Philosophy of Nothing 

Sometimes we are scoff ourselves why we can’t do what we want to do such as our passion, determination, curiosity and many other things that associated with our life are gone to be shattered and then we will left with some comport environment where there is nothing to be serve even our thoughts also.

We all want to be a competitor in ourselves and do our best to give a comprehend and accomplish theory that always dwells into some real facts, may be not real but touches its approximity.

We all know our limitation stops where there exists nothing and our philosophy never wants to break this extent so as to find some mystical. We see what we want to observe if not, then our relativity finds itself in an absurd world and would flaw itself why there is fussy theory?

In other words, philosophy of space is exactly same as philosophy of nothing because nothing itself is a “Self” and “Self” never rely on itself, then question arises from where nothing came from and why? Answer to this question is simple but yet to be non-comprehensive. It is just like matter without space and space without matter.

Mostly, we are looking for a new and fresh kind of theory that assists us to solve our deepest problem that is “What is Nothing? That kind of perception give a birth to typical kind of theory i.e. ” Self itself is a self” which means nothing exists without any nothing. You are adhering a miraculous theory but yet find only absurd reality that still is not a real theory.

However, we fell too short in front of giant space where one cannot finds its geometry because space itself creates nothing and hence nothing dejected any geometrical analysis that still a biggest consequence for space itself.

……………………. (Philosophy of Nothing) 


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