This chapter describes how particles are fundamentally restricted as one can spilt these into different forms similar like a different nodes of music where probability always remain hidden into undefined source and what is that source is interesting to know about it?

We know particles are fundamental and hence each particles have their own field just like a “Higgs-Boson” field where one can determine the actual field of particle and hence bunch of particles combined to give a mass to certain particle that is passing from these bunches of particles.
But why particles need particular kind of field and why these are indispensable for nature, this one would be the ultimate questioning to conscious beings so we are able to understand why someone thinks beyond particles and imagine, is there anything beyond particles world where this is possible to achieve some different and weird properties of fundamental laws?

Beyond particles, we are unable to think what exists beyond these particles and what will come next from eternal world. In next chapter, I will discuss on “Higgs-Boson” heaviness field.

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