Space considers to be a frame where events happen and where probabilities share their information but without any reference. Even Physics laws are shattered in a weird mystery of space.

But what exactly space is? This question even disturbs the mind of space. In case of space, our reference is not considerable because we cannot give a comprehensive theory of space. We can only relying on inference where our mathematical perception never allows us to think what space is?
When we talk a term infinity we talk about infinite numbers where no one exactly answers where is the end of infinity. Infinity is just our perception and numbers are the key to understand this darkness that is space itself.
This is similar like darkness where we only think there is infinity and nothing else. If we are unable to give the answer of this mysterious space then we can say this darkness is indispensable for objects to create event whether you consider space finite or infinite depends on how you bifurcated the regions of space because every point is a beginning.
We observe darkness but we cannot attain this may be our biological senses cannot have such kind of potential to observe it clearly or space itself is confined and what we observe is a dilation between space and objects where we are unable to judge, darkness and light difference. May be quantum entanglement has greater chance to define the dilation of space where objects never that light which consider to be universal.
In next chapter, I will discuss the dilation between space and objects.

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