Quantum Suicide

This post is not only bewildering your mind, but also compels you to think on nature’s biggest and deepest mystery that still is perplexing our minds.

The title of this post is “Quantum Suicide” but don’t worry this is not going to be “real suicide” but hold your brain with your shimmering vibes.

First, we have to understand what is “Quantum Suicide?” Quantum Suicide was first given by “Hans Moravec”. and also Bruno Marchal in 1988. The “Quantum Suicide” is an thought experiment concept. It is further independently developed by “Max Tegmark” in 1998. This concept is also distinguish between “Everett Many Worlds Interpretation” and also with Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. 

Quantum Suicide thought experiment is much similar like Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment and also manifests the “many world interpretation”. In “Quantum Suicide”, the experiment apparatus is same as in Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment where we take a box and cat is inside the box then there is 50-50 chances / probability of cat to be alive or dead. Here, Quantum Suicide is also known as “Quantum Immortality” which means you never die and you are immoral. Is this true? Let’s see.

Imagine a box and I am inside this box (fully covered box) and inside the box, I am  along with nuclear bomb that is going to be exploded and I measures the time (that explodes) every seconds (watch inside the box). Every seconds pass, I am alive Suppose seconds pass for 100 times, I am alive. In this process, we have two directions “Clockwise” and “Anti clock wise”. In the first appearance, I am in clockwise direction of time. Now, time moves anti clock  wise direction this nuclear bomb explodes and I am dead. As generally, we think so but this is not at the time of my death I am still  alive not in our universe but somewhere as universe splits and it will split forever. Yet, this is a thought experiment so why we are unable to find this practically. I know, you might bewilder with this concept. But you only remember, suppose you are thinking that I am going to be jump from tall building, at the time when you think (In one universe you jumps and you dead, but in other this does not happen as you are not jump from tall building and you still alive). This is something like an “Identical Images” of universe.

However, in this thought experiment we are facing many criticism as, is this really exist if many world theory exist)? and what will happen to that person that is going to be dead or alive? I will discuss this in my next post. Hope you literally enjoy this. Thanks!

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