In this chapter-XVI, I discuss on “Space Particles” and its aspects.

Entire space is dark and hence one is unable to predict what is the accurate and exact location of this dark space. One even cannot predict the actual size, mass, position, velocity and many other things of dark space. This seems to be a “Black Fabric” where nothing exists.

This fabric is not only creating a big difference between science and spiritual science but creates a small difference between this fabric. This sheet is like a “Black” and hence produce some uncertain particles so as to create some “packing particles” where these particles are closely packed and there exists lots of stuff inside it and when its outer shell become so foible then it expands with well defined particles. This is better to say “Well Defined” instead of using the term “Nothing” because uncertainties always occur in well defined structure not in “Nothing”.

However, “Nothing” describes some possibility of unknown particles “may be particles otherwise this is a doomsday for everyone”. Particles exist everywhere as we say building block of everything and also themselves. But real part of particles exist in “Nothing” where uncertainty and probability are the major part of it and where “space particles” generate and hence create some well defined structure. “Space Particles” are something that produces vibrations and create smaller dimensions. These dimensions are not visible by naked eyes even one cannot see these dimensions with any kind of brilliant technology. These dimensions are never be seen but their major impact is on higher dimensions where these dimensions played a critical mechanics. In next chapter, I will discuss about these higher dimensions interaction with these smaller dimensions.


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