In previous chapter-I, I discussed about some aspects of elementary particles that build up a “Standard Model of Physics”. Where there are many uncertain particles with their electric charges and also with their spinning. But when we think about nucleus where neutron and proton reside and outside this electron sacrifices its life then, Is proton non-fundamental? No, proton still contains (two upper quarks and one down quark) and also for neutron it contains (two down quarks and one upper quark) But why these two kind of quarks still existing into neutron and proton?

The reason is these quarks are bounded with force name “gluons” this assist these quarks to remain inside the neutron and proton but still these quarks are uncertain as there are different kinds of spinning existing into neutron and proton.
Gluon is something like a gravitation field for these quarks as they bound themselves into protons and neutrons. In the standard model, universe already filled with uncertain particles whether they are fundamentally split or not. Standard Model have “Weak Force” that is W (+ and -) and “Weak Force” that is Z (0) . In this category photon and gluons are also take place and this kind of category is called “Force-Carriers”. This kind of perception is beyond the atom’s existence and there are more to come in near future.
In next chapter, I discuss about their spinning and their fundamental existence in universe and space.

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