In this chapter-XXXX, I discuss “Infinite Series” and hence the geometry of space.

The geometry of space is weird and complex, why because we do not know the real mathematics as how numbers behave in uncertain regions of space and how one can determined the actual nature of space hidden geometry. Some numbers are still creating a confusion between real, whole, irrational, rational, prime, natural and other numbers as these are a part of one number series but yet these numbers create the geometry of a universe and hence are able to create the geometry of space.

Some numbers are still hiding the mystery of space and these numbers are still creating some kind of weird pattern of space but no one understand these numbers clearly. Why these numbers creating such kind of absurdity as one cannot understand consciousness is important or numbers system? Or both these two are relative with each other then what is the next one just like a mocking rant.

However, somewhere consciousness is important for these numbers or numbers may be important for these consciousness. But one thing is sure, everything into entire space is relative and hence create something different and chaos kind of state, where one finds himself / herself in a ocean but without water. In next chapter, I will discuss about space actual existence and its indispensable part in other state.