This chapter dedicated to one of the two legends of physics “Sir Neil Bohr” and “Sir Albert Einstein”. Their rivalry was not hidden from anyone as they both are debating on “entanglement” between particles and how each particle behaves in “quantum entanglement”? What he called “Spooky Action”.

In “Spooky action” unobserved photon has different types of states and hence is difficult to predict its state and in measure photon one can predict photon’s state that is one state only. If one photon (A) is on other side and other (B) is on other side then the entanglement between these two vary so instantaneously as their speed time is 10,000 times the speed of light and what we called this the “transfer state” between these two photons.

This means entanglement exists in between two objects just like a gravitational waves but no one is able to see such kind of difference due to its quantum structure. This is something like a excerpt of a socks that was a rivalry paradox of Neil Bohr against Albert Einstein which I will discuss in next chapter.


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