception about nothing because nothing never understood by anyone and somewhere there are lots of uncertainties and hence have a lots probabilities, not exists into space but is a space itself.

Space that surrounds us and even entire universe is void, is it?

No, space is not void and what’s our perception towards space is always wrong because we consider “Virtual Particles” that exists in void space and some even said about “Quantum Foam. But is this the end of nature’s era or we are entering into a world of virtual uncertainty? We are more theoretical rather than pragmatic because we cannot enter in a world of quantum fluctuations where one can understand the entire process of hidden dimensions.

Beyond space you are ready to dive into a fictional world but when you think why something happens without any cause then what happens, you are in a world of uncertainty and you ask yourself there is a infinity where no one reach and every smaller infinities are a beginning.

However, beyond space one cannot consider there is something that defines our physical and mathematical laws and it remains always mysterious as we are traveler and nothing else. In next chapter, I will discuss about some aspects of space properties where one has to pragmatic rather than theoretical.

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Particles share information as we all know whether in a form of entanglement or in a form of certain geometry. But this is clear they share something that bonds their properties even they opposes each other.

Quantum entanglement clears the information between particles as something happen in between them. Yet this is not clear why they share information and is there any medium for sharing their information or this is just a source of hallucination.
We are still unknown with our mathematical laws where there are some missing numbers that are responsible for their geometrical information and it is clear this kind of information is only possible when something exists in between the two objects and however generate some force particles that are responsible for creating a bridge but what is that thing and why it exists in between the particles is still a mystery.
One can consider space as a cluster of particles where there is no entanglement and hence there is a symmetrical transformation of particles and this result in an entanglement between particles. Ether like concept is not applicable on it because one cannot consider space itself that is “dark space” so there is no existence of ether into the entanglement concept. In next chapter, I will discuss dark space and interrelate it with entanglement.
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In this chapter, is quantum entanglement needs individual field so as to stabilize itself? Is quantum entanglement the only way to understand the universe creation and hence enables us to understand why particles share information with each other?

Quantum entanglement is the basic part of universe creation because when universe starts its journey it is uncertain that is unstabilize and there are lots of particles you may also say that other particles (that does not belongs to our universe). The reason is when universe starts its journey it happens in somewhere that is into the darkness of space and one can consider the extra particles field so as to assist the universe to expand in such a way where only possibility will be big crunch or may be big rip (in future) otherwise it expands like a infinite mirrors.

Particles entangle with each other but when these particles behave like a waves then what happens? Are these particles following the same procedure? Answer is yes, these particles always follow the same fundamental laws but one cannot notice this because they share information with higher velocity even they crosses the limit of speed of light. In next chapter, I will discuss about these particles information and hence their quantum information.



We are still behind the mystery of entanglement and when we deal with some uncertain particles then this would not sufficient for us to understand the exact meaning of particles world. 

We know there is something that compels each particles to entangle with each other even they do not measure properties (that is one particle does not measure other particle). How this is possible as one particle entangles the other without knowing the second one and how is this possible entanglement creates some kind of bridge that is indispensable for entire universe?
There are lots of probabilities happening into quantum world but still remains a mystery. Even we are not sure why something begins from quantum world and then we have macroscopic world? Yes this kind of sentence seems to be chaotic and irrelevant but yet this defines the actual behavior of quantum world particles. When we deal with infinite series of particles we are in uncertain medium from where we find the exact medium of particles field.
Can we associate individual field with the entanglement of a particles and hence are able to understand the geometry of quantum entanglement? In next chapter, I will discuss is there any need of individual field to a quantum entanglement of a particles?