In this chapter-XXIII, I will discuss on treatise of space but without any theoretical or experimental terms.

In this chapter-XXIII, I will discuss on space in terms of philosophy rather than any theoretical or experimental terms.

Philosophy of space is not based on what space tells its philosophy and what it manifests is its own created creativity. Philosophy of space is based on a weird concept about space and what space behaves in its own created creation. This is something like a “Self” but sometimes presence of “Self” creates a huge difference in between “thou” and “Self”. As consciousness transcend where and is there any need for space to interact in between these two “terms”?

However, Space itself is a “Self” whether it treats itself like a journey of uncertain destiny or it creates its “Fields” where every “Fields” manifest the space hidden dimensions and where some dimensions are likely to be invisible and hence there is no source for understanding its verges as it “itself” hides somewhere, may be somewhere there is another kind of space that inflates from its internal geometry and everything seems to be definite and certain but it suddenly build something that confined it and it wants to be invisible (in philosophical terms).

Space is everywhere as one wants to touch its verges, one still remains uncertain and chaos in its undefined journey. In next chapter, I will discuss why space needs to be in a confined place rather than like a untouchable entity?