In old times everyone believed death is a part of life and everyone must die that is universal truth and never return back. But where he/she goes? Is he/she immortal? Or travels along with an uncertain darkness of space? Today’s world is a technological world and what we think and observe we achieve this. But in case of death and how we (humans) live forever with our physical body is a challenge. This leads us to an uncertain world where “immortality” exists, is this really happens or not?

First of all there is no such concept of “death” or “immortality”. We (humans) and every conscious being are split into “Quantum Behavior of Particles” (Quantum Death) as we cannot violate any fundamental law or any kind of conservation law but manifests ourselves as a “Quantum Beings” who never dies and never born just like a mass-energy equivalence concept as said by Albert Einstein (1879-1955). As we beings travels along with dark space where one cannot achieve darkness but where one remains immortal and spread his wings in an uncertain and dark space.
We and every conscious being exist forever and death is only a part of nature’s throwing dice where “God does not play with dice” as once said by Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

On the other hand immortality never meet nature’s dice as in every dimension our existence is confirm and we have so many faces, deeds, relations and infinite images. So there is no and no new creation, it is just like a “Dark Space” where death wants to know why I am so indispensable and immortality says why I am flying like a invincible force without knowing my identity?

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