“In this chapter-3, i will show how “Universal Mathematics” assists the structure of particles and their behavior.”


“Universal Mathematics” is the problem solving method for entire space. We consider space without having limitations and what exist beyond that kind of space which is “Invisible” for everyone. Mathematics assists us to solve the method and process of “Space Behavior”. Numbers and Symmetry is responsible for space structure and its geometry and is the real cause for space to guide the “space particles” but is independent on “Matter and Others Particles” chaos. Universe is relative to space and what kind of space that is mysterious for everyone. Space itself is giant whether it is difficult to predict the source of nature or whether it is a “Uncertain Nature”.

Some particles are hidden from everyone as there is no proper information related to “Particles Behavior”. “Particles Behavior” are not stabilize as nothing is associated with their life cycle as “they have infinite life span or have finite”. How one can imagine the life span of “Undefined Nature” where nature affects its smaller and smaller part of quantum particles. Quantum Particles are neither created outside the “Space” nor created inside. It just replicates its waves like structure. Wave structure is not so simple as it looks as there are many fields where one has to determine the “Smaller Fields” instead of “Higher Fields”.

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