What is time?

In this post, I will discuss on “Black Holes” existence and antigravity and gravity that relates with space and integrate to form “Dark Space”.

First, we have to discuss about “Black Holes” real existence. We all know, black holes are denser region in space time and what we observe is a strong gravitational field and where we have their “Horizons”, may be you like these horizons because inside these horizons, you are struggling for your “doomed life”.

However, black holes are first come in their existence when stars collapse on their own core and they become “strong gravitational field Regions” in space time. But, which is that thing that assist black holes to generate “Two Kind of Particles” first is “Gravity Particles” and second one is “Anti-gravity Particles”? One is for Black holes and second is for White holes (Opposite of Black Holes, just like a gravity that is opposite of anti-gravity).

We think, this is a phenomena of these “Dying Stars” but this is not. These stars are responsible for generating every kind of particles and further create dense region of space (just like a small pebbles inside the large amount of glue, here glue is “space” and small pebbles are “Dying Stars” i.e. black holes). Where mass of a small pebble is indispensable for glue and decide how much intensity the glue needs and creates certain region in space where one cannot say, a person who fell into the black holes will never come again, this is not. In fact, he / she is able to float on a denser region of space time and generates “gravitational fields” as we observe in “Higher Celestial Objects”. Then, what for “ Anti-gravity”? Is this remain uniform on these regions of “denser space time”?

Answer of the above question is no, never. It always restricts objects to apart the surface of space, may be this is denser region or something that lowers the some regions of space but definitely produces “crust” and “trough”. And is responsible for existence of gravity because in a early structure of space, it never be a “Non-Uniform” region, but a “Uniform Region”but, where? Is there any other region for these vibrating space? Or it is infinite (like transcendental waves)?

In my next post, I will discuss what is the major factor that hides the space upheaval existence. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

Space time


Image Source: Pinterest

Original Source: https://cosmologyexegesis.quora.com/What-is-time-14


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