The concept of wrap drive is common in sci-fi world where we all see a spaceship with wrap drive technologies. But what is wrap drive? Wrap drive was first given by John. W. Campbell in 1931 novel Islands of Space. In Albert Einstein theory of special relativity says that mass-energy is interchangeable. No one can travel faster than light except the photons which have a mass less particle and above its mass no one can travel faster than speed of light. If one could do this then one need infinite amount of energy to do this.

The warp drive concept is seen in the Hollywood movie Star Trek: The Original Series, “The Cage”. In which the crews used an hyper drive/time warp technology to break the light’s barrier and then return to the earth as soon as possible. But one thing is important is warp drive is different concept than time dilation. Warp drive avoids the time dilation concept.

However, the warp drive concept is something like to create your own bubble in region of space time with the help of antimatter and matter so as to create a plasma and then plasma can pass through a warp coils and through these warp coil, he creates a warp bubble into which spaceship can be move and exceeding the limit of speed of light. It is something like to put a spaceship into that region where possibilities of time warp is greater and without being travel by using their spaceship’s fuel.

In Star Trek Universe is “Gravimetric Field Displacement Manifold” also known as “Wrap Core”. In this concept they used an antimatter and matter to release energy and also annihilate antimatter and matter that can help star ship to travel faster than light. When matter and antimatter come into contact with each other then they annihilate and enormous amount of energy is release in the form of electromagnetic radiation (which is gamma rays and mesons) but it can be control with the help of fictional “Dilitium Crystals” to regulate this process. The time warp was first used in “The Naked Time” (1996).

However, we are not sure whether this technology will be successful in future or not. But one thing is sure if this process has been successful then this is the best way to understand “Universe bubbles”.



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