# Galileo Galilei was born on 15 February, 1594 and consider the “Father of Observatory Astronomy”.

# He was Mathematician, Philosopher, Engineer, Astronomer, Physicist and Italian Polymath.

# He studied on Principle of Relativity, Motion, Speed and Velocity, Free Fall,  Inertia and Projectile Motion.

# He was the first who discovered the four largest satellites of Jupiter.

# He was the master of “Heliocentrism” and believed earth revolve around the sun and all other planets also revolve around the sun not the earth. But most people believed on Aristotelian Geocentric as all heavenly bodies revolve around  the earth leading Galileo facing a criticism against theory of “Geocentric”.

# In Roman Inquisition after submitted his work on “Heliocentrism”. He faced a problem against his work. He was sentenced to imprisonment.

# He died at the age of 72 ( 8 January 1642) the  same day year when another legend was born “Sir Issac Newton”.

# He was / is not only the father of  modern astronomy but a brave person who sacrificed his life to enlighten the truth behind uncertainties.


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