“In this chapter-4, I have discuss on some basic part of space and few excerpts on it as what past’s myth and some physicist and mathematician think about space.”

Why space needs numbers system and why these numbers are responsible for space geometry? Are these numbers are representing a uncertain kind of force with which these numbers associate? Is space responsible for number geometry or particles numbering system for “dark space”?

However, “Dark space” is not only working with its some unknown kind of forces where every forces manifest the particles are bounded together and sometimes not. But what actual is space? Is space a quantity of any kind of stuff or it is not attainable as also said in “Jaina Theory” where space that is “Akasha” is not attainable. As we know space cannot be touch that is dark and what we observe is just like reality of an illusion and no one observe this because everything in entire space behave in a “quantum level” and even space itself but why everything begins their journey with “quantum level” and why “quantum level” exist, this is a biggest challenge? The reason is in Philosophical thoughts where one can envisage what was behind or why something has its existence but yet it is uncertain that Philosophy even is lack behind these mystic concept until “Death” digs out its realm.

Space somewhat like a “George Cantor” Aleph Null where smaller infinities exist and there is no hope for ending the process of infinities and somewhere there exists larger infinities and considered with these infinities with “natural numbers”, “even numbers”, odd numbers” and combined to form a smaller infinities and larger infinite according to his theorems. As he always relate his theorem with God as he was able to communicate with God. However, space itself is a mystery as Albert Einstein said “one can stretch and wrap space time but cannot rip it as this is against his “General Relativity” law”.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that in our modern technology we cannot understand what exactly space is and why one cannot observe it (space)?
In my next chapter, I will discuss the perception of Sir Issac Newton’s Space and Sir Albert Einstein’s Space.


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