What is life?

Once again, we are here for discussing on nature’s existence and further reveal it’s some well defined geometries.

In this post, I will discuss how nature works and how it suffuses it’s presence everywhere, may be (everyone, if it is well defined) otherwise we will have to search for other kind of nature (something different from us).

But, first “What is Nature?” Nature, does not mean it is “Nature” that creates elegant things and also produces conscious beings. But this is not, as we are not sure whether it is “Everywhere” or is “Self” (self, here means nature born with self and not dependent on others). But, here we are sure it is “finite” in some aspects because it is geometry and what we called it a “Nature”. It behaves like a ” geometrical pattern”, in which nature suffuses everything including “Creator” (But, please be sure there is no universal creator as there is individual creator, never judge creator with physically or mentally).

However, time also is a part of nature but sometimes we consider “consciousness” with “nature”. In most of the philosophical, sacred or in religious book “Nature and Consciousness” come together to form “Life” but how these two entities came together and why? We don’t know. Yet, this is a intricate form of abstract but pragmatically, this is simple (at least for consciousness and nature).

Consciousness and nature, both are different entities but came into existence with same kind of “Entity”, we do not know ” Which kind of entity is this?” But I consider it a “Space”, one dimensional. This statement looks queer but this assists us to reveal some aspects of nature along with it’s old companion consciousness.

In my next post, I will discuss some of the aspects of nature and consciousness. Hope you enjoy this. Thanks!

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