What is time?

Quantum time, yet a baffling concept but still provokes our mind to think “What exactly quantum time is? Here, in this post, may be better to say this post is going to be prototypical related to mechanics of “Quantum Time”.

However, we move forth to start discussion on “What exactly quantum time is?” Then we first know what is time? Time is a process of being move forward from backward i.e. past from present and present from future. This is our perception and what it patents here, we know it suffuses the void which means time is everywhere even in “void” (will discuss later). Time itself depends on matter as I mentioned in my last two posts. But, not sure whether time needs medium or it “itself” is a medium? Since from beginning of universe, time is nothing but the root cause of motion and existence is “quantum time”, but how? You will find the reason in “Quantum Space”. But what is that? Is this another upheaval in the script of “Quantum Time”? Let’s see.

  • Quantum Space is definitely sounds like a “Multiverse” concept, as being described in “String Theory”. But that’s not, this is something different concept than “String Theory”. Quantum Space is quite associated with “Quantum Time” (still these two concepts are hypothetical). It is not the utmost concept but is another way to look “quantum theory of time”. Quantum space, itself is time better to say without motionless space. We can envisaging the “space” with lots of quantum particles that moves inside their own field (individual field) rapidly. These particles are responsible for generating dimensions “within” space and further give a birth
  • of “quantum time particles”. However, these particles are not promptly give birth to “time” so, motion come in it’s existence. But this process is very leisure and some particles elicit from other particles in “quantum space” and this process expands like chain reaction and these particles are responsible for worthy time as we know that is “Time”. This does not mean, these particles are “time creating mechanics”, never but are responsible for existence (which means time come in it’s own existence) something like twisting a rubber; from within and from outside as rubber remains same entity but we create it’s shape and what shape it gets will decide it’s “known time”.

I know this post is going to be more perplex but I will try my best to describe it in my next post. Hope, you will try to understand in your own creative thoughts. Thanks!

Image Source: Google Images

Original Source: https://cosmologyexegesis.quora.com/What-is-time-10


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