Where is theory of everything?

We all know, we are looking for a ultimate theory of everything that will assist us to solve one of the deepest mystery in nature, why universe exists?

Even this is not sufficient we are looking for a weird space that has no verges and hence there is no proper cognition for this absurd space. Now, what’s our motive? Are we becoming more and more lazy to think about why our existence is so indispensable in nature or becoming a part of unusual nature who never asks this kind of question to us?

However, above mentioned questions are not pragmatic as these are theoretical questions only written on white paper without knowing few words why, what, where, how etc. Some of us only has little curiosity on nature’s dice but our society never let us to think why we exist and what is our importance? Even cause is important for us or just traveling on a shattered spherical door.

Well, these concepts are generally dwells into philosophy where one can’t agree with such theoretical questions but yet to be a great questions, if ask to ourselves. Theory of everything is not only that concept which treats like a ultimate end of nature and thereafter there is nothing even “nothing” hides itself then what left behind it (nothing)? This logical better to say uncertain logic gives birth to a infinite cyclic process where end and beginning is not defined. For the sake of our ancient theories, we believe on these theories then where is the cause? Is cause only a unreal term that only conflicts in between existence and probability? Are we becoming more reliable on existence rather than cause?

Answers are into the every corner of space but our senses are too small for this and we accept the we will find the “Theory of Everything” even our probabilities dodge us in a world of “Quantum Mechanics”. We will never find the ” Theory of Everything”. We are not beginner, but we are a travelers and most important we are a learner and learn whatever we will face in future even in world of eternity.


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