In this chapter-XXII, I will discuss why space exists whether philosophical or in terms of some spiritual aspects or depend on how one takes this theory.

In this chapter, I will discuss why space exists and why there is any cause for the existence of space?

We know everything into this entire space needs something where “events” or some activity of cosmos occurs and where dimensions are the building block for creating such kind of interactions where one has to perform several activities without having any interruptions and there are lots of probability for defined space for each events to occur, no matter how much is the size of the thing.

But space is what it determines how one inflates with its constant velocity and how one do certain activities without having any chaos or oppressive path. Space is what we do not why it exists and why it has an indispensable and chaotic ways where one has only left with uncertain question “Why Space Exists?”Is there something beyond space or space itself is beyond less? Space is what it manifests ultimate realities beyond this we need some other kind of “imagination” and also some other kind of “creativity”.

Space exists because consciousness exists and consciousness exists so why creative creation exists and there is some other kind of space where “Solid”, “Liquid”, “Gases” and even “Mediums”are merely a tiny particles and what we define there is creation for “Deities” and where these “deities” found is a way to the doors for “ultimate creator” of individual creator where He remains hidden into the eyes of dark space and what we find there is only a mystical creation and there is no other kind of creators but when we become more philosophical we need some creative part of universe where these universes are also a manipulator for someone’s creative creation and where there is “nothing” and someone wants to define and construct Himself from dark space and illuminate everything because “DARKNESS NEVER WANTS TO REMAIN IN A SOLITUDE PLACE WHERE THERE IS NO ONE”. In next chapter-XXIII, I will discuss philosophically why space exists like a “darkness of solitude”?