In this chapter-XXXII, I will discuss why “events” into space is so indispensable and why these “events” occurs into space?

Is space itself is a “Event” or it creates event or matter creates space? Is this possible for space to create something weird and chaos space where events occur without any geometrical behavior? However, space is a creation of both particles and anti particles what one define is a source of undefined electricity and energy because these two entities inter relates with each other and what one needs to determine the actual meaning of space,, is there any need of space to exist into unrealistic world whe nothing happens without mathematical equations?

We are lacking with some undefined procedure of space where space beheads like an uncertainty and where uncertainty defines reality and where reality defines combination of uncertain particles so as to create some weird particles, may be we are behind these particles that are building block for universe and space itself.

Everything we observe is a holographic and what we realize is a undefined event where events occur and why, all depends on how much radius of space has and it is clear space is finite instead of infinite and without born. I next chapter, I will discuss about “space finite” and its verges.


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