Beyond Space

We all know space is not that entity which can be treated as physical as well as non-physical entity as I said in my previous post “Space”, but still it is a mysterious concept because we are not give an essence on “brief description on space”

A brief description on space is not relative to its verges because if we are talking about “String Theory” then we have multiple universes and where there are multiple universes, there are infinite strings and hence where is the end of space? If we say, space came first and then matter expands with its certain limits then question arises from our uncertain mind from where matter came first? Who came first matter or space?

If we say matter then from where space came from because the reason behind the concept of space is not depend on existence of matter because if matter creates space then what for smaller dimensions i.e. String theory seems to be in dark night. If we say, space is not finite but infinite then why we consider only certain energies and consider space a limited form of energy then where is that energy which is considered to be a “Universal”. We still are in chaos and never understand our existence in this entire universe and for space perspective we are always in uncertain world.

However, what we consider we think because we left with no option regarding space and its existence and one thinks ‘It is nothing but a merge of matter itself.

Image Source: Google Images 


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