Quantum Suicide (#2)

Hello, everyone. In this post, I will discuss some aspects and some facts about “Quantum Suicide” and why this is so intricate concept? In my previous post, I discussed “What is Quantum Suicide?” but here, I will discuss “Why this is so complicated for us to understand especially in practically?”

We know, what is “Quantum Suicide?” and why it is indispensable for “Many World Interpretation?” But we are still in chaos, “What happen to the individual person when he / she died and where his / her personal consciousness go?” Are we becoming “self” with universe or become one with dark space? We are not sure, whether we will become “self” or travel in an infinite dark space. Suppose, you have infinite universes and probably someone died and at that time of his / her last breathe, he / she will be in other universe, we don’t know whether he / she might be a child, daughter, son, father, mother, monsters, devil, old man, old women, beasts, tree, mountain or anything else. Then what he / she might be? If we say he / she might his / her self identical image then what will happen to past, present and future as our “self identical image” remains same everywhere and this seems we create our identical image / copy, is this? Answer is yes, this is. If we are in an infinite universes and in an elegant geometry of space.

We are identical and same, no matters what might be our future, present and past. Because in an infinite universes, we are not only depends on our past, present and future but also depends on our “Self Identical Image” and it remains forever. One cannot say universe splits when you died only. This case especially (Quantum Mechanics) is for everything as every moments are creating “Self Identical Image” whether one died or not.

However, this concept is really intricate, but if we understand it in a clear way we will definitely find something that completes “Quantum Mechanics” and behind this we will have something, may be new and weird. In my next post, I will discuss what will be the complete theory of “Quantum Mechanics”.

Hope you enjoy the post. Thanks!

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