Are we believe in this world as everyone does not know reality in this world? This world is always the mystery of every being on this planet earth not for our but also for other beings. Planet earth is not only for visitors to see from space and stay for some time and then go. This is wrong, they amazed how this world still exists as the universe has goldilocks zones but not everywhere but why planet earth. We do not know why this planet earth is in the habitable zone. Believe or not this is a cause which is planned by someone. It is something as a big magic that has done by someone and we know he is the god. We know god but we do not know His secrets eternal place, why we all have an answer. We always have one question why we believe on this planet earth as this contains secret mysteries. This planet earth does not come to us and says all the mysteries but if we make any afford then it is the time we unveil everything. But one thing is common which is our dedication and hard work towards nature. Nature is in our soul which is directed towards nature and sometimes comes out from a soul. This planet earth came into existence not to show its presence in the universe but also for a symbol of light how to stand for several years even when meteorites are his brother. Earth’s life is always protected in our thinking. Planet earth is always attracted by everyone not because this is looking beautiful but this gave a birth to an elegant and imaginative species.

Our questioning to this planet earth is always mysterious and we are not able at the present time to answer the complicated questions. Our existence, creation, creator, small world and much more which are the mystery for humans. As this looks we shall remain in the mysterious place where no one can answer this question even god. Somewhere we and supernatural beings are not there even not by their superior minds. But this place is mysterious and full of questions and answers. Not exams questions but questions related to our creation and also destruction. This looks not as simple as we see this is a part of some planning and their presence is seeing by every human on earth. But some organisations are too clever to hide secrets Truth sometimes hide and sometimes open but this is our minds duty to know the fact about the universal and hidden facts which is in our present world.
Our existence and our freedom are not only to survive on this planet earth. But we have to find the ultimate truth which is not a real but this can help us to find at least meaning of existence. Existence and passion these two words are not only for hearing but for a better understanding to passionate the goal of destiny which is a real fate. Fate is not only the way to understand the life which is full of mystery but fate is only to make our path in life where our position is. We sometimes rely on this world and sometimes our mentality towards this world is only for surviving as to ensure that our presence is most important than others. As there is no living being whose presence makes everyone as humans of fear and without humans something is relying on this world which is not a part of this world but is a part of other world and this is not unfortunate. We all are in our busy schedule and never knows what is the reality. If all humans in this world are satisfied with their works and their busy schedule and when time comes they all will face a reality which they never expected then what happens they all are be a part of just a world where the world even cannot tell truth to humans and we remain in the darkness of the big room.
Somewhere our existence is too old in past and we are unable to catch this whole scenario. When things become difficult for humans to find the place of true reality then our thinking for past existence become more typical and is not compare the present with our past. Nothing happens with this world if we do not ask any question and answer is not in front of us as there is no one to reply our questions answer from where we come from and why. Our destiny tells everything to us but this is our world where our thinking makes us more independent on destiny. Somewhere we find our place to live but this is not sufficient if we are abiding our steps in front of great destiny. Then this will lead us to the darkness of the one-sided world without any cause and uncertainty.


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