When George Ludwig Ferdinand Philip Cantor the famous Mathematician introduce the concept of Aleph Null (Hebrew letter) then the possibility of infinities becomes more and more and there exists not only one infinity but also many infinities that are smaller than one another as some are bigger and some are smaller. These infinities exist as a numbering of decimal numbers, fractions and prime, natural numbers and other numbers. But one term always remain uncertain that is why everything exists without any cause or any reason? Yes, infinities are smaller and larger but infinite cannot cancel each other as infinities are nothing just avoid term of “Nothing”. Again other questions arise why there is no end of everything as all observe and experiment on “Nothing and Everything”?

Creation is uncertain then what for a creation of everything is this only an illusion or just an endless entity? If entities we all see are just an illusion then what for creation are this illusion or just a part of some complex and illusionistic concept, we all cannot understand this? Infinities are the problem of it as we cannot say it is self-infinities or not. If we consider one type of infinity then there exists another infinity into it and there is another and so one and no one ever reached its proper journey. One thing is sure that we and all other beings into this whole space cannot understand the nature of unbounded boundaries.


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