e know the vibrations of a guitar’s string and we all feel as w are in a world of vibrating world where every beings are energetic rather than to be laziness. The strings of guitar always vibrate in that way that vibration can be in other dimensions not in our dimensions where we all live. String always vibrates in infinite directions not only in one direction. But we cannot analyze these vibrations because we do not know from where these vibrations come and which remains mysterious.

Strings are not only vibrating in our dimensions but also vibrate in other dimensions that are higher than ours. In other words, the other dimensions are 10, 11 and 26 and may be above. These dimensions are not presently observe by anyone but can be analyze with the help of strings which are producing at the time when strings vibrate. And we have a wave like structure in these strings which are eternal and cannot analyze in our dimensions where we all survive.

Our universe also born with these strings as these strings contain electrical, light, gravity, quantum, forces of nature and everything in this whole space. These strings contain infinitely many “Waves like Strings” which can be finding in every part of space. When we play guitar we analyze these strings in the form of “Small World Particles”.

Nothing, but these strings produce the vibrating particles which can help us to understand the whole universe and also space which is much more like a chaotic one.