Perception about space is just like a perception about nothing because nothing never understood by anyone and somewhere there are lots of uncertainties and hence have a lots probabilities, not exists into space but is a space itself.

Space that surrounds us and even entire universe is void, is it?

No, space is not void and what’s our perception towards space is always wrong because we consider “Virtual Particles” that exists in void space and some even said about “Quantum Foam. But is this the end of nature’s era or we are entering into a world of virtual uncertainty? We are more theoretical rather than pragmatic because we cannot enter in a world of quantum fluctuations where one can understand the entire process of hidden dimensions.

Beyond space you are ready to dive into a fictional world but when you think why something happens without any cause then what happens, you are in a world of uncertainty and you ask yourself there is a infinity where no one reach and every smaller infinities are a beginning.

However, beyond space one cannot consider there is something that defines our physical and mathematical laws and it remains always mysterious as we are traveler and nothing else. In next chapter, I will discuss about some aspects of space properties where one has to pragmatic rather than theoretical.


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