What is time?

This post is all about that “Field” that has never be detected and yet is a hypothetical concept. This kind of “Field” is particularly describe with structure of space and yes it it related with every laws and principles. This “Field” is almost like a probability and what it’s best essence on space is, it applies on each kind of geometry whether it is analytic or theoretical this works.

  1. First, we ask ourselves “what is space? “ and why it exists without any cause? This is something like “matter without space and space without matter” and we are in enigma where we want to find at least little journey of space, may be. However. including our recent theories we are not sure whether we rely on probability or on some different kind of experiment which still stood like mountain but without any base. But probability will definitely solve our biggest mystery that resides in universe and also for universe that dwells in uncertain space.
  2. For an excerpt, we have Dark Matter but we are unable to know why this is indispensable for “Primordial Atom” (Universe’s beginning Cause, if it is) ? Existence is more important than solution” because, if we are unable to know the existence of universe then our thoughts become limited and we are in chaos world without left any imaginative perception. Probability, however is a best way to define the existence of every “Field” whether this is in form of geometrical space or in quantum space. “Field” in the sense, it describes how Universal laws are same and hence there is no individual laws and principles. Generally, “Fields” work with every laws and there is no individuality. Best excerpt of “Field” is related with “Geometry of Space” (not include Callabi-Yau Manifold) but is a different concept and manifests how space itself is a “Field” and is a medium (not, electromagnetic but something different).

I will discuss this “Weird Field” in my next post. Thanks.

Image Source: Google Images 

Original Source: https://cosmologyexegesis.quora.com/What-is-time-5



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