In this chapter-XVII, I will discuss how higher dimensions and lower dimensions behave simultaneously and create a “Black Fabric” (i.e. space)?

“Black Fabric” is something like “Nothing” where one cannot observe anything whether it is room without light or space we all observe. But what this “Black Fabric” is and why it exists? Is there anything beyond this or it confirms the creator’s eye? “Nothing” is a concept of absurdity and what we think is a worthless concept where one only describes space as a entity without having any verges and hence has no defined flux. Space seems like a “Event Field” where everything is so dense that cannot be predicted and there are so many complex numbers exist into it. I say “into it” because event is responsible for having cause not “Space Itself”.

However, Dimensions are another entities into space where these dimensions provide extra force and generate invisible force so as to produce some weird space into space. The former space inflates but the later one never, it only revolves around its axis and revolve so fast, as one cannot observe this rotation. This is something like a curvature of space time as said by Sir Albert Einstein and his most prominent “Relativity Theory”.

Lower and higher dimensions are eventually creates “regions”  these regions are responsible for folding the one small region then other higher region so as to fabricated entire region and  hence we describes “Space” and fluctuates like a invisible force. This invisible force exists everywhere and fabricated everything just like a “Gravitational Waves” (Ripples created).

In next chapter, I will discuss why the fabric of space is so complex and weird?



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